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Bluetooth Board

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The Bluetooth board is also the Bluetooth module. It is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth function. It is used for short-range wireless communication and is divided into Bluetooth data module and Bluetooth voice module according to functions.

The Bluetooth module refers to the basic circuit set of a chip of the integrated Bluetooth function, which is used for wireless network communication and can be roughly divided into three types: data transmission module, remote control module. The general module has semi-finished properties and is processed on a chip basis to make subsequent applications simpler.


1. The interface of the Bluetooth module is divided into the serial interface, USB interface, digital IO port, analog IO port, SPI programming port, and voice interface.

When only data transmission is required, the system architecture should use serial interface (TTL level) as much as possible, so that modules on the market can support. If you really need IO port, you need to develop Bluetooth software according to your needs. Both the time cost and the economic cost are relatively high.

2. The Bluetooth module is generally composed of a chip, a PCB board, and peripheral devices.

Due to different functions and applications of different Bluetooth modules, the external lead pins of the module will be different.

3. Classification of Bluetooth Board:

●The Bluetooth module is divided into 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 4.0 and the latest 4.1 and 5.0 according to the standard.
●The Bluetooth module is divided into a data Bluetooth module and a voice Bluetooth module according to the purpose. The former complete wireless data transmission and the latter performs wireless data transmission of voice and stereo audio.
●The Bluetooth module is divided into a flash version and ROM version according to the chip design. The former is generally BGA package, external flash, the latter is generally QFN package, external EEPROM.
●The Bluetooth module has Broadcom Bluetooth module, Dell Bluetooth module, and CSR Bluetooth module according to the chip manufacturer.
●The Bluetooth module has data Bluetooth module, serial Bluetooth module, voice Bluetooth module, and car Bluetooth module according to the purpose.
●The Bluetooth module has CLASS1, CLASS2, CLASS3 according to the power.
●The Bluetooth module is mainly divided into a classic Bluetooth module (BT) and a low-power Bluetooth module (BLE) according to an application and a support protocol.
●The Bluetooth module is divided into a single-mode Bluetooth module and dual-mode Bluetooth module according to the support of the protocol.
●The Bluetooth module is divided into a Bluetooth data module and a Bluetooth audio module according to the application.
●Bluetooth module is divided into industrial grade and commercial grade according to temperature.

4. Application areas of the Bluetooth modules:

●Wireless PC peripherals
●Wireless game controller
●Wireless audio
●Remote control
●Consumer electronics
●Home automation
●Personal health and entertainment