2021 Best Circuit Board Assembly Practices: Multi Stage Quality Control process

Posted on 2021-08-01

Manufacturing and supply of printed Circuit Board Assembly

We place orders for the production of printed Circuit Board Assembly at factories in China, which operate using modern world technologies. Moreover, the world’s leading electronics manufacturers use their services. Partnership relations developed over the years allow us to guarantee the fulfillment of each order on time and with the required level of quality.

Circuit Board Assembly
Unfortunately, at the present time we do not use printed circuit boards produced in the territory of the Russian Federation due to the suboptimal price / quality ratio.

TNT installation

Manual installation carries out by qualified personnel in a specially equipped area. Moreover, we use only modern equipment and soldering materials.  In addition, on the site, output components, harnesses, dimensional elements install that are difficult to install using an automatic installer. Similarly,  we pay great attention to personnel training for Circuit Board Assembly.

Our training system guarantees the availability of the required skills and knowledge to complete each step of the production process. Highly qualified personnel, modern soldering equipment and materials make it possible to obtain high-quality manual assembly of lead-out components.

Completion of production programs

In its activities, our uses an extensive range of radio electronic components. Furthermore, this comes from authorized distributors or directly from the world’s leading manufacturers.
We work only with suppliers who provide quality assurance and adhere to the terms and predictability of deliveries.


For many positions of radio-electronic components and Circuit Board Assembly, we have registered production programs with the manufacturer, or long-term supply contracts. The absence of intermediaries in the procurement chain allows us to offer you, our customers, the lowest prices for components and materials.

Moisture protection of Circuit Board Assembly varnishing of modules

As a means of protecting electronic components from corrosive and aggressive chemical environments, we offer a service of applying a moisture-proof coating, which eliminates the need for additional protection methods.  Moreover, if necessary, the coating operation is included in the manufacturing or assembly process of the product.

Multi-stage quality control

Stages of control during production:

  • Control of the first sample
  • Moreover, Operational control
  • Optical inspection
  • Similarly, Output control


To confirm the performance of the manufactured Circuit Board Assembly, it is possible to carry out testing and tests. Here, we carry them in accordance with TU or methods agreed with the customer.

Types of tests

  • Functional testing
    Functional testing of products (if the customer has a test methodology and test stands).
    In the absence of a methodology and stands, it is possible to design and manufacture them.
  • Electromechanical tests
    checking the performance of the product in regulated modes and conditions.

Body assembly

Our company provides services for body assembly of products:

  • Manufacturing, Circuit Board Assemblyand refinement of cases according to customer requirements
  • Installation of boards, power supplies and other components into ready-made cases with subsequent marking, testing, packaging
  • Assembly of various blocks, control and switching boards.

Circuit boards: carriers for your electronic components

If you are looking for professional carriers for your electronic components, the printed circuit boards are perfect for your individual use.

Moreover, the plates are common for professional mechanical fastening and electrical connection. Almost every one of their electronic devices contains multiple circuit boards made of an electrically insulated material. They also contain adhesive and conductive compounds to it.

High-tech printed circuit boards and Circuit Board Assembly

Whether high-tech circuit board or multilayer circuit board (up to 48 layers), the Circuit Board Assembly series are decisive for business customers or private customers. So-called “rigid-flex printed circuit boards” are suitable, for example, for very tight spaces or for several bending cycles.

The product range also includes laser-cut “SMD stencils2”, which are suitable for the assembly of “SMD components” and for toroidal core transformations that have variable voltages and powers. Furthermore, you can buy circuit boards with 1 to 48 layers and choose from the high-tech options. The “Flex PCB” plates have up to ten layers while the “Rigid-Flex PCB” plates have up to 14 layers.
Circuit Board Assembly 2021

Which are the best practices in Circuit Board Assembly?

The surface: The determination of the normal routing surface requires the use of a ratio with respect to the footprint and the routable surface as well as the connectors.

The autorouter or automatic routing: This is important in the world of electrical CAD . All software in CAD mode must be equipped with an automatic router even if its performance is less efficient.

File format: No general rule for this parameter. But the most common format remains the “GERBER  ”.

The multi-card structure: You can see the connection of several cards in the same circuit by inter-card connectors. In this case, structure the complete circuit to see where you can cut between the cards.

PCB routing is also the width of the tracks, reflow constraints to name a few.

Which type of material is common in this type of Circuit Board Assembly?

The core is made of aluminum and is also through-contacted. The plates of Circuit Board Assembly contain an ultra-fine conductor and have a filmless laser direct exposure. Further technical data are half bores (metallized), thin laminates from 50 µm core, a customer-specific layer structure and so-called “sandwich structures” for the panels.

More product details of the panels

You can also find plated-through slots in the plates, the material is thick copper, the thickness of the printed circuit board you choose individually. Metal core panels usually have an aluminum core of around 1.5 millimeters. Also, flexible printed circuit boards (surface, for example of chemical gold) or precession SMT stencils are lasered available.

With the multilayer boards you can order up to 48 layers and these are important for the integration of the modern HDI layouts. Such multilayer boards are perfect for all designs with a high packing density. The Circuit Board Assembly manufacturer will advise you whether you need multi-layer boards with eight, twelve, and four or even up to 48 layers.

The printed circuit board design help

If you buy the circuit boards online, you can use the circuit board design aid to select your correct board, for example when it comes to the current carrying capacity or the conductor tracks. You can use it to configure the SMD stencils online yourself. If you want the highest degree of accuracy, the laser-cut SMD stencils are the best solution.

Summary Circuit Board Assembly

Our professional service providers are equipped with fully automated assembly lines and state-of-the-art manual workstations for Circuit Board Assembly in the prototype and series production area. Samples or small series are equipped on your desired date and with the same quality as in large-scale production. The typical lot sizes in the production area are between 1 and 100,000 pieces.