Au Plating Board

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According to the surface treatment, There are following eight kinds of PCB boards: Hot Air Leveling, Gold finger Board, Cardon Oil Board, Au plating board, OSP board, Immersion Au board, Onderdompeling Tin Boarden Immersion Silver Board.

Now Pls let me introduce Au Plating Board for you:

1. Plating History

Electric gold plating technology was invented by Elkington’s in 1840, which pioneered gold plating technology. Gold plating technology not only effectively utilizes the characteristics of gold but also USES gold to the key parts needed. It is a new gold saving process, with high economic benefits and extensive practical value.

Electric plating was divided into thick gold plating, flash gold plating and gold plating color PCB board is selective partial gold-plated, generally USES the low cyanide acidic plating technology, using potassium aurous cyanide electroplating gold ions, a price because the price of gold excellent electroplating efficiency, low to contain a certain amount of free cyanide in cyanide gold plated venom in acid a in the price of gold plating, easy to form trivalent gold by anodic oxidation, so you need to add gentle reductant, reduce or even to hinder the third-order gold ions form the plating solution in plating solution can add sulfuric acid phosphate citric acid amino acid and amine, etc.

Au Plating Board

2. Compare with Immersion Au board, gold plating range is only a small part

The main characteristics of Au Plating Board are as follows:

  • De bevochtigbaarheid van de electro gold board is gelijk aan die van op. De bevochtigbaarheid van geanodiseerd karton en met tin geïmpregneerd karton is het hoogst van alle PCB's.
  • De dikte van electro-goud is veel groter dan die van goud, maar de vlakheid is niet zo goed als die van goud.
  • Electrogold wordt voornamelijk gebruikt voor gouden vinger (slijtvastheid), en er worden veel laskussens gemaakt.

3. Au Plating Board's kenmerken:

  • Hoge elektrische geleidbaarheid.
  • Goede lasprestaties.
  • Goede ductiliteit.
  • Corrosieweerstand.
  • Slijtvastheid.
  • Kleurvastheid.
  • Goede reflectieprestaties infrarood.
  • Legering slijtvastheid.
  • Rating dikte 1 mm, de dunste 1 micro inch.
  • Double Layer Aluminum LED PCB2

Wat voor soort printplaat heeft goud nodig?

PCB Boards with gold finger have to be finished with gold plating., but the other area of the board outside the gold finger, we can choose other finishing treatment according to the situation of spray tin or process, such as heavy gold, and that is usually heavy gold + plating process and spray tin + gold plated fingers finger, occasionally a few designers in order to save cost or time choose whole zedoary way to achieve a goal, but heavy gold short of plating thickness, if the gold finger often strip connection bad would happen gold-plated because welding plate surface with a layer of gold, so good weldability, the board has stable performance.Because the surface of the pad has a layer of gold, so the welding is good, the performance of the plate is stable.


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