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Gold Finger Board: (Gold Finger or Edge Connector) Insert one end of the PCB into the connector card slot and use the connector pin as the external connection of the PCB board to make the pad or copper contact with the corresponding pin. To achieve the purpose of conduction, and the nickel-plated gold on the pad or copper plate of the PCB board, because it is a finger shape, it is called a gold finger.

Gold Finger Board kinds and process:

In the large-scale use of PCI and optical modules, cable sockets, The golden finger has been divided into: long and short gold fingers, broken gold fingers, split gold fingers, During the processing of the gold finger plate, the gold-plated wire needs to be pulled.

The conventional gold finger processing process is relatively simple, and the length of the gold finger requires strict control of the gold finger lead, which requires secondary etching to complete. The difficulty of the gold finger is shorter than that of the long and short gold fingers. It requires three processes of the dry film. It takes 4 times for the lead to complete the production of the gold finger.

Often 90% of the enterprises cannot control the gold finger. Processing plug gold fingers and long and short gold fingers, broken gold fingers, master the core manufacturing technology, single gold finger gold plating thickness up to 50U gold thick, industrial graphics card PCI can be processed to 50U gold thick, gold plated called hard gold,

Gold Finger Board 1300mm FR4 Double Layer PCB3
Gold Finger Board 1300mm FR4 Double Layer PCB3

Why do gold fingers need gold plating?

Because it is used in graphics cards and plugs, boards often need to be plugged and unplugged. Gold plating is hardware. The number of plugging and unplugging can be up to 200,000 times. Immersion gold is software, and the number of plugging and unplugging is limited. Each plugging and inserting reduces the life of gold fingers.

Gold plating is hard gold, which is extracted in the aspect of plugging and inserting. The hardness of gold in the process of inserting and inserting, the gold plating has superior performance in plugging and unplugging, and the conductivity performance can improve the efficiency of electric conduction.


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