Component Procurement

Component Procurement Manufacturer & Supplier – One-stop service

Kingford provides professional one-stop PCB and PCBA OEM turnkey manufacturing services with 20 years experience.

Our supply chain service can provide on-demand components, helping customers solve the troubles of sluggish materials. In the procurement of components, our aim is: quality is above everything else. And helping customers reduce costs is the meaning of our existence.

Components Sourcing: Kingford could help you cost down and improve your productivity through:

  • Cost-effective, purchase original components, cooperate with the original brand.
  • Experts team with 20 years experience.
  • Professional components certified engineers and experienced supply chain management, team.
  • Focus on the latest international market information and provide a competitive price.
  • Certified suppliers and Parts.
  • No MOQ, fast delivery.

To successfully help customers source components to cost down, companies require experienced, practical management and resources on-site. Kingford provides these resources to help companies develop and execute a comprehensive international strategic sourcing program.

We are ISO14001: 2015, ISO13485, IATF16949: 2016 and ISO 9001 certified. We have EMS sourcing capability and commodity management. All the components we purchase are from the original manufacturer or A-level agents, which means we will never ever use second-hand parts, refresh components or parts with old date code. We have professional purchasing team and We have a purchasing office in Japan and Hongkong.

Component Procurement Factory

Why choose our component procurement supplier?

In managing the supply chain, our procurement engineers have more than 20 years of experience in OEM electronic material procurement, creating predictability, reliability, and responsiveness throughout the entire customer engagement. We provide on-demand sourcing talent with expertise in data analysis and strategic technology to help you more predict, plan and respond to cost reductions.

Kingford’s supply chain services deliver supply chain innovation on demand. We offer a bold, yet proven service solution designed to grow market share and profit.

Our innovative approach to managing the supply chain offers a complete business model that delivers the talent and transformative tools necessary to create predictability, reliability, and responsiveness across your entire supply chain. Our practitioners are passionate about supply chains. We have spent a generation understanding, refining and building the best in intelligent supply chains. We provide talent on-demand with expertise in data analytics and strategic technologies that can help you predict, plan and respond more effectively.

By leveraging big data with powerful analytics, we deliver information that drives forecast accuracy and better planning, enabling you to gain improved planning with better forecast quality and the ability to make confident, informed decisions in minutes, rather than days.
Kingford provides powerful supply chain execution with “what-if” scenario planning in real-time. We help you adapt to the market faster and more efficiently—creating new opportunities for your organization.

Components Procurement Manufacturers

The greatest feature:

Kingford applies its time-tested expertise, processes, and tools to your supply chain for smarter results. With Kingford’s supply chain services, your solution becomes operational in less time, freeing you to focus on the future. Creating a more efficient, effective supply chain means your business spends less time thinking about “how” and more time on delivering now.

Through supply chain planning, Kingford addresses each of your supply chain’s critical components to achieve end-to-end visibility, accelerated full-cycle integration and predictable planning outcomes.


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