Auswählen eines Anbieters für Leiterplattenbaugruppen

Gepostet am 2020-06-08

Auswählen eines Anbieters für Leiterplattenbaugruppen

Leiterplattenmontage refers to attaching electronic components to a circuit board. Printed circuit boards are used to connect and mechanically support electronic components using conductive tracks, tracks, or tracks that are engraved on rolled copper foil on a non-conductive substrate. Once the printed circuit board is complete, electronic components can be attached to make the printed circuit board assembly. Component cables are routed through the holes in the printed circuit board, and in the surface mount design, electronic components are placed on the ground or on boards on the external surfaces of the printed circuit board. Component cables in both types of this design are then mechanically fixed to a printed circuit board of molten soft metal solder.

PCB Assembly Vendor

There are all kinds of ways to attach components to printed circuit boards, and the largest volume of production of a very large volume, as a rule, is made by installing the apparatus and a soldering or discharge furnace with a body wave. Sometimes very experienced PCB assembly vendors are hired to manually assemble very small parts to the microscope. This is achieved with tweezers and very thin solder. Some parts, such as a ball grate, cannot be sold manually.

The printed circuit board assembly (Leiterplattenmontage ) contains several electronic components that enable the electronic device to work. PCB assembly services consist of multi-stage processes, which include the placement of components on a printed circuit board, their gluing, as well as testing and testing of these components. The assembly of printed circuit boards is often transferred to OEMs of a specialized company since the installation of an assembly of printed circuit boards requires significant investment. There are hundreds of tiny components that help complete a circuit in a circuit board.

Most small and medium-sized enterprises, as a rule, rely on the services of a pcb assembly vendor to supply their printed circuit boards. There are several advantages to listing the services of a contract manufacturer. These include:

Save on investment and labor

Capital investment in an assembly device for printed circuit boards is very high. A company can cut these costs and save millions of dollars in organizing operations, hiring labor, vendors modernizing and maintaining its enterprise, and so on.

Take advantage of special skills

A PCB assembly vendor is likely to specialize in the limited services it offers. For example, a contracted electronics vendor will have a dedicated kit and workforce to take care of all of his PCB projects. This ensures that OEMs receive specialized and specialized services in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Focus on core competencies

After the outsourcing of PCB assembly services, OEM can now focus on its core competencies. He can also do more to build a brand and strengthen its sales and marketing network. It’s best to transfer the business to a supplier who specializes in prototype PCB assembly

. Here are the basic guidelines for choosing the best PCB assembly vendor :

Online Quote Convenience

Vendors with an online trading system can save you time. An online trading system should be easy to use. The system should allow you to enter basic details of PCB design requirements, such as thickness, type of material, and Pcb manufacturing specifications. The ultimate goal of an online bidding system should cost control. You don’t want to know about additives when PCB prototype production starts.

Cut your expenses

As a rule, the production of a large number of printed circuit boards is cheaper than a small one. However, prototypes of printed circuit boards are usually produced in small quantities, because the circuit design is still perfect. A PCB assembly vendor knows how to keep their costs low because they can minimize assembly costs and distribute production costs by distributing the production station among several customers in order to save overall production costs. Very low maintenance.

Lower Your Costs

When choosing a PCB assembly vendor, make sure that you understand the factors that influence the lead time. If your PCB design consists of materials or dimensions (i.e. thicknesses) that are not common, the seller will need more time because there will be fewer customers with the same requirements, so it will take more time because the seller will plan your production. The online trading system will vary depending on the desired time frame.

File Formats and Design assembly vendors

The file formats that you use for your electronic circuit projects are relevant when choosing a PCB assembly provider. Most vendors use the Gerber format, so if you use other file formats, make sure it can work with these other types of formats. This is why a PCB assembly company that offers design assembly vendors in addition to contract manufacturing assembly vendors is an ideal choice because the company has the technical capabilities and its own experience to solve problems that may arise during the pre-assembly process.

Package types

Take a close look at the types of packages that a   PCB assembly vendor can accept for production. High-quality sellers will post this important information on their sites. Not all companies can accept special ball-net (BGA) packages or packages the size of a chip. By contacting the PCB PCB assembly vendor technical support assembly vendor to verify their ability to assemble your experienced PCBs, you can avoid problems before starting production.

make sure that your PCB assembly vendor can assemble all types of packages that the board uses. Some vendors may not collect certain types of IC packages, such as BGA, chip packages, or very small components. If in doubt, do not forget to contact your PCB assembly vendor in time.

Some contract vendors will conduct an inventory of standard SMT components and holes. You will save time if you can take the seller from the inventory, and not buy each component yourself. Be sure to specify the components that you want to send when loading the invoice.

Most PCB assembly vendors will also offer the manufacture of SMT stencil, which is necessary for the assembly of the printed circuit board. Be sure to order a stencil immediately when ordering the boards themselves to avoid delays.

To ensure that your printed circuit boards work, make sure your PCB assembly vendor is certified in quality and will provide you with the necessary testing and verification methods for the boards. Please note, however, that certain tests, such as ICT testing, require additional time and expense in preparing the appropriate test devices.