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La scheda LED PCB è la parte più importante dello schermo del display a LED. Se non è presente una scheda PCB, l'effetto di utilizzo dello schermo del display a LED sarà influenzato. La qualità della scheda PCB del display a LED. Determina anche l'effetto del display e la durata dello schermo del display a LED. Secondo questa caratteristica unica, di solito ci sono substrati in alluminio e pannelli in fibra di vetro utilizzati per realizzare le schede LED al giorno d'oggi.

The heat generated by the LED is conducted to the metal substrate through the insulating layer and then transmitted to the heat sink through the thermal interface material so that most of the heat generated by the LED is diffused into the surrounding air by convection. The printed circuit board is both the power supply carrier for the LED and the heat dissipation carrier for the LED, so the heat dissipation design of the heat sink and the printed circuit board is very important.

1500mm LED Doulbe Layer PCB2
1500mm LED Doulbe Layer PCB2

LED PCB advantage:

Since the aluminum substrate has a good heat dissipation function, the product quality is mainly considered to be the material type, hardness, surface and thickness of the aluminum material, and the high power LED board has a relatively large heat generation, so most aluminum substrates are used for the LED lighting fixture. However, most aluminum substrate insulation layers have little thermal conductivity or even thermal conductivity, so that heat cannot be conducted from the LEDs to the heat sink (metal substrate), and the entire heat dissipation channel cannot be unblocked.

In this way, the thermal accumulation of the LED will quickly lead to LED failure. The aluminum substrate with a high thermal conductivity insulating layer solves this problem well. This ensures the lowest operating temperature, the brightest brightness and the longest life of the LED. Therefore, choosing an aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity is critical for LEDs.

Il FR-4 glass fiber circuit board is used on the led display. The FR-4 glass fiber circuit board is a traditional electronic product circuit board. It has a wide range of applications due to its good insulation, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and multi-layer printing. FR-4 glass fiber circuit board is a relatively mature product. And many of the LED display screens are made of FR-4 glass fiber circuit board.



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