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Publié le 2020-05-08

Guide du débutant sur l'assemblage de circuits imprimés de soins de santé - Différence de base entre le PCB et le PCB

medical pcb assembly

l'assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux  est aussi important que tout autre assemblage électronique. Saviez-vous que presque tous les gadgets ou appareils électroniques utilisés dans votre vie quotidienne ont un composant de base commun? Presque tous les appareils électroniques, y compris:

  • votre ordinateur portable
  • téléphone intelligent
  • console de jeu
  • four micro-onde
  • TV, lave-vaisselle, etc.,

Ils ne fonctionneront pas correctement sans assemblage PCB.

Alors, quel est l'assemblage médical PCB?

What does PCB assembly mean? 

medical PCB assembly refers to the process of soldering and assembling electronic components. On prefabricated parts to extinct and manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs). Usually use professional production machinery. Mass production, t printed circuit board assembly process is usually called PCBA.

The difference between PCB and pcb assembly

Generally, PCB refers to an empty circuit board. In this state, the circuit board does not contain any electronic components. And looks like green slate with dividing lines and spaces. Therefore, the PCB itself cannot be used for work unless and until the entire assembly is completed.

On the other hand, assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux is also known as the process of soldering. And assembling electronic components on circuit boards and finished / assembled circuit boards. Furthermore, circuit board assembly manufacturer usually use various electronic equipment.  Similarly, the completed PCBA is actually used for electronic devices rather than PCBs.

What is a circuit board assembly?

PCB Assembly Manufacturers

Circuit board components participate in various steps. Moreover, this is a non-linear process, indicating that factors are not important.

And the process can be changed and adjusted based on these factors. The expected results and the use of PCBA are one of the main considerations. It determines the assembly process of components and general circuit boards.


Electronic materials refer to the upstream materials directly used for the manufacture of electronic components. Or the key materials used in the process. But the application range of the materials themselves is extremely wide. And the play of the characteristics and functional benefits of electronic materials affects the overall electrical properties.

Components Stability is closely related to the functions of terminal products and manufacturing costs. Mastering the above-mentioned overall conditions is the advantage of the development of the assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux.

China’s electronic material industry started a little later than the electronic component industry. In the past, most of the upstream key materials used in the production of electronic components in China were mainly imported. Motivated by the independent demand for materials, the electronic material industry has gradually sprouted and started to stand Stabilize the market.

With the continuous exploration of better diagnosis and medical methods, the china medical market has a growing chart. This is because many new innovations in medical equipment and devices use the most advanced technology.

The application of:

  • Biotechnology
  • scaffolding technology
  • microelectronics, and
  • robotic technology

Has provided far-reaching solutions for the world to provide healthcare and advanced treatment methods. One of the most important components in manufacturing medical devices is the printed circuit board.

Sustainable medical pcb assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

The sustainability challenges faced by assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux and medical device manufacturers are not limited to technology. But also require a commitment to reliable PCB production, superior functionality and adaptation to strict medical standards.

With this, accurate PCB prototyping, PCB layout, PCB assembly, and the most important material quality are the top issues for medical engineering requirements.

Generally, this article provides a clear description of the application of:

  1. medical PCBs and
  2. PCB testing methods and
  3. Moreover, the techniques used in PCB manufacturing processes.

In recent years, people attach great importance to PCB assembly and manufacturing processes. For every medical project, PCB manufacturing requires high-end customization. Whether it is high, medium and small batch PCB production, PCB assemblers must continue to develop in:

  • chemical and electroplating processes
  • pressing
  • wiring and drilling processes under high temperature / vacuum in order to obtain high output in mass production.

The medical market has also pointed out. How to make the assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux compact, versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective fiercely competitive.

medical pcb assembly applications

In this way, the printed circuit board has a wide range of applications in medical electronic instruments. For instance, heaters and medical sensors, widely used in operating rooms. Hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

These include:

  • cardiac pacemakers
  • dental anesthesia delivery systems
  • modulation device
  • endoscopic leak detection systems
  • defibrillators
  • electric tooth whitening systems
  • hearing aids, hyperthermia systems, etc.

assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux is the best way to get customers’ unique specifications.

Floor-standing analyzer and wire-wound resistance thermometer for flexible circuit boards. Moreover, these types of PCBs have light weight. And thin etched foil to maintain a constant temperature. Neurological probes require flexible PCBs. Simultaneously, that can help avoid nerve damage during prostate surgery.

Other surgical equipment includes surgical drills integrated in orthopedic surgery. Motor controllers for dental surgery. RTD temperature sensors, surface-mounted LEDs and control switches. Similarly, pcb assembler use in in heaters IV fluid delivery systems, medical scanning Instrument, factory installed polyimide heater, etc.

High frequency medical pcb assembly

The high-frequency and high-density interconnections in PCBs have become the main promise. That PCB assemblers provide to the medical industry. Similarly, pcb assembler produce some devices in small batches. But different PCBs are installed.

These devices include X-ray systems, MRI and CT scanning systems. Similarly, medical pcb assembly companies use machines used for medical treatment of:

  • cardiac arrest
  • depression and epilepsy require analog PCB assembly.

To improve people’s operation rate and quality of life, high durability assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux has become the main focus. In addition to this, medical device manufacturers have felt the attractive growth of active implants.

On the other hand, innovative technology is important. It will increase pcba assembly performance. Moreover, it will reduce per unit cost.

For the medical market, recent enhancements are reflected in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Subsequently, pcb assembly manufacturer implement this technology to provide unmatched PCB layout and prototyping services.

To this end, they need to provide PCBs of various types, shapes, sizes, functions and materials fusion. Some of them are single-sided PCBs, double-sided PCBs with / without plated through holes, HDI. And ultra HDI circuit boards, multilayer PCBs, rigid / flexible PCBs and semi-flexible PCBs.

Importance of research in assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux


As the medical market needs to comply with high-quality standards. Research and development are also indicated in test methods to maintain durability. Strength and toughness of future PCB prototypes and assembly processes.

Generally, nowadays, with the continuous enhancement of:

  • electrical test methods
  • ion contamination test
  • pressure test and temperature cycle test,
  • automatic optical detection,
  • functional test, flying probe test and ICT test have been highly implemented.

In addition to innovative test methods, research is going global to eradicate dangerous viruses. one of which is the covid19. Therefore, the assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux is ahead of the world’s leading markets. And there will be substantial growth every other day.


PCB is a very close and dear part of our contemporary life. Although we still do not notice it. For decades, the technology of effectively assemblage de circuits imprimés médicaux and installing components has rapidly developed into a fast-to-point structure. In addition, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Making them ideal for certain tasks rather than others.

In fact, the term “PCBA” is now a bit outdated. Although it is still used in the industry, designers and engineers have gradually stopped using it since the 1980s. They now generally use “PCB” to refer to both unassembled and assembled PCB Get the exact meaning in the context.