PCB 샘플

PCB 샘플 제조업체 및 조립 – 원 스톱 서비스

PCB 샘플 – 인쇄 회로 기판 교정. 이것은 매우 중요한 전자 부품이며 전자 부품에 대한 PCB 지원은 전자 부품에 대한 전기 연결 제공 업체입니다. 전자 인쇄로 만들어지기 때문에 "인쇄"회로 기판이라고합니다.

PCB 샘플은 일괄 주문 전에 시험 생산을 의미하며 주요 프로젝트는 PE 엔지니어가 회로를 설계하고 모든 PCB 레이아웃을 완료하고 클라이언트는 공장에 주문하고 데모를 시도합니다. 디자이너가 모든 작업을 완료하기 전에 "샘플"을 호출하는 모든 데모를 확인하고 테스트합니다.

Moreover, this demo has no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). If customer final needs to do PCB assembly. KINGFORD advise your first demo is more than 10pcs because the quantity more then 10pcs we can do the assembly by Hi-speed Mounting Inspection. The final result is better than DIP.

PCB Sample

What information need before “Take PCB Sample”:

Firstly, materials: please explain what PCB panel materials you need? The common texture is FR4 . Its main materials are Epoxy resin stripped fiber cloth board.

Secondly, layer: How many layers you need?

Thirdly, the color of Solder Mask: the color base on client real requirement. It has green, blue, black, red and yellow, etc. The most common need is Green.

Fourthly, the color of Silk-Screen: The color of character and frame on PCB. The common style is white.

Fifthly, copper thickness: We usually scientific calculation copper thickness via PCB circuit current. The thicker the better, but more expensive, so that need to a reasonable balance.

Sixth, whether the through-hole covers solder resistance: Resistance welding is insulation over the hole. Otherwise, it is not insulation over the hole.

Seventh, surface coating: SMOBC & HAL and Gold Plating you can choose.

Lastly, quantity: how many pieces you want to try first order?


Firstly, Please care should be taken in the selection of proofing quantity to effectively control the cost.

Secondly, Special validation of device packaging to avoid failure of proofing due to packaging errors.

Thirdly, Conduct comprehensive electrical inspection to improve the electrical performance of the PCB board.

마지막으로 완전한 신호 레이아웃을 만들고 노이즈를 줄이고 PCB 안정성을 개선하십시오.


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