Papan Reka Bentuk PCB

Pengilang & Pemasangan Papan Reka Bentuk PCB - Perkhidmatan sehenti

Apabila anda mempunyai projek elektronik yang baik tetapi tidak tahu bagaimana memulakannya, KINGFORD dapat memberikan perkhidmatan yang baik apa sahaja yang anda mahukan. Seperti Papan Reka Bentuk PCB.

PCB adalah asas semua produk elektronik. Yang reka bentuk PCBadalah sangat penting dalam perkhidmatan kami. Pertama, izinkan saya berkongsi apa itu perkhidmatan Layout KINGFORD. Kedua, apa yang boleh kami lakukan untuk anda:

1. Buat lukisan kejuruteraan PCB baru

2. Membina skema dan fail PCB baru

3. Senarai BOM yang dibina

4. Reka bentuk gambarajah litar PCB

  • Reka bentuk dimensi dan format PCB
  • Letakkan komponen koresponden pada fail
  • Routine then it connects all the component
  • Adjust all the component and wiring when finish routing
  • Save the document and output file

5. Make a report, include schematic’s netlist

6. Import schematic’s netlist to the PCB document

7. Design PCB (include layout and Copper pour etc)

  • Planning PCB
  • Set up the parameter of PCB
  • Import schematic’s netlist and B.O.M
  • Component distribution
  • Auto-routing
  • Adjust manually
  • Save the document and output file

8. Double-check via DRC

9. Make a final report – pcb design board

  • Please do a layout and wiring base on a schematic.
  • Please check the original document before layout, it can save something that can reuse (such as DDR and master chip), then break up the rest of the file and delete unnecessary line and hole.
  • Set up all the component’s location. The Master chip system set on the basis of every receiver port, pay attention to the direction and position.
  • Arrange all the function module by a single from the schematic, don’t take it together, then, arrangement outside PCB.
  • You can fine adjustment all the function module during the complete arrangement, make it achieve a reasonable connection between modules, finally, PCB layout uniform, beautiful and reasonable.
  • Please kindly consider the power supply when layout, It is necessary to plan which power sources are divided by planes and which are to be routed. The relevant power sources should be put together as much as possible, and a clear current flow should be made.


When you are the wiring, the first time needs to finish some important, several signal lines, such as DDR, HDMI, Network Port, TUNER, Panel, CA, USB, Audio and Video and so on. you can fine-tune the layout then get traces are as smooth as possible.


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