7 Best flexible pcb manufacturers Strategies you Should Try in 2020?

Posted on 2020-08-06

An introduction to Flexible pcb manufacturing process

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Flexible pcb manufacturers know the importance of flexible pcbs in latest technology.                                                                                          Nowadays we can see that there is great use of flexible printed circuits in almost every field of technology. And here are some of its common uses.

These are:

  • camcorders
  • VCR’s
  • automobiles
  • portable phones
  • SLR cameras for avionics and military systems, etc.

All of these were its low-profile applications. Furthermore, uses of flexible pcb boards in high-profile applications also has become part and parcel. One of its grand examples is here.

Scientists had made use of flexible circuit technology in a Sojourner robot. This robot had collected data from the surface of Mars in summer 1997.

By seeing the needs and uses of flexible pcb, Flexible pcb manufacturers have come to final conclusion. And this conclusion is that, it has become essential for every field of life. From notebook computer to flip-lid mobile phone, all is not possible without flexible technology.

This technology allows all the components to connect electronically in following two ways, like:

  1. Three-dimensional way
  2. dynamic way.

Manufacturers explain that the history of flexible pcb technology has started from hundred years ago. But it has arrived in the field of commercially during the last some decades.

Furthermore, here are the names of famous scientists who figure out this technology during the early 20th century. Although there are many names but some popular names are:

  • Frank Sprague
  • Thomas Edison.

What is flexible circuit board?

Flexible pcb manufacturers states that flexible pcbs have the following qualities, such as:

  • light weight
  • thin electrical circuits.

Moreover, these light weight circuits have ability to fit in small areas or gaps. And can be mold according to shapes. Basically, they have best conductive strips. Manufacturers generally create these strips with metal, such as copper.

Similarly, these strips have encased with an insulating dielectric material. This dielectric material has made of solder mask or polyimide. Polyimide is basically an outstanding insulator. And this insulator allows the circuit to do the following:

  • bend
  • pollution resist
  • bear and resist high temperatures.

For Flexible pcb manufacturers flexible pcbs are not much different from rigid board.

So, it is really essential to produce a mechanical model of the flexible PCB. Moreover, manufacturers know that, it is also very important to test it for a perfect fit before finalizing the electrical design.

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Hence, by adopting this process manufacturers can easily check and test its following issues, such as:

  • servicing
  • ergonomics of the installation
  • any misunderstanding about functionality.

So, in this way Flexible pcb manufacturers can simply consider the various kinds of flexible pcbs. But they can also understand their working conditions.

What are the prime functions of flexible pcb manufacturers?

Here are some main and prime functions of flexible pcbs.

These are:

  • matches to contoured shapes and small spaces
  • same to the printed circuit board, moreover flexible
  • Electronic interconnection appliance that holds and bears power and electronic signals
  • offers mechanical flexing
  • makes able or eliminates the use of less expensive, smaller connectors

What are the types of flexible pcbs?

Flexible pcb manufacturers actually know how and where flexible pcbs use for different purposes. It totally depends on the needs and requirements of applications. However, there are numerous kinds of flexible pcbs.

These types are:

  • flex pcbs
  • rigid-flex
  • high-density
  • high-density-interconnect (HDI) flex.

Flexible pcb manufacturers divide flex pcb in following categories

Flexible PCBs

These pcbs are basically flexible editions of the rigid PCBs that are available most generally.

These pcbs have unique abilities, like:

  • vibration resistance

They also have some extra characteristics, such as:

  • repeatability
  • usual reliability
  • high density.

It also has a main advantage in comparison to rigid pcb. And that is, flexible pcb also has capabilty to suppose three-dimensional formations.

Most familiar application of flexible PCBs is, flexible pcb manufacturers use it as a replacement for wire harnesses.

What is rigid-flex pcb?

This type of pcbs are actually a blend of flex and rigid pcbs. They provide the best qualities of both constructions.

In addition, they also have some extra and unique abilities. For example, a usual rigid-flex arrangement would be a complete series of rigid PCBs. But manufacturers associate them by integrated flex circuits.

How do flexible pcb manufacturers increase rigid flex pcb performance?

Manufacturers can highly increase the ability of design of their circuits. But with the help of integration the rigid areas can add to the flexible parts. On the other hand, the rigid areas are outstanding. because the flex areas provide the following qualities:

  • vibration-resistance zones
  • dynamic flexing
  • flex to fit.

Hence, such blending offers have capability to provide creative solutions to flexible pcb manufacturers for extra challenging applications.

high-density-interconnect (HDI) flex:

HDI pcbs are very helpful. These HDI flexible pcbs provide following qualities:

  1. better layout
  2. best design
  • fine options for construction.

HDI pcbs also have extra features like:

  • smaller form factor
  • great dense flex circuitry
  • increased functionality.

However, it makes use of thinner materials. But HDI pcbs offers following features, like:

  • improved electrical performance
  • better trustworthiness
  • accessible to latest and advanced IC package use.

What are the uses of flexible pcbs?

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Flexible pcb manufacturers use flexible pcbs in order to fit where any other pcb cannot use. With the help of flexible pcb, manufacturers can gain the following benefits:

  • density
  • precision
  • repeatability of ordinary pcbs

In addition, it can still gain limitless freedom for the purpose of packaging geometry.

Manufacturers generally use flexible pcbs in order to replace the harness of wiring. It permits a single flex circuit to replace various,

  • cables
  • connectors
  • hardboards

in just one operation.

With the help of these pcbs assembly proceeds significantly fast. Because it removes the demand to color-code wires and have ability to wrap them in bundles.

There are small chances of rejecting throughout assembly and in-service failing. Flexible pcb manufacturers observe that levels of production volume increase.

Moreover, it removes errors during the process of wire routing.

Hence, it reduces

  1. rework
  2. rejections
  • test times.

In addition, making use of flexible pcb can decrease weight and space of traditional wiring up to 75%.

Hence, flexible pcbs are extra resistant to the following:

  • shock

What are the Benefits of flexible pcb manufacturers?

Although there are several benefits of flexible pcbs, but some of them are:

  1. Repeatable installation
  2. High reliability
  3. High vibration
  4. Long duty cycles
  5. Harsh environments

Repeatable installation

Inside your assembly, flexible pcbs provides personalized ability to repeating the routing path as compared to,

  • discrete ribbon
  • wiring

Hence, it also provides flexible pcb manufacturers dependability on the way where they need it. Yet, durability of flexible pcbs can have the ability to reduce service calls.

Harsh environment

Normal process for flexible pcbs is to coat or cover all the conductors with the help of polyimide. Basically, this dielectric layer, also have capability to protect your circuits. In addition, other cover and base materials are also avail for a wide range of environment circumstances.

Long duty cycles

when we talk about the design, manufacturers can make a flexible pcb very thin. However, these pcbs have quality of carrying power and signal without any break.

High vibration

Through vibration or/and high acceleration, low mass and ductility of flex circuit will reduce impact over itself.  Furthermore, while comparing higher vibrational mass of a flexible pcb have ability to increase emphasizes upon,

  • itself
  • solder joints


Flexible pcb manufacturers are playing a pivotal role in contemporary pcb technologies. It will help manufacturers to design and develop advanced applications and new materials with flexible pcbs. It will bring revolution in many electronic circuit designs.

Subsequently, the needs and demands of latest electronic systems also call for the following:

  • greater circuit density
  • increasing functionality
  • higher connectivity
  • great environmental performance.

And all the above features at lower cost.