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Communication products range from consumer communication products to industrial and aviation products. With the advent of 5G, communication products will be rapidly updated, especially mobile phone products. In the field of communication PCB Assembly; it is widely used in a wireless network, transmission network, data communication, fixed network broadband.

The related products include a backplane, high-speed multi-layer board, high-frequency microwave board, a multi-functional metal substrate, etc. The communication equipment manufacturing industry provides communication equipment and software systems for basic communication operators and content (application information) service providers and provides various terminal application equipment for terminal customers. It plays an important role in the whole communication industry and is very important for communication transmission and application.

Communication PCB Assembly

Communication technology development:

With the promotion of the information technology revolution and economic globalization, the world telecommunications industry has undergone tremendous changes. The wave of development and change sweeps the globe and becomes an industry with the fastest growth and the greatest market potential. The annual sales of world-class multinational enterprises exceed 20 billion US dollars, and some of them reach 40 billion US dollars or more.

With 5G communication coming to maturity and entering the market, many communication equipments will be eliminated or updated, and the demand for research and development and purchase of 5G equipment will be greatly increased in all walks of life. With the development of 5G, more RF components are needed for the increase of frequency band. The increasing number of RF front-end devices makes the demand for PCB higher.

At the same time, high speed and large capacity become the development trend of the PCB industry. More stringent requirements are put forward for frequency and layer number. The number of high-speed PCB layers of core equipment reaches more than 40 layers, and the industry technology will be further divided into three parts. With refinement and refinement, the requirement for PCBA is higher.


Communication PCB assembly importance:

Since the beginning, with the continuous development of industrial technology, relying on manual manufacturing and low precision, it has become increasingly unsuitable for the needs of modern industry. Up to now, the intellectualization and refinement keep pace with the development of the times. PCBA board is the most important part of electronic equipment, and its quality stability is very important for the normal function of terminal electronic equipment. With the development of electronic products in the direction of short, small, thin and light, the technical requirements for PCBA processing are more stringent.

The communication equipment manufacturing industry has a higher demand for PCBA. PCBA is the central nervous system of many intelligent products. Whether an intelligent product can play its due role in people’s life is closely related to PCBA. It can be said that the higher the quality of PCBA and the more stable its performance are, the greater the role of intelligent products can play.

Therefore, PCBA affects people’s intelligent life in the future. Communication equipment is now mainly developing towards miniaturization, speediness, and convenience. In addition, the market is becoming more and more saturated and the competitiveness is increasing. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the technological level and quality of communication PCBA.

Communication PCB Assembly manufacturer

Main applications:

Communication base station, OTN transmission equipment, microwave transmission equipment, router, switch, service/storage equipment, OLT, ONU and other optical fiber to household equipment notebook PC series PCBA card, server series PCBA card, RFID series PCBA card, wireless tracking series PCBA card, optical transmission series PCBA card.

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