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Communication PCB Board

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In the field of communications, The communication PCB boards are widely used in wireless networks, transmission networks, data communications. And fixed-line broadband. Related PCB products include backplanes, high-speed multilayer boards, high-frequency microwave boards, and multi-function metal substrates.

In response to the outbreak of 5G communication, the 5G air outlet leads the PCB to another wave, from 1G to 5G, the upgrade of communication technology:The upgrade of each generation of communication technology has brought revolutionary changes to the terminal products, redefining the products, and driving the reconstruction and great changes of the entire industry chain.

PCB requirements in the communications field are divided into subdivisions such as communication devices and mobile terminals. Communication equipment is mainly used for communication infrastructure for wired or wireless network transmission. Including communication base stations, routers, switches, etc. Communication equipment mainly uses high-layer PCB boards, of which 8-16 layers account for about 42%. And mobile terminals are mainly HDI and flexible boards.

The development of 5G is also inseparable from the construction of large-scale data centers. It will inevitably increase the server, the development of the server is inseparable from the PCB. Due to the extremely large traffic carried by the data center and the high requirements on the transmission speed, the requirements for the number of layers and materials of the PCB will be higher and higher. In this case, the demand for high-end communication boards will be greatly increased.


Communication PCB 5G construction features:

With the continuous advancement of 5G construction, due to the characteristics of 5G high-speed and high-frequency, the value of communication boards will be greatly improved for a single base station, and the demand for communication boards will be further driven by the construction of 5G base stations. First of all, the number of 5G base stations is much larger than the current 4G base stations. In particular, a certain number of micro base stations will be covered in the blind spot area, which undoubtedly drives the demand for communication PCB boards.

Wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment in an industrial control environment. The wired communication equipment mainly introduces the serial communication, the professional bus type communication, the industrial Ethernet communication and the conversion equipment between various communication protocols in the industrial field. Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless APs, wireless bridges, wireless network cards, wireless lightning arresters, antennas, and other equipment.

The frequency of the RF part is relatively high, and the digital signal rate of the baseband part is very high, which leads to very high material requirements. Some parts also require plates with ceramic substrates. In terms of processing, the board generally has dozens of layers of through-hole plates and requires a back-drilling process.

Single and double panels and multi-layer boards are still the main requirements of communication equipment.