Assemblaggio PCB automobilistico

Produttore di assemblaggi PCB per automobili - Servizio one-stop

La scheda di assemblaggio PCB automobilistico arresta automaticamente i segnali di ingresso di vari sensori secondo un programma predeterminato; e quindi invia segnali agli attuatori per controllare il funzionamento del veicolo.

Kingford ha una vasta esperienza nella produzione di PCBA ; e da tempo fornisce soluzioni di produzione one-stop per clienti di piccole e medie dimensioni.

At present, the application hotspot of the electronic information industry has expanded from the initial computer; and communication to the hardware products of the Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other fields; especially the rapid development of the Intelligent Network United Vehicle; It has brought new development to the sensor; MCU (micro-control unit); laser equipment; infrared equipment; radar equipment; GPS and other industries. Encounter.

Experts pointed out that with the increasing variety and quantity of sensors required for automotive electronics; manufacturers must constantly develop new; high precision; high reliability; low cost; and intelligent sensors; with the increasing proportion of automotive electronics in the whole vehicle, the application of MCU in the automotive field will exceed the number of household appliances and communication fields. The quantity has become the largest application area of MCU in the world.

With the need for vehicles to accurately perceive the surrounding state and form feedback to the environment, processing devices such as laser, infrared and radar are becoming more advanced. In addition, with the need for a large number of transmission and exchange in-vehicle networking, the application of data bus technology will become increasingly popular.

Kingford automotive pcb board

Kingford automotive PCB assembly advantage:

At present, driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G communication, and vehicle networking, the intelligent vehicle has become another outlet after electric vehicle. With regard to PCBA for automobiles, the purchase and production of PCB boards and components are also very strict. Kingford has very rich experience in PCBA for automobiles, such as Harley-Davidson, Denso, and other automobile factories are our customers.

Although the production of automotive PCBA circuit boards is mature, it still requires a high level of management, posing challenges to the reliability of component and PCB patch assembly. Kingford focuses on PCBA board quality manufacturing and becomes your preferred supplier. At the same time, we have extended our certification to the successful IATF 16949 automotive certification and has a great advantage in the manufacture of automotive electronic PCBA.

IATF 16949 describes the quality management system requirements for the design/development, production, installation, and service of automotive-related products. The standard requires that there must be a site, which is the production line where the value-added manufacturing process takes place. By manufacturing, all processes for the manufacture or assembly of the following items, including parts or materials, heat-treated parts, painted, electroplated, or other final processing services, as well as other customer-specified products.

In altre parole, IATF 16949: 2016 si applica all'organizzazione della produzione automobilistica, alla produzione automobilistica e alla produzione di parti di riparazione, in particolare alle case automobilistiche, alla produzione di materiali legati al settore automobilistico, alle parti di assemblaggio automobilistico o al trattamento termico, alla saldatura, all'organizzazione di placcatura, verniciatura o affini Servizi. IATF 16949: 2016 elenca le normative del sistema di qualità per la progettazione / sviluppo, produzione, installazione e assistenza di prodotti correlati al settore automobilistico.



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