Bagaimana produsen perakitan elektronik Cina mengurangi biaya PCB?

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Pelajari cara mengurangi biaya produksi perakitan elektronik


Electronic assembly manufacturers and suppliers china


Cara pabrikan perakitan elektronik china  memasang papan sirkuit dapat membuat perbedaan besar dalam memilih paket Anda, dan pada gilirannya berdampak besar pada tata letak papan sirkuit Anda.


A good circuit board design can minimize assembly costs, so the circuit board design must also be done according to the actual PCB assembly style. Below, we have compiled a series of tips that will help when creating printed circuit board designs to minimize PCBA-related costs.

Intelligent circuit board design to minimize electronic assembly costs

Follow this shortlist of best practices to ensure that your PCB components do not cause unnecessary costs due to the layout of your board design.

Component placement in circuit board design

If this is not taken into account during the layout stage, this may be an important cost driver for PCB design. First, you need components in specific locations, like buttons, screens or ports.

pabrikan perakitan elektronik china should Place the component on one side of the board as much as possible. When components must be placed on both sides, try to place sensitive, heavy-duty and / or through-hole components on the “primary side”. Components requiring special attention should also be placed on the “primary side”.

Component orientation

If possible, make sure your components are placed at a 0 ° or 90 ° angle in the PCB design. Orient the assembly as much as possible, and ensure that all polarized components are oriented the same.

Spacer components in circuit board design

It is best to space the components evenly in the horizontal and vertical directions, leaving at least 100 mils between each component and at least 100 mils from the edge of the circuit board to minimize assembly costs.

Electronic assembly surface finishing

Please consult your electronic assembly manufacturer china to ensure that the surface finish you choose is best suited for the assembly process.

Electronic assembly manufacturer china

Electronic assembly Circuit board design software

Use board design software with various component libraries, such as BCHartus®, to avoid creating component packages from scratch.

Advanced PCB assembly design and circuit board design should complement each other, which can effectively save manual assembly costs.

What are the best tips for electronic assembly manufacturer china?

Successful electronics assembly in a manufacturing environment requires the strategic organization of the manufacturing areas, maintenance of automated machines, the motivation of employees and thorough testing of the devices. In addition, pabrikan perakitan elektronik china must include static charging regulations to avoid accidental overvoltages that damage sensitive electronic components. The distance between all assembly areas should also be considered so that efficiency remains high.

Electronics assembly must be done in several steps, from the first board bonding processes to the final component attachments. Consequently, each manufacturing area must be arranged in the order of the steps; Materials cannot be zigzagged through a production room because efficiency is significantly reduced. For example, the manufacturing area “A” should be near areas “B” and “C”.

Automated machines take over the majority of modern electronics assembly processes. Any unexpected failures can be costly for the manufacturer. Produsen perakitan elektronik cina should have preventive maintenance plans for every machine. The machines should be properly adjusted and lubricated regularly to minimize breakdowns. Employees should also be familiar with troubleshooting small machine problems during the manufacturing process. Skilled workers can fix a small problem before it becomes an important problem that affects manufacturing time.

Electronic assembly manufacturer china recommendations

When designing a prototype circuit board, some general rules must be followed to keep the entire PCB manufacturing process running smoothly. Here are some tips and tricks for beginners in PCB assembly.

Electronic assembly Component placement

There are three main types of prototype PCB assemblies: single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer. Each type of board has different rules for each component, but as a rule of thumb, pabrikan perakitan elektronik china recommends placing the components on top of the board. It is important that all components, such as switch connectors, LEDs, mounting holes, and heat sinks, are located in specific locations.

The goal is to minimize trace lengths between components so that prototype printed circuit boards are not shorted. Traces can be easily laid by simply placing parts that connect next to each other.

The IC must be placed on the board at one of the tops, bottom, left and right positions. Doing so may disrupt the board’s circuitry. Also, leaving enough space between these components can save a lot of time as trace lines need to pass between them.

Ground and Power Trace Placement in electronic assembly

Electronic assembly manufacturers china

After soldering the components, the next step is to place the power and ground traces. When using an IC, the power supply line and a ground line are indispensable because they are connected to the common rail of each power supply. This is a way to avoid daisy-chaining power lines between parts.

Electronic assembly manufacturer china process of Signal trace placement

Produsen perakitan elektronik cina goal here is to make the signal traces as short and direct as possible. Take advantage of feedthrough holes, called vias, because they can move signals from one layer to another. Also, traces carrying large currents must be wider than any other signal traces to prevent short circuits.

Printed circuit boards come in all shapes and sizes and present a variety of challenges for panel designers when constructing panel layouts. To illustrate the range of possible problems, pabrikan perakitan elektronik china offers three different cases where poor paneling has made production assembly facilities difficult and the solutions that follow.


Paneling a design has several advantages and is sometimes necessary for automated assembly. You may need to connect multiple copies of a small board to create a large panel to meet the minimum size requirements of the equipment or to make it easier to handle. However, the required production cycle is also reduced, which significantly reduces assembly time.

What is the electronic assembly tooling margin?

For automated assembly, PCB panels require a tooling margin. It acts as a rail to move on the conveyor from machine to machine. Without these rails, it is difficult to control board alignment and keep it in place. Margins also provide both sides access to all components of an individual board during assembly.


In addition to the size and shape of the individual boards, other factors such as component layout, panel strength, depaneling procedures, and individual PCB functions must also be considered. For example, in the first case, the audio jack and the micro-USB connector did not allow for partial overlap, so they could not be assembled at the same time.

There are a few basics rules that will assist pabrikan perakitan elektronik china in pcb assembly. These are quite simple even a beginner can understand.

When designing a prototype circuit board, there are some general rules to follow to keep the entire PCB manufacturing process going smoothly. Here, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help beginners in PCB assembly.

Part placement in electronic assembly

Produsen perakitan elektronik cina provides three main types of prototype PCB assemblies: single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer. Each board type has different rules for each component, but in experience, it is generally better to place parts on top of the board. All components, including switch connectors, LEDs, mounting holes or heat sinks, must be placed in specific locations.

The goal is to minimize the length of traces between components so that the prototype printed circuit board is not shorted. It’s easier to place traces down the road just by placing the parts that connect next to each other.

The IC should only be placed in one position above or below the board or from left to right. Doing more than this can confuse the board circuit. Tracking lines must move between components, so leaving enough space between these components can save you a lot of time.

Place the ground and power traces

After soldering the parts, the next step is to place the power and ground traces. Power supply and ground wires are essential when working with ICs as they are connected to a common rail on each supply. This is a way to avoid daisy-chain power lines on a part-by-part basis.

Signal trace placement
Produsen perakitan elektronik cina goal here is to make signal tracking as short and direct as possible. Feed-through holes, called vias, can move signals from one layer to another, so take advantage of this. Also, traces carrying larger currents should be wider than other signal traces to prevent short circuits.