SMT DIPメーカーと組み立て–ワンストップサービス

キングフォードには現在3つのSMTDIPラインがあり、そのすべてがYAMAHAブランドを使用しています。 YSM20Rは新しく導入されたマシンです。 理論上の生産能力は96000CPHです。 また、高速ユニバーサル一体型ヘッドは、世界最速のユニバーサル配置機です。

このモデルは、140種類の素材、前後70ステーション、サポートベルトタイプ、ディスクタイプ、ロッドタイプのトレイを再生できます。 0201部品を取り付けることができ、取り付け精度は±0.025mmに達します。 さまざまなタイプの製品の高精度の配置要件を満たすことができます。

With reflow soldering in the ten-temperature zone, the solder paste and components are fully integrated. To reduce the occurrence of false soldering and soldering problems. 100% of all products that have been placed are tested by あおい to eliminate placement errors and placement defects.  Thereby to improve the yield rate and ensure product quality.

smt dip

Advantages of SMT Dip chip processing:

  • High assembly density, small size, and lightweight of electronic products.
  • High reliability and strong seismic resistance. The solder joint defect rate is low.
  • High-frequency characteristics are good. Reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • Easy to automate and increase productivity. Reduce costs by 30% to 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

Through Hole assembly:

Kingford currently uses a double-peak lead-free soldering machine. The principle of wave soldering is to achieve a one-time rapid soldering process by rolling the molten solder paste to form a peak. And soldering contact with the プリント基板 with the components inserted. Compared with manual welding, it has high efficiency and good welding effect and is suitable for mass production. The emergence of double peaks solves most of the problems such as poor tinning, improves the yield, reduces manual repair and ensures the quality of welding.

The principle is that the first peak acts by a rapid movement to wash the flux trapped in the plug’s foot, and the untinted part is lubricated. After the second peak, the irregular part of the tin is corrected again, and the tin is not applied. It is also supplemented to make it more rounded and the welding effect is better. At the same time, we are equipped with the later あおい inspection to better solve the welding defects such as misplaced parts, missing welding, bridging and not being welded, which improves the welding reliability.

Kingford SMT Line


Double-wave soldering Because SMD does not have a mounting jack like THD, the gas volatilized by the flux is nowhere to be emitted. In addition, SMD has a certain height and width and is high-density mounting, and the solder surface has tension.

Therefore, it is difficult for the solder to penetrate into every corner of the mounting component in time, so if a single wave soldering is used, a large amount of leakage welding and bridging will occur, and double wave soldering must be used to solve the above problem. Double wave soldering: There are two peaks before and after the tin furnace. The former one is narrower (the ratio of wave height to wave width is greater than 1).

The peak-end has 2-3 sweep b staggered small peaks, which are constantly flowing up and down in such a long position. Under the action of turbulent waves, the gas generated by the flux is removed, and the surface tension is also weakened, so that good welding is obtained. The latter peak is a wide-width wave in both directions, and the solder flow is flat and slow, which can remove excess solder and eliminate undesirable phenomena such as burrs and bridges.


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