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Nowadays, the printed circuit board assembly(aerospace PCB assembly) of Avionics is increasingly complex; especially as PCBs continually tend to develop with high precision, high density, small spacing,multi-layer, high-speed transmission, and large-scale integrated circuits(VISL). It becomes more functional, small size, more package pins, more technology(SMT), which poses a higher challenge to PCB components.

Since 1999s, Kingford is devoted to providing elaborate layout, progressive production technology, progressive production design and manufacturing high-end printed circuit board for aerospace inertia, to become the global leading original equipment manufacture a strong partner.

Aerospace inertia include commercial aviation, military aviation, satellite network, and space exploration. It is divide into military products and civilian products according to its use. But according to the nature of the products. It is divided into aerospace basic products and aerospace auxiliary products.

The aerospace basic products are applied in flight, including aircraft, helicopters, missiles, launch vehicles, artificial earth satellites, aerospace engines and aircraft equipment and weapons, Auxiliary. These products are not directly installed on the aircraft, but it is essential for flight support.

These products included various aerospace ground equipment, guiding equipment, communication equipment, air traffic equipment, testing equipment, engine starting equipment, rocket launch towers, filling vehicle, telemetry remote control equipment, environment simulation experimental equipment, etc.

The characteristic of aerospace PCB assembly:

Aerospace is a typical knowledge and intensive industry. Aircraft in the atmosphere or in space must be strictly controlled and reduced in weight. This will place stringent demands on the design, manufacture, and structural materials and electronics of the aircraft.

Therefore, the aerospace industry needs to adopt contemporary advance scientific and technological achievements. It often reflects a national science and technology and industrial development level.

Characteristics of aerospace vehicles:

It requires small size, lightweight and low power consumption, can work under harsh environmental conditions, and high efficiency and long service life.

Due to the strict requirements of the aerospace environment for electronic equipment, It requires a printed circuit to have extremely high reliable performance in the extreme conditions and could meet professional aerospace applications and the most special requirements of the customers. Especially in the conditions of rapid pressurization and rapid decompression, it could still keep good circuit performance.

The conformal coating(refers to moisture, salt spray,anti-mildew) pressure stability is therefore widely used. The conformal coating is to protect the printed circuit board and its related equipment from the environment erosion. After spraying the conformal coating on the printed circuit board or electronic equipment, it can form a layer of the elastic paint film.

And after curing. This paint film has superior insulation, moisture resistance, leakage resistance, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof and anti-corrosion. Anti-aging,radiation resistance,flexibility,corona resistance,flexibility and adhesion.Thereby improving the reliability of the circuit board or electronic equipment, increasing its safety factor and extending their service life.

Kingford is available to use all kinds of material to meet the extreme condition of aerospace application. Our company could according to all of the customer’s requirements, environment requirement, woven requirement to provide different conformal coating and different operation method,such as high-temperature resistant,solvent free,odorless, odorless and environmentally friendly, low odor, waterproof and reinforced (could meet IP68 waterproof and reinforced standard).

The aerospace and avionics printed circuit board application example:

Flight control system,flight line system,micro motor system,navigation system,satellite ,airborne audio and video entertainment equipment,airborne communication equipment,drone,aviation obstruction lights,military control system,etc.


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