PCB-assemblage China: aanbevelingen van de fabrikant voor hoogwaardige PCB's

Geplaatst op 18-06-2020

PCB-assemblage China: toptips voor het maken van hoogwaardige PCB's

Het maken van printplaten is niet langer een keuze, het is nu een noodzaak geworden voor alle soorten elektronische apparaten. De toename van de vraag naar PCB's heeft geresulteerd in tal van opkomende fabrikanten van PCB-assemblage in China.

However, not only of these manufacturers have the capability to produce high quality Printed Circuit Boards. There are certain protocols, rules, and guidelines that a manufacturer needs to follow to create a superior quality Printed Circuit Boards.

Every developmental phase of a PCB has its own rules and regulations. For instance, for effective design, you need to follow the Design Guide of a Printed Circuit Board. So, to design a high-quality Printed Circuit Board, you would have to focus on all these aspects.

In this article, we are not going to talk about design guidelines specific to a certain aspect of Printed Circuit Board manufacturing. On the contrary, we are going to talk about some generic, yet vital rules for PCB assembly manufacturing.

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Get Your Goal Straight

Since Printed Circuit Boards are an important part of all modern electronics, therefore, they can be numerous motives for creating one. Regardless of your reason for a Printplaat, you need to have a clear goal in mind.

As a novice designer, you might not want to dig deeper into actually what is that you want. You might believe that knowing the basics of what you plan to create can help you create the best of it. But, stop right here.

To ensure that you end up with something that offers efficiency, robustness, and enhances your product capability, you have to clear the goal of the entire board and product.

You need to know what functionalities are expected, how you plan to enhance them, and what limitations does your device has.

When you have clear about your objective, the reason for creating the board, and how you expect it to perform, you need to move to the next step.

But, before that, we strongly recommend that you spend time searching and thinking to make a strong base for your future Printed Circuit Boards.

Quality Software

Thanks to modern technology, you really no longer have to manually create everything. Instead of using Pen and paper to design a Printed Circuit Board, we recommend using sophisticated, advanced, and high-quality software.

Incorporating these software into your PCB assembly China development process would increase your chances of success. After all, developers around the globe spend limitless hours, money, and sources to make your life easy.

So, why not avail the opportunity that would increase accuracy while cutting down the time required for designing the Printed Circuit Boards. Do remember, that you need to use the correct software. Like numerous PCB manufacturers, not only PCB designing software is worth your money and time.

What more is that some PCB-fabrikanten would even offer then own personalized PCB designing software free of cost. You can use that software to enjoy a range of benefits. Such as the help files, integrated schematics, Gerber format Files, design rule book, and much more.

These software will assist you in every possible way to create your design efficiently. Remember, the software can only you come up with a fully optimized design, it is upon you to ensure it’s operational. So, make sure that your Printed Circuit Board is both optimized and operational.

Design Optimization 

The key to a robust, effective, and efficient Printed Circuit Board is optimization at every level. Every development phase of a PCB needs to be optimized again and again to ensure the best results. Starting from the goal understanding till the final manufacturing process.

Dig deeper, and work on optimization of layer number, via selection, and all other components. Ideally, you would want to create the smallest Printed Circuit Board, but that might not be always possible. After all, you need to incorporate the required functionalities.

For effective results, try to stick with simple designs. especially when you are an upcoming PCB designer. After all, the complex it gets, the higher the risk of you making a mistake. An error in the design of a PCB can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

So, instead of spending a massive amount and a lot of time on correcting the mistake. Why not spend extra time on design optimization and reduce the risk of error.

Prototyping Services by PCB Assembly China

Gone are the days, when you actually had to wait for the final product to see if your designed Printed Circuit Board works correctly. The modern and efficient technology now offers the facility of Prototyping.

With modern prototyping, you are able to test the validity of your idea before spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on manufacturing. With prototyping, you would know how the PCB would turn out to be. It will also help you find its errors and flaws.

Thus, helping you optimizing it well before you start with the production phase. Initially, you have to reach out to a different company for prototyping and different for manufacturing. This sometimes led to miscommunication and error in the Printed Circuit Boards.

However, the trends are changing now. PCBA Assembly China manufacturers are aiming to offer all your PCB solution under one roof. Most manufacturers provide prototyping services in addition to mass production services.


For a high-quality Printed Circuit Board, you need to have the high-quality raw material. Using low-quality raw material would never help you attain superior quality products. So, pay close heed to all the materials that manufacturers are currently using for Printed Circuit Boards.

Broaden your horizon! Instead of playing safe, something you might have to take up a challenge to fulfill your product needs. So, in place of the traditional FR4, we recommend you use aluminum or any other material.

For better suggestions ask the PCB assembly China manufacturer that you are working with. They would be able to provide you detailed information, thus making it easier for you to take the decision.

Design Testing Within a Software

Testing your design within a software would help you know whether your design can be operational or not. This step comes before start with prototyping manufacturing. For this part of the testing, you would have to use the Gerber files.

View these files with a viewer, to see how the PCBs has turned out to be. Modern software even offers virtual testing. It means you can virtually see whether you design provides the desired result or not. After you are satisfied with the virtual testing of your Printed Circuit Board, you can jump to the prototyping phase.

Search for Reliable Partners

Despite having a visionary idea, you need to have the right partners to execute it. We are listing this tip at the bottom, but we cannot emphasize how important this it. So, before you finalize a PCB Assembly China manufacturer, we recommend you do thorough research.

You would be working with the manufacturer a long time, therefore, having a comfortable relationship is a must. Also, they should be offering quality production, on-time and within budget delivers among others.

To find all this you would need to use multiple resources. For example, ask for references and reach out to their old clients. These clients will be able to provide you with accurate information regarding the dealings of the manufacturer.

In addition, check out their testimonials, social media, and business journals. Focus on how they deal with their customers. A company would always deliver if they believe that customers to be their top priority.

Consider all these aspects before you make your final decision.

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