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Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

Aluminum PCB is a metal-based copper clad laminate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, the structure of the veneer has three layers, which is the circuit layer (copper foil), the dielectric layer and the metal base layer(aluminum base). There are two sides, the front, and back sides. LED pins require white surface soldering, and the other side is in the form of aluminum.

Generally, the thermal conductive paste is applied and is contacted to the heat conductive portion. Also used for high-end use is designed as a double layer, the structure is circuit layer, a dielectric layer, aluminum base, dielectric layer, circuit layer. A very small number of applications are multi-layer boards, which can be made of ordinary multi-layer boards combined with a dielectric layer and an aluminum base.


Aluminum PCB Advantages:

The aluminum PCB is a low-alloyed Al-Mg-Si high-plasticity alloy board, which has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties, and machinability. Comparing with FR4, the aluminum substrate can carry higher current when has the same thickness, the line width, and it withstands voltage up to 4500V, the thermal conductivity is greater than 2.0.

●Minimize thermal resistance and has an excellent thermal conductivity.
●Meet RoHS requirements.
●More suitable for SMT process.
●Extremely effective treatment of thermal diffusion in the circuit design scheme, reducing module operating temperature, extending service life, improving power density and reliability.
●Reduce assembly of heat sinks and other hardware (including thermal interface materials), reduce product size, reduce hardware and assembly costs; optimize the combination of power circuits and control circuits.
●Replace the fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability.


●Audio device: Input, output amplifier, audio amplifier, balanced amplifier, power amplifier, pre-amplifier, etc.
●Power Supply: Switching regulator, DC / AC converter, SW regulator, etc.
●Filtering appliances, transmitter circuit, etc.
●Office automation equipment: Motor drive, etc.
●Automobile: Electronic regulator, ignition, power supply controller, etc.
●Power Modules: Inverter, solid-state relays, rectifier bridges, etc.
●Lamps and lighting: As the advocated promotion of energy-saving lamps. At present, there is a large variety of color-saving LED lamps in the market. Aluminum PCB used in LED lights also begins large-scale applications.


Aluminum PCB Classification:

Process – HAL Lead-free aluminum substrate, OSP aluminum substrate, silver-plated aluminum substrate, immersion gold aluminum substrate, etc.;
Application – street lamp aluminum substrate, fluorescent lamp aluminum substrate, LB aluminum substrate, COB aluminum substrate, packaging aluminum substrate, bulb aluminum substrate, power aluminum substrate, automotive aluminum substrate and so on.
Common aluminum brand:
(Laird) ITEQ-Laird 1KA, Bergquist HT-04503 2.2w, Boyu, Ventec, Shengyi, Elite, Taiflex, Ebony, Nanya, PTTC, CCAF, IT-859GTA, Denka.

Advantage of our capacity:
Our company has more than ten years of experience in the production of aluminum PCB.  We can produce 1-4 layers, such as long PCB is up to 1500mm. And work with customers from all over the world.