Separuh Lubang

Pengilang & Pemasangan Half Hole - Perkhidmatan sehenti

Lubang separuh logam (alur) ditakrifkan. Setelah lubang digerudi, lubang kedua digerudi dan proses pembentukan selesai. Akhirnya, lubang logam (alur) dipotong separuh. Ringkasnya, lubang logam dari pinggir plat dipotong separuh.

Proses separuh lubang:

Proses lubang separa logam di pinggir papan siap sudah menjadi proses matang dalam pemprosesan PCB, tetapi dalam proses bagaimana mengawal kualiti lubang separa logam di tepi papan: seperti dinding lubang tembaga tembaga, residu telah dalam proses pemesinan Masalah.

This type of board has a row of semi-metalized holes in the PCB, which is characterized by a relatively small individual, mostly used on the carrier board, as a daughter board of the motherboard, through the semi-metalized holes and the motherboard and components The feet are welded together.

Therefore, if there are copper thorns in these semi-metalized holes, the soldering of the plug-in manufacturers will result in inaccurate solder joints and weak soldering, which will cause a bridge short circuit between the two pins.

Half HoleCopper PCB

Metal half hole circuit board machining principle:

Whether it is drilling or milling, the SPINDLE (spindle) rotation direction is clockwise. When the tool is machined to point A, the metallization layer of the whole wall of point A is closely connected with the substrate layer to prevent metal. The extension of the layer during processing and the separation of the metalized layer from the pore walls will also ensure that the copper thorns are not lifted and left after processing;


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