Wie gestaltet ein mehrschichtiger PCBa-Hersteller PCB?

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Multilayer pcba manufacturer

1. Die Rolle der Mehrschichtige PCBA Hersteller elektronischer Produkte
2.Application Prozess fo Mehrschichtige PCBA Hersteller
3.Multilayer PCBA Hersteller Funktionen
4.The Herstellungsprozess Mehrschichtige PCB
5.Drilling Prozess Mehrschichtige PCBA Hersteller
6.Pattern plating Anwendung vom Hersteller der mehrschichtigen Leiterplatte


The role of Multilayer pcba manufacturer in electronic products

The main component Hersteller von mehrschichtigen Leiterplatten use while manufacturing an electronic device is PCB. It is a green plate with holes on it. It directs the functions of the electronic product. PCB may be single or double-sided. However, a multilayer PCB is a stack of three or more layers of copper with a nonconductive substrate. It is made up of two or more PCB attached together. Multilayer PCB invented in the 1960’s.

A professional Multilayer pcba manufacturer has the latest manufacturing and testing equipment. Therefore he can easily build 24 multilayer pcb with the highest standards.

Application process fo Multilayer pcba manufacturer

Multilayer PCB is widely used in the market. Usually use in computers, electronic equipment, telecommunications scanning machines, medical monitoring devices, and military equipment. Furthermore, there are a range of automotive products on which Multilayer pcba manufacturer is working. These pcb components will provide high end support to automotive industry.

Multilayer pcba manufacturer Features

  • It is a high-speed circuit board.
  • It is a miniature board thus provide more space for the assembly of other material in the device.
  • They contain three conductive layers.
  • They are comparatively expensive because of complexity.
  • Moreover, they are high in speed and capacity, they are miniature and small in size, they possess low weight.
  • A Multilayer pcba manufacturer provides a satisfactory programming rather than other circuit boards.
  • They are flexible, reliable and dense as well.


Everything has two faces. Simultaneously Multilayer pcba manufacturer products have some disadvantages too. Along with, high speed, good programs, simple installation and so on there are some drawbacks also such as

  • Multilayer PCB is expensive because of more complex layers
  • The whole process is the time taken
  • Verification and testing need more time.
  • The formation required experts

The manufacturing process of Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB in china

Every company has its own processes and manufacturing techniques to make a multilayer PCB. Above all the basic steps are the same.

PCB has many problems like cross-talk, signal breakage, etc. In such a case, the manufacturing design should avoid parallel routs and reduce the length of signal

Following are the points which describe the manufacturing process step by step

  1. Material

The basic and first step for Multilayer pcba manufacturer is choosing the material. The base material is of larger size hence the material has to cut into the sizes of the panel. The basic material includes copper sheets or foils and insulating material.

  1. Artwork

After choosing the desired material, it is necessary to draw a temporary design of the circuit board manually on the paper, which contains all the alignments and connections.

  1. Inner layer

Afterward, using UV light and print the artwork on the sheet or film. Then remove the undesired copper by etching from the frame. So basically, the copper layer is the inner layer of circuit boards. When the inner layer is done, verify the layer at the end and examine the defects if present.

  1. Lamination

Stacking up the layers together is known as lamination. Provide desired pressure, resin and temperature and laminate the layers together. This process makes the circuit board rigid and dense.

5. Drilling process by Multilayer pcba manufacturer


The most essential step in the manufacturing of PCB is drilling. Multilayer pcba manufacturer applies various drilling techniques. For example drilling by lasers or manually adjusting the head of the drill machine or multi-head driller.

The continuous holes take place by the drilling machine on the board. This step does not include metal plating of holes.

  1. Deposition of copper

Die Elektrolyse von Kupfer auf der Platte wird als Abscheidung von Kupfer bezeichnet. Die Kupferschicht wird auf chemischem Wege auf der Schicht der Platte abgeschieden. Die Dicke der Kupferschicht sollte weniger als 10 Mikrometer betragen. Die Kupferschicht muss die gesamte Platte und die Platte der Platine bedecken. Die Abscheidung von Kupfer ist zwingend erforderlich.

  1. Plattenbeschichtung durch Hersteller von mehrschichtigen Leiterplatten

Bei der Plattenbeschichtung wird 5-8 Mikrometer Kupfer auf eine dünne Schicht aufgetragen. Dadurch werden die Lücken geschlossen. Die Plattenbeschichtung erfolgt an den Löchern während der Beschichtung der Löcher.

  1. Durchkontaktierte Löcher PTH

Die metallische Beschichtung auf der nichtmetallischen Oberfläche der Löcher ist PTH. Es ist eine dünne Schicht von weniger als 1 Mikrometer.

  1. Äußere Schicht

The outer layer is similar to the inner layer except for one thing. Where the copper has to deposit on the outer layer that place should not have dry film. The dry film changes with every step from application to development. Afterward, the unwanted dry film is removed by etching. At the end verify the layer and examine the defects according to the data.


10 Pattern plating application by Multilayer pcba manufacturers


Multilayer pcba manufacturers

Pattern plating is depositing wet chemical over the circuit board. This method makes the board more complex. A Multilayer pcba manufacturers keeps the thickness of pattern plating is 20-25 micrometres.

  1. Resins

Resins such as epoxy glass, Teflon or exotica ceramic are used to cover the conductors. Hersteller von mehrschichtigen Leiterplatten melts the resin and use at the corners of the board. Resins are viscose adhesive and use to protect the board.

  1. VIAs

The electric connection between the holes and the board is VIA. Also the VIAs are used to connect the layers. This method includes aluminium plates.

  1. Solder mask

Solder mask is the process of layering polymer or epoxy liquid on the hole board. This process prevents the boards from oxidation. This method includes exposure of the board to UV light and then washing the board using brushes.

  1. Finishing and testing

All the board should be of proper size, shape and thickness. The verification of the Multilayer pcba manufacturers board includes surface finishing, electric examination, and final inspection. Moreover, the inspection of holes is also necessary.

Make sure that there will be no open holes and misleading of wires. Otherwise, there are chances of short circuits. Test the circuit board manually for cosmetic defects. In the end clean the surface of the board from contamination and moisture also.


Multilayer pcba manufacturer provides a number of advantages that is why it’s been using all over the devices. It has a lot of advantages and features. Although there are some defects, new technologies are solving the problems of multilayer PCBs to make it more advanced and perfect. Moreover, the new production of multilayer PCB is exploring different designs and styles for the future.