How to Build Board Assembly Like a Pro PCB board Manufacturer in 2020?

Posted on 2020-01-28

12 Helpful Board Assembly Tips From Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers Experts

Board Assembly

1-7 simple PCB design steps
2-How to create artwork for PCB board assembly?
3-What are the safety rules for the PCB box assembly?
4-What are PCB board assembly symbol properties?
5-What are the important steps involved in the main layout of the printed circuit board?
6-What is PCB box assembly solder masking?
7-Pcb board assembly routing and placement guidelines
8-Different types of PCB board assembly designs
9-Top 3 tools to create artwork for PCB box assembly
10-Which factors affect the performance of a board assembly?
11-The process of PCB board assembly tin plating
12-How to setup data monitors in PCB board assembly?


Is printed circuit board assembly complicated?

A board assembly has unique patterns. At first sight, it seems quite complicated. Because there are many PCB design steps involved in making a fully working printed circuit board. You may find various holes, lines, and textures. Although the PCB box assembly involves numerous steps, it can be made easy. Printed circuit board manufacturers also make board assembly in different steps. Simultaneously for an individual board assembly maker, the PCB design steps are quite easy. You do not need to spend endless hours getting experience. Consequently, the important is to follow the printed circuit board assembly companies guidelines.

7 simple PCB design steps

pcb design steps

  1. Schematic representation
  2. Designing PCB board
  3. Application of creative work
  4. Etching PCB
  5. The development of a printed circuit board
  6. Shaping and drilling PCB
  7. Tin plating


All these points are not necessary for the PCB board assembly. It depends on the condition and tools you have. Above all, in this article, you will learn the following techniques:

  • Board assembly
  • Box assembly
  • Pcb design
  • Types of PCB

The good thing about the PCB box assembly guide is that it is prepared after years of research and experiments. The writer has gone through a number of successful and fails PCB tests. Similarly, what was the reason which made a failure printed circuit board? Simultaneously, all guidelines and steps are simple. Even a beginner can understand the language of the box assembly. In the future, he will be able to work with printed circuit board manufacturers or even demonstrate unique board assembly to printed circuit board assembly companies.

There is no need to use a dangerous chemical or any equipment that can harm you. Previously, fabrication was the major problem in board assembly. Later, when new PCB components and tools came into the market, this problem also vanished.

How to create artwork for PCB board assembly?

In the past, imitating artwork was difficult for a box assembly. Now, since new printing equipment is in the market, anyone can easily copy the PCB design artwork from any source. For this purpose, the scanner is the best option. Moreover, you can use a photocopier too. It will generate clean and clear copies.

What are the safety rules for the PCB box assembly?

Although these safety rules do not comply will 100% safety, it will reduce maximum risk chances:

Printed circuit board Safety

  1. You are working in a clean area
  2. You have a decent light system and backup
  3. During a printed circuit board assembly make it sure that you are not using expired chemicals
  4. Container labeling is very important. All leading printed circuit board manufacturers label equipment container
  5. Do not forget to check with the local zonal and electronic component manufacturing laws

The making of a printed circuit board assembly also requires electrical work. For this assignment, you should be skillful in electrical works. If you don’t have any experience, I would suggest hiring the services of a professional electrician. Above all do not practice any work on a guess.

What is the PCB Schematic symbol?

A Schematic symbol is a collection of different electrical signals. These signals are routed via various virtual wires. If you have a complex PCB board assembly to develop, you will need this step. But, if you are planning to develop a simple board assembly, it is not important.

What are PCB board assembly symbol properties?

pcb components

Pcb symbol board assembly includes:

  • Component name
  • Part number
  • Description
  • Fabrikant
  • Value
  • Package name
  • Reference
  • The part number is the actual name you want to give to that specific part
  • The component name shows the schematic symbol

Once you have gone through the Schematic symbol processing, the next step is to understand the basics of the printed circuit board assembly.

What are the important steps involved in the main layout of the printed circuit board?

  • Making footprints
  • Installing the symbols
  • Placement of symbol

A single PCB board assembly requires one layer of copper. You can also make a multilayer PCB board. The layout tool can handle up to 16 layers. So it is on you what kind of PCB board assembly you want to build. Pcb board manufacturers use glue to stick all PCB boards together. Furthermore, there is another option of drilling the solders. Finally, It will make a hole execute electrical signals. In multilayer box assembly, you may face some problems with sending electrical signals properly.

What is the role of pad stack in making PCB box assembly?

Pad stacks are PCB components. For this purpose, these are used to align layers while drilling and soldering. There are 15 pad stacks on a printed circuit board. Similarly, the shape and size of each pad are also different.

What is PCB box assembly solder masking?

printed circuit board manufacturers

In commercial and domestic PCB boards, printed circuit board assembly companies use the tin layer on the surface. It reduces the chances of oxidation. Tin layer comes with two disadvantages:

  • It is expensive
  • Chances of short circuit

For an improved solder masking, we should not cover the whole surface with the tin layer. We need to place this in certain areas. If you are not sure about this, you should contact with any good PCB board assembly company. It will demonstrate the process of printed circuit board fabrication. The main function of solder masking is to protect the tin layer from oxidation and other electrical faults. It comes in two colors: green and blue. If you want to avoid certain parts from soldering you can put obstacles.

In PCB design steps, it is vital to understand the installation procedure of solder masking. However, before drilling and soldering the layer, you should cover the surface with a solder mask.

Pcb board assembly routing and placement guidelines

If you have understood the PCB board design steps and box assembly solder masking, next is to grasp basic points about Pcb board assembly routing and placement.

  • A better PCB board assembly can perform faster if you practice all necessary steps
  • Routing and PCB board assembly is not only scientific skills. It is a kind of creative art. It shows how good you are in placing PCB board components.
  • In the first attempt at developing a PCB box assembly try to avoid automatic placement. The automatic placement of a printed circuit board will increase the chances of failure. I would suggest making some PCBs with manual installation. Poorly installed layers will affect the performance. Especially, in multitasking and high-end programming, Pcb board will suffer. It will not deliver according to its potential.
  • If you are lack in modern tools and equipment, automatic placement will also invite many vias. Printed circuit board assembly companies have modern tools and techniques. Furthermore, PCB board manufacturers can easily move this process. But for a beginner, it is not a good option to carry.
  • Avoid using automatic PCB box assembly installation software. This software has pre-equipped coding. They work on particular patterns. While you have crafter PCB board individually. Mostly, these codings do not fit on printed circuit boards. If you spend some time on manual installation, it will bring the best results and quality processing.

Different types of PCB board assembly designs

  1. Radiofrequency
  2. High-speed digital
  3. Extreme performance analog
  4. General analog
  5. General digital

The foremost step is to generate a printed circuit board assembly is to work on artwork. There is a software to create artwork for box assembly, but AutoCAD is good for it. Similarly, you will preplan the type of printed circuit board. If it is a single layer, you will make one artwork. Furthermore, if the PCB board layers are more than one, separate artwork will be required.

Top 3 tools to create artwork for PCB box assembly

  1. Pcb artist
  2. Ultiboard
  3. Altium designer

If you do not want to create your own artwork, you can copy it from any book or PCB magazine manual. For this purpose, a photocopier or scanner can be used.

Which factors affect the performance of a board assembly?

PCB supplier in China

  • Low-quality components
  • Poor techniques
  • Improper solder masking
  • Poor alignment and placement of layers
  • Particles on the box PCB layer surface
  • Low quality resists layer installation. A resist layer keeps the copper on the board and resists against any irregular detachment.

How to develop a PCB board assembly resist layer?

It is mandatory to keep the PCB board away from the light. Subsequently, there should be no direct light on the board while making the PCB board assembly resist layer. According to the printed circuit Box assembly manufacturers PCB design guidelines, ad it with warm water until it mixes up. This process will remove the artwork slowly by producing blue color smoke.

You will repeat this process until it displays both sides clearly. The pcb box assembly resists layer development time should not be more than 3 minutes. If you are using paper, this process may take three minutes. But using film will reduce more time.

How to etch PCB board assembly?

The etching is the method to remove copper from the printed circuit board. It doesn’t mean to remove the whole surface. You can remove the selective part. Since the etching process is simple and has not changed, you can easily apply it. Yes, the selection of chemicals for etching remover depends on printed circuit Box assembly manufacturers. Many printed circuit box assembly companies use Ferric chloride chemicals. Conversely, it is very good for surface cleaning and its impact is good too.

These two techniques can speed up the etching PCB process:

  • Keep the heated solution moving
  • The solution should be heated up to a hundred Fahrenheit
  • Avoid using a metal tank. The best option is to look for etchant tank

The process of PCB board assembly tin plating

pcb components

Professionally printed circuit board assemblies use tin plating to protect the copper surface. It provides better reliability and secures it from oxidation. In addition, electroplating is a widely used technique for tin plating. This technique is also widely used by many PCB box assembly manufacturers. Similarly, in the past, many companies have been using gold plating. Gold plating is the best method for plating the PCB surface. In the current era, gold plating has become very rare. Because it is very expensive.

Before starting printed circuit board tin plating, make sure it is clean. If you do not clean it its performance will be poor. Moreover, it can create signal issues in the future. There are also further recommendations for cleaning such as what kind of material should be used for PCB layer cleaning.

What skills are needed to build a data monitor?

To set up a data monitor in printed circuit board assembly, you need to be able to grasp over these skills:

  • Programming skills
  • The knowledge of electronics
  • Mechanical expertise
  • Soldering skill

Above all to control the data, you need to use c++ language. Microsoft has released this language. There are many versions of this language. You can download the latest version according to your operating system. In some systems, the older version of this language may not work. That is why it is recommended to check the system requirement. Similarly, you need to install DirectX in some cases if the system is showing any registry error.

How to setup data monitors in PCB board assembly?

There are a number of PCB box assembly techniques for data monitoring. It includes both new and old. But the latest method is using via cloud computing. In the past, individual computers were used. Similarly, they have old operating systems. Later, we had advance pcs, but installation was slow. It was due to the number of PCB boards. Nowadays, cloud computing is best for data monitoring and installation. Simultaneously, you can configure the data by clicking the monitoring tab.