Erreurs courantes à éviter lors de l'externalisation de pièces de PCB

Publié le 2020-06-30

There is no doubt that contract manufacturing is the way to go when you need PCB parts. Outsourcing comes with many benefits, and it makes economic sense to work with PCB fabricators. Besides getting the time to focus on growing your business, you will as well enjoy professional consultation services. PCB assemblers have the skills and will advise you accordingly. Also, you will enjoy timely delivery, best designs, customization services, testing services, etc. All these are great benefits of outsourcing PCB parts. However, the process of outsourcing these parts is not as easy as it may sounds. Many things can go wrong in the process and cost you thousands of dollars and also clients. For everything to go well as you outsource PCB pars, the following are common mistakes to avoid.

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Costly mistakes avoid when outsourcing PCB parts.

Hasty decisions

When it comes to outsourcing PCB parts, you should keep in mind that you are choosing a long time partner. For example, if you are manufacturing medical equipment, computers, or mobile phones, you will need PCB parts always as long as your business exists. Therefore signing a contract with the first PCB fabricators you find may harm success chances. Take your time before making a decision. Do good research and talk to different PCB manufacturers. Find what makes everyone assembler unique. Know which manufacturer will offer you an irresistible deal. Once you do your research, make a list of potential clients.

The list you make should have PCB assemblers that you believe will meet your needs depending on what you are looking for. By looking at the assemblers’ website, you will know what they do and what parts they mostly specialize in. Now with your list, you can continue to call them or email them schedule a meeting. During your meeting (whether online or face to face), take time to gather as much info as possible, which will help make your decision. The bottom line is to avoid making hasty decisions.

Poor communication

When it comes to ordering PCB parts, communication is paramount. Poor communication means that your contract manufacturer will not understand your needs, which leads to producing the wrong parts. This is a costly mistake for your business. Therefore, once you find the best PCB fabricators, ensure that you clearly state your requirement. For example, which material do you need for the project? How many parts do you require? Do you need any customization? What about the delivery? Are our testing services important for you? Make the contract manufacturer aware of all these issues before sealing the deal. It is great to have all these in writing so that in case of misunderstanding, you can always refer to the document. With great communication, the partnership will be flawless.

Avoid having trust issues.

Si vous avez pris des mesures de précaution et que vous avez soigneusement examiné la capacité de fabrication sous contrat avant de les embaucher, vous n'avez pas besoin d'avoir des problèmes de confiance avec leurs capacités. Sentez-vous à l'aise de leur remettre les conceptions et autres exigences pour vos pièces de circuits imprimés. Soyez à l'aise lorsque vous travaillez avec eux car ils seront votre partenaire pendant un certain temps. Lorsque les deux parties se font confiance, faire des affaires devient facile. Cependant, si vous avez envie de ne pas faire confiance à votre fabricant sous contrat et que vous avez de bonnes raisons de ne pas lui faire confiance, cherchez un autre fabricant sous contrat.

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Choisir des tarifs bas

In business, we all want to maximize our profits. However, do not compromise your products to make high profits. Therefore, when looking for contract manufacture for your PCB parts, do not be deceived by low prices. Instead of the excitement, know why the parts and services are cheap. It is not always rosy. You may find that the contract manufacturer is new in the business and is trying to create a customer base. Another reason why a company will offer cheap products is that they have a bad reputation and want to attract more customers and possibly cleanse its name. Avoid such extremely low prices if you want quality. You may save some dollars, but it will cost your business. Work with reputable and experienced PCB fabricators. Let the cost be a secondary factor.

Outsourcing abroad

When it comes to outsourcing PCB parts, you can either work with a local or overseas fabricator. While there are some professional and good PCB assemblers overseas, working with a local company is better if you can find a good one. For instance, with an oversea assembler, communication is not easy. Sometimes you will have to send representatives overseas to order custom products and to oversee everything. This will cost you lots of business money. Also, you may find that there is a language barrier when working with an overseas company.

If you can get reputable local PCB fabricators, then you will have an easy time. With a local company, you can meet anytime, have a one on one meeting, and do business. Also, it is easy to know the reputation, experience, and capabilities of a local company. Besides, with a local company, you’re promoting local businesses which good for the economy.


Ordering PCB parts is not easy, especially on getting reliable and qualified PCB fabricators. However, with the right information and avoiding making hasty decisions, you will surely find one that you can rely upon. Remember that a contract manufacturer will be your business partner for a long time if they can meet your business needs. Focus on delivery and quality as well as hiring locally where possible. Also, look for a PCB manufacturer that can offer most PCB related services, for example, the development of prototypes, testing, and finally, mass production.

The ideal Contract manufacturer should as well handle the delivery process. This way, you will have a few things to worry about, and you can trust the assembler to deliver as you focus on other aspects of your business. It will take you time to land the best assembler, but when you do, you will get a long term business partner that will help you take your business to the next level. The secret is research, research, and research. It is the only way to get it right.

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