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ten years of experience ,only for service

Kingford expertos. Con nuestro enfoque único en el proceso de introducción de nuevos productos (NPI); Los desafíos de optimización del diseño, adquisiciones, fabricación y pruebas se pueden identificar y resolver rápidamente.

Nuestra Oficina de Compras Internacionales en Hong Kong y Japón, con profesionales de adquisiciones muy experimentados, garantiza una estrategia de gestión de materiales altamente competitiva y reducción de costos. El equipo de Kingford se compromete a ofrecer la mejor solución de fabricación a nuestros clientes, desde la prueba de muestras hasta la producción de lotes medios.

Kingford ’s mission is to provide the solution of choice for OEMs who need a focused and responsive design and manufacturing partner for medium-volume, complex electronic products. Our purpose is to enrich lives by sustaining steady profitable growth in an enjoyable and caring culture environment.


Kingford paid high attention to the PDCA management mode, continuously accumulates the process experience and quality problems in the manufacturing process, and converges project managers, process engineers, production personnel and quality personnel to discuss and improve solutions, and record the successful experience. The training of follow-up personnel will improve the front-end control ability in the process.

In addition, PCBA assembly processing involves a long manufacturing supply chain, which places high demands on the management and integration capabilities of the plant, so it is necessary to find a highly professional and experienced team to help you complete the overall manufacturing service. Kingford from the very beginning of its birth adheres to the concept of fine-end manufacturing and customer service, pays attention to internal technology and management improvement, equipment upgrade, and enhances the professional PCBA board processing service for international customers, and wins good customer reputation! Designed to be the industry leader in small and medium-sized PCBA assembly manufacturing.

Why Choose Us?

> Online Email/Telephone/EC provides customer 24-hour services.

> Manufacturer direct pricing brings a greater space for customer profit.

> Professional technical teams provide free DFM service.

> Ensure the delivery time will be on time. Also provide Quick turn, Prototype PCB & assembly services.

> Whether sample order or a large number of OEM production, we all can handle.

> Full-service in-house manufacturing and capabilities.

> Diverse service type: PCB rígido FR-4 (1-20 layers), 1500mm PCB largo, MCPCB, Asamblea PCB, Components Sourcing.

> Rigid production and advanced equipment bring up highly quality PCB & assembly.

> Lead time: Sample is within 7 working days for PCB & assembly, mass production is within 2 weeks for PCB & assembly.

> 100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipped.

> Comprehensive certificate: UL, ISO14001, ISO9001, TS16949, ISO13485.


Development Events


> 2018 — A new PCB assembly factory was built in Shenzhen, for prototype and small production.

> 2016 — Establishing a new PCB assembly factory in Hubei province, for mass& high production.

> 2012 — Required PCB assembly business, providing value-added service to current customers, one-stop services.

> 2009 — Kingford transfer all FR4 business to Well-tech and start aluminum PCB fabrication in Meizhou.

> 2005 — Certification IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL.

> 2004 — Well-tech established FR-4 PCB fabrication in Huizhou.

> 1999 — Kingford established FR-4 PCB fabrication in Shenzhen.





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