Kingford aggiunge il sistema di rilevamento dei raggi X e la conoscenza relativa ai raggi X.

Postato il 26/12/2019

Congratulazioni! Al fine di offrire ai clienti una maggiore precisione e migliori servizi di ispezione,   Kingford PCB  aggiunge un sistema di ispezione X-Ray viewX1800.Sperando di creare prodotti di alta qualità per i nostri clienti e garantire che i clienti si sentano più a proprio agio e tranquilli!

Come funziona X - R ay ?

X-Ray is a high-performance detection device that uses a cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons to collide with a metal target. During the impact, the lost kinetic energy is released in the form of X-Ray due to sudden deceleration of electrons. For the position where the sample cannot be detected by the appearance, by using the change of the light intensity of the X-Ray after penetrating the different density substances, the contrast effect produced can form an image to display the internal structure of the object to be tested, and thus can be observing the problematic area inside the object to be tested while destroying the object to be tested.

X-Ray Application

Utilizzato per il rilevamento di difetti e crepe in materiali e parti metalliche, materiali e parti in plastica, componenti elettronici, componenti LED, ecc., Spostamento interno di BGA e circuiti stampati e identificazione di saldature vuote, saldatura virtuale, ecc. Difetti di saldatura BGA, sistemi microelettronici e componenti di tenuta, cavi, infissi e analisi interna di parti in plastica.

kignford PCBA

X-Ray S affrontare l'applicazione

  • Semiconduttore
  • Elettronica automobilistica
  • PCB / PCBA
  • Rilevamento BGA / QFN
  • Pressofusioni di alluminio
  • Parti in plastica stampate
  • Componenti elettrici e meccanici
  • Sementi di agricoltura biologica
  • Componente aeronautico
  • Ruota del pneumatico
  • Cablaggio / USB / spina

Perché SCIENSCOPE View X1800?

1. Immagine chiara e non distorta

Utilizzando il tubo a raggi X con spot micro-focus più avanzato e il rilevatore digitale a schermo piatto, l'ultima tecnologia di elaborazione delle immagini aggiornata.

2.CNC step function & automatic detection and determination program

Greatly improve the detection capacity and reduce the labor cost

3.Detection screen center hold function

During tilt detection, the object to be detected is always at the center of the screen, and the magnification is always the same.


X-Ray Advantage

X-RAY detection technology has brought new changes to SMT production testing methods. It can be said that it is the most demanding manufacturer who is eager to further improve the SMT production process level, improve production quality, and will find circuit assembly failures in time. Good choice. With the development trend of SMT workshops, other assembly fault detection methods are difficult due to their limitations. X-RAY automatic inspection equipment will become the new focus of SMT production equipment and play an increasingly important role in the field of SMT production, as shown below.

1.Coverage of process defects is as high as 97%. Inspectable defects include: solder joints, bridging, soldering, insufficient solder, pores, device missing, and so on. In particular, X-RAY can also be inspected for solder joint hidden devices such as BGA and CSP.

2.Higher test coverage. The X-RAY inspection equipment in SMT can be inspected where it is not visible to the naked eye and online tests. For example, if PCBA is judged to be faulty, it is suspected that the inner layer of the PCB is broken, and X-RAY can be checked quickly.

3.The preparation time for testing is greatly reduced.

4.Defects that cannot be reliably detected by other test methods, such as: virtual soldering, air holes, and poor molding, can be observed.

5.Inspection equipment X-RAY requires only one inspection of double and multi-layer boards (with layering function)

6.Provide relevant measurement information to evaluate the production process in SMT. Such as the thickness of the solder paste, the amount of solder under the solder joints, and so on.

7.The X-ray inspection perspective can clearly see the three-dimensional structure of the SoC processor and the surrounding circuit board, especially the peripheral perforations. Provide sufficient basis for whether the welding is ok or false welding.



X-ray three-dimensional perspective imaging technology brings new changes to the electronic manufacturing quality inspection method. It is the best choice for manufacturers who further improve the production process level, improve production quality, and discover electronic assembly failures in time as a breakthrough. With the development trend of electronic packaging devices, other assembly fault detection methods are difficult due to their limitations. X-Ray three-dimensional imaging inspection equipment will become the new focus of electronic packaging device production equipment and play an irreplaceable role in its production field. effect.