China pengeluar pemasangan elektronik memberitahu sebab-sebab di sebalik kerosakan pemasangan elektronik

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Panduan pemula untuk mengelakkan kesilapan dalam pemasangan elektronik?

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Pengilang pemasangan elektronik cina  mempunyai peranan penting dalam industri elektronik sejagat. Ia semakin matang dan maju dari hari ke hari. Sama ada pemasangan pcb atau pemasangan elektronik, China telah menjadi pusat aktiviti elektronik.

Apakah pemasangan elektronik?

Electronic assembly technology refers to the technology of mounting semiconductors and electronic components on a substrate. It includes SMT technology and micro-assembly technology. Such as MCM and DCA. Electronic packaging engineering refers to the transformation of electronic and physical functions.

Possessed by semiconductors and electronic components into a form suitable for machines or systems. Moreover, electronic packaging engineering includes electronic assembly process and electronic assembly technology.

For integrated electronic assembly, the key is to:

  • improve processes to reduce defects
  • optimize process uptime, and
  • reduce overall costs.
In the field of electronic engineering, we often mention the three concepts of:
  1. electronic assembly process
  2. assembly technology and
  3. electronic packaging engineering.

These three concepts basically refer to the technology of converting electronic components into products. Because the scope of coverage is different. And there is a difference. Electronic assembly manufacturer china technology is used more frequently.

Overview of micro-assembly technology- electronic assembly manufacturer china


The basic concept of micro-assembly technology is to assemble various micro-components. It forms an electrical circuit on a high-density multi-layer interconnection substrate using micro soldering. And packaging processes to form a high density. And high Comprehensive high-tech of speed, high reliability, three-dimensional structure of miniature electrical products.

As a comprehensive high technology, micro-assembly technology involves many disciplines. Such as:

  • physics
  • chemistry
  • mechanics
  • optics, and materials
Among them, chip assembly devices have the advantages of:
  • mass production
  • good versatility
  • high working frequency
  • fast speed and so on.

At present, pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina widely use in large LCD displays and other products. Micro-assembly technology is the development and extension of the fourth-generation assembly technology SMT.

 It is the synthesis and development of:

  • multi-layer substrate technology
  • Multi-layer wiring interconnection technology
  • surface mounting technology, and
  • micro-component packaging technology.

Electronic assembly manufacturer china impact on technology


The development of micro-assembly technology will have a profound impact on the entire electrical industry. It solves the problem of further improving. The integration level from the single-chip large-scale integrated circuit to the ultra-large-scale stage. Solves the problem of signal transmission restrictions encountered by the assembly of discrete device printed boards.

It solves the problem of improving system reliability. Thus, making the system Componentization becomes reality.

In the current era of electronic information. Electronic products are gradually integrated into society. Whether in aviation, military or people’s daily lives, electronic products have a very important position. And people are paying more and more attention to their reliability.

In the assembly process of electronic products, the core position is the pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina.

China pengeluar pemasangan elektronik memberitahu sebab-sebab di sebalik kerosakan pemasangan elektronik

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It is found that the electrostatic damage is very harmful to the components. And it also causes defects in the assembly of electronic products. In addition, other factors of poor assembly in electronic products are due to the failure of some humidity-sensitive components during the soldering process. Moreover, it has a great impact on the long-term use of the device.


In the current era of continuous development of technology, the speed of integration during the assembly of electronic products is very fast.

  • Coupled with the production and use of large-scale integrated circuits
  • mengakibatkan pengurangan saiz peranti secara berterusan,
  • dan filem oksida di dalam cip juga telah berubah

Fenomena nipis sangat mempengaruhi keupayaan galas komponen. The pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina  produk termasuk:

  • perlakuan awal
  • pemasangan
  • Kimpalan
  • kemasan dan pembungkusan komponen.

Sepanjang keseluruhan proses, elektrik statik akan menyebabkan tahap bahaya yang berbeza terhadap pemasangan produk elektronik. Menjadikan pemasangan produk elektronik menjadi buruk. Sebilangan komponen kelembapan dalam sistem akan menghasilkan tekanan wap di persekitaran suhu tinggi.

Ia akan menyebabkan keretakan dan merebak di dalam komponen. Pada masa yang sama, apabila kelembapan memasuki komponen. Ia akan menyebabkan kakisan kimia di dalam komponen.

Therefore, static electricity and problems in the assembly and welding process have become an important factor in the poor assembly of electronic products. It is very important for pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina to discuss the protection of static electricity. And the handling measures in the assembly and welding process.

Analysis of bad reasons in electronic product assembly


The generation of static electricity is mainly generated in the following ways:

Static electricity is a type of electrical energy. It generally exists on the surface of an object. It means that the positive and negative charges lose their response balance in a local range. Generally speaking, static electricity is generated by the transfer of electrons and ions.

In the assembly of electronic products, the main source of static electricity is considered to be the human body. When people perform activities, the friction generated by shoes, clothes, etc. will form a charged body. Furthermore, static electricity can also be generated due to:

  • Temperature
  • high-speed movement
  • and fracture.

Static electricity also appears frequently in people’s lives. Generally speaking, it does not cause much harm. However, if integrated circuits and polymer materials are used frequently. Simultaneously, it will increase the harm of static electricity. Therefore, it is necessary for pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina to design a scheme to protect against static electricity when necessary.

 The harm of static electricity In the assembly process of electronic products

Most of the bad reasons are due to static electricity. It leads to poor quality of electronic products. Adding electronic products to the static control program will greatly improve the quality of the product. And increase its safety and reliability.

If a major electronic product accident occurs. The cause is mostly due to the degree of static control in the electronic product. In the manufacture of microelectronic components, there are relatively thin circuits. It increases the infection of electromagnetic waves after static electricity is generated.


According to pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina there are hazards everywhere in static electricity. But the most common are electrostatic discharge and electrostatic adsorption. For electronic applications, the electrostatic discharge effect can have a greater impact. Similarly, some sensor software conducts electricity in the assembly of electronic products.

It can cause great damage to the life of the software. Electrostatic adsorption is affected by the adsorption of small items Power impedance. And further affect the function and life span of electronic components.


Summary- electronic assembly manufacturer china

In summary, pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina describes many reasons for defects in electronic assembly. Such as:

  1. static electricity
  2. solder joints, etc.,

It will seriously affect the safety of electronic assembly during use and reduce its quality. In addition, in the assembly of electronic products, the comprehensive quality and basic ability of the staff are also very important. For example, let pengeluar pemasangan elektronik cina strictly implement anti-static measures during their work.

So that they are carried out in accordance with the standards of electrostatic protection. Only by accurately grasping all aspects can we accurately handle the bad problems in the assembly of electronic products.

Electronic products must fully consider the issue of static electricity protection during assembly design. For specific assembly personnel, they must have:

  • strong electrostatic protection knowledge
  • fully understand the purpose and
  • specific measures of electronic products in the electrostatic protection process
  • cultivate assembly personnel’s technical knowledge and
  • electrostatic protection awareness,
  • and prevent electronic products from poor assembly due to static electricity.