fabricación de prototipos de ensamblaje de PCB

Publicado el 29-06-2020

¿Qué espera del ensamblaje de prototipos de PCB?

Are you looking for a custom PCB assembly line that meets your specifications with high accuracy in addition to having reliable component procurement services and high-quality fabrication? For those several years of experience, our prototype assembly services are not only faster, affordable, but also safe to meet all our clients’ needs and their time frame. For instance, we take your specific PCB designs, organize them for the most efficient and precise assembly process and finally conduct several comprehensive testing procedures to ascertain that your PCB prototype meets all the specifications as well as the exact performance requirements. Besides, our complete turnkey PCB prototype includes a one-stop-shop style, which means saving much of your money, time, or any difficulties along with the assembly procedure.

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What are the benefits of partnering with our PCB Prototype Assembly?

1. Timely update. One of the advantages of ordering your PCB prototype with us is that you will get rapid feedback, and a quick assessment of how precise your PCB design work is progressing. Besides, you want to know how the final PCB design will be operating. Remember, this is only attainable by going through the entire assembly process. The good news with our PCB cart is that you can have your whole PCB prototype assembly completed in-house such that you will find out quickly how your final PCB prototype will be functioning.

2. You get the entire job completed in one station. There is no need to have a half-baked work. For instance, there is no essence of fabricating your PCB prototype here only for you to go and find other specialized PCB assembly lines elsewhere to compete in the process. That way would mean spending more time and resources, thus defeating the main objective of making your PCB prototype initially. Undoubtedly, please work with us and have your entire project completed in one station and faster.

3. Our PCB Prototype Assembly includes exceptional High-Quality Standards

Although in most cases, a prototype assembly includes a limited production function, we ensure you get the same high quality and care similar to those you get in a specialized production assembly or the manufacturing company. This similarity in production provides you can estimate accurately the real production cost, time, and final product features.
Note that we use similar resources and workforce with related qualifications to those in full-production projects to ensure a 100% correlation and functionality in the results.

4. Todos los miembros de nuestro equipo no solo están certificados, totalmente calificados, sino que también deben tener un mínimo de 5 años de experiencia en una industria de ensamblaje de prototipos relevante, de manera que estén familiarizados con el manejo con precisión de cada parte del proceso. Estos incluyen lo siguiente, pero no se limita a la adquisición de solo los componentes y piezas relevantes, como la fabricación de placas de circuito, control de calidad y fabricación de ensamblaje.

5. Seguimos al pie de la letra cada parte del diseño de su prototipo original. A menos que cuente con su autorización y consulta previas, no hacemos ni una pequeña alteración o modificación sin contactarlo para su aprobación después de un análisis detallado.

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¿Por qué se incluye en nuestros servicios de montaje de prototipos de PCB?

Generally, our services involve materializing various design models such as Design for Testing (DFT) and Design for Manufacturability. Note that the purpose of these two design models is to ensure your final prototype is according to your exact design stipulations. Besides, our capacity and resources permit us to assemble high-density circuit boards (FR-4) prototypes.

Be assured of our quick project turnaround times.

We understand that sometimes you need your project completed within the shortest time possible and still retain high-quality results. Our PCB cart will ensure we complete your PCB assembly prototype within a few days or weeks, but not more than a month. Remember, this quick project turnaround time gives a competitive advantage since you get into production faster and earlier than your competitors. Besides, you get a higher Return on Investment (ROI) since you will start realizing profits within a short duration of time.

Remember, we are in this position to promise you this mainly due to our high availability of the critical assembly components and well-established cooperation with part manufacturers or authorized component distributors, flexible assembly options.

You will get a quick correction of designing mistakes that could otherwise result in the malfunctioning of the final product. Sometimes minor errors occur during the designing phase, and this requires you made some adjustments and modifications. In such a case, you are sure to get quick solutions than your competitors, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the market. Besides, you will have a great chance to make your design perfect for the final assembly hence have your finished product earlier than your competitors.

It is important to note that the modern business world keeps advancing now and then and particularly when involving consumer electronics. The implication of this is that the first company to come up with a high demand product will enjoy a large share of profits within a short duration of time.

We always ensure our clients get this slot ahead of others and this could be your company, yes, very possible just partner with us today. Besides, with our quick and efficient Prototype, PCB Assembly and PCB prototype fabrication are not only affordable but also timely.

Be assured of our competitive prices.

It is important to note that our Prototype PCB Assembly services include several advanced techniques. This results in a reduction of the entire cost in PCB prototype assembly. For instance, we order all the necessary parts from several authorized suppliers; thus giving us a chance to purchase only from the bidders with the most affordable components. At the same time without compromising on the high quality.

Además, también incluimos varias opciones de embalaje rentables y procedimientos muy avanzados para elegir uno. No solo ahorrarán su dinero, sino también su valioso tiempo. Por ejemplo, tenemos una de las mejores opciones disponibles que involucra cualquiera de sus soluciones de PCB. Por ejemplo, fabricaciones avanzadas de placas de circuito impreso, necesidades de ensamblaje de prototipos y fuente de componentes. Además, casi todo lo hemos realizado internamente nuestros ingenieros y expertos en diseño profesionales y altamente capacitados; por lo tanto, siempre tendrá la seguridad de una comunicación eficiente y fluida, y al final; obtienes el mejor prototipo de tu deseo. Tenga la seguridad de que nuestro equipo de gestión seguirá centrado y actualizado en logística para prever que la empresa de diseño se mantenga en contacto con los fabricantes.