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As lead-free utilizing widely implemented, to meet the requirements of the electronics industry for the disabled lead. PCB surface treatment also requires lead-free utilizing chemical-heavy silver as a lead-free surface treatment. Such as immersion silver board. Its superior performance and reasonable cost are considered to be a gift from heaven gift. It is one of the most promising futures affordable replace HSAL and new technology of ENIG. But in actual production. Silver thick unavoidably has volatility, so that it has the potential to cause reliability problems of the panel.

Silver-impregnated – all plates provide RoHS compliant surface treatment. This coating provides a very flat surface and a very reliable solder joint.

The production process of immersion silver PCB board is to remove oil→wash with water→micro-erosion →wash with water →impregnation→Immersion Silver →oxidation → wash with water→ horizontal drying

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Why is PCB silver board oxidized?

There are many reasons for silver board oxidized oxidation, such as the storage environment. This is easy to be oxidized in high temperature, high humidity, or high pollution environment. It may also be caused by long storage time. It may also be caused by the lack of vacuum packaging, or the poor packaging, which leads to the oxidation of air after long contact.

Why do I have to wear sulfur-free gloves when touching silver plates?

In the process of inspection and handling, the silver plate must be separated from other objects with sulfur-free paper. The silver plate must be separated from the packaging bag with sulfur-free paper when the silver wire is discharged and the packaging must be completed within 8 hours.

It has a great affinity between silver and sulfur, silver when exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfur ions in the air is easy to generate an extremely difficult to dissolve silver halide (Ag2S) (the main component of silver halide is argentite), the chemical changes may occur in the case of very low, because silver sulfide is colored, so with the reaction intensified, silver sulfide increased thickening, o silver surface color and one by one step by white yellow grey or black.

The role of sulfur-free paper in making silver plate
Paper is without sulfur in circuit board PCB manufacturer do silver cheng dedicated pad of paper, avoid silver react with sulfur in the air.

Action is to avoid finished goods in the silver plating react with sulfur in the air, so that products become yellow, caused by the reaction between the bad so as soon as possible after the finished products should be used without sulfur paper products, and contact products should wear gloves without sulfur, and cannot contact plating surface.

Matters needing attention in the use of Immersion silver boards:

1. Silverplate cannot be baked.
2. SMT and reflow soldering shall be completed within 24H after opening the vacuum package.

Immersion Silver Board


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