What are Top-Ranking China Electronic Manufacturers Supplier Fields?

Posted on 2020-03-23

An overview of China Electronic manufacturing Industry


China Electronic Manufacturers Supplier

The electronics industry includes electronics and electrical engineering. The china electronic manufacturers supplier is the second-largest industrial sector after employees and one of the largest export sectors in china after mechanical and plant engineering.

Electronics are understood to mean all processes in control, regulating and amplifier circuits as well as the processes in the components used for this. Today it covers countless areas, from semiconductor electronics or microelectronics to quantum electronics to nanoelectronics. Since the triumphal advance of computers, the constant development of information technology and increasing automation, the importance of electronics has grown steadily. Electronics is of great importance in our society today and is indispensable in many areas.

Important fields of china electronic manufacturers supplier

Important fields of application for china electronic manufacturers supplier are, for example, plant engineering, automation technology, batteries, consumer electronics, electrical energy technology, cables, high-current capacitors, transformers and medical technology.

Electronics enable innovative and efficient solutions for social needs and industrial user industries

  • Digitization of the economy
  • Production / Automation / Industry ( Industry 4.0 )
  • Networked mobility / automotive
  • Cybersecurity
  • Communication, systemic management, and decision making
  • Energy/climate and resource protection
  • Health / demographic change

To remain competitive, companies need to make targeted investments in research and development, advance key technologies and implement innovations quickly.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports Electronics projects in the fields of automotive, logistics, energy, mechanical engineering, and medicine.

The china electronic manufacturers supplier leadership position must be maintained with increasing competitive pressure and with rapid technological leaps. But how is the electronics market developing and where are the business areas of the future? What opportunities and challenges await manufacturers and suppliers? In part 2 of our electronics industry series, we take up the five most important trends.

Trend 1: Shorter innovation cycles in electronic manufacturing and supplying

Still state of the art today, tomorrow an old shoe: Whether industrial solutions or consumer electronics, technological change is also turning the wheel in the electronics industry ever faster. The industry already makes almost 40 percent of its sales with new products or ranges – and the trend is rising. To make matters worse, even highly innovative features are now being copied so quickly that they are not permanently suitable as a USP.

Trend 2: china electronic manufacturers supplier –automotive electronics 

China Electronic Manufacturers Suppliers

The electronics industry is playing an increasingly large part in the value chain of the china electronic manufacturers supplier automotive industry. Whether electric drive, autonomous driving or connectivity: technological progress in the automotive sector has long been dependent on the solutions of the electronics industry.

Trend 3: Energy transition

Smart grid, smart home, smart factory: the energy turnaround is one of the most important topics for the future of our economy – and the electronics industry provides the necessary technologies and components as a driver of innovation.

Trend 4: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is not a new topic for the electronics industry – on the contrary, the industry is seen as a pioneer of digitized production. But the change to a real “smart factory” is far from over: According to the current understanding, Industry 4.0 goes far beyond the automation of the individual manufacturing plant. In the future, the focus of china electronic manufacturers supplier will be on intelligent networking with suppliers, customers, and partners, and the use of innovative production methods will also become more important.

china electronic manufacturers supplier Opportunities & Risks
Electronics manufacturers not only have to implement Industry 4.0 themselves but also have to provide the necessary solutions for a successful digital transformation for other manufacturing industries – a mammoth project of crucial importance for the success of our economy.

Promising business areas are opening up to electronics providers, among others, in the trend topics of big data and cybersecurity, but also new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing or organic electronics. But the competitive pressure is growing, especially through highly innovative and risk-taking startups – only those china electronic manufacturers supplier who invest in research and development stay in the race.

Trend 5: Legal regulations for china electronic manufacturers supplier

REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ESD: Whether environmental protection, scarcity of resources or safety – in the manufacture of new products, more and more and more stringent requirements have to be met in the electronics industry. Substance bans, recycling regulations, regulations on energy consumption or protective measures at the workplace are just a few of them.

Opportunities & Risks
With globalization, the number of national and international laws and the associated time and cost expenditure increase – especially for small companies and SMEs a major challenge. If you want to avoid expensive violations, you need transparent supply chains and reliable batch tracking and serial number management.

china electronic manufacturers supplier- An emerging technology Giant

As china electronic manufacturers supplier industry climbs up the value ladder, manufacturing economies such as Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan will face challenges. Lower-income countries in Southeast and South Asia will find opportunities in the process.

Asia has the advantage of benefiting from a new wave of technology. For decades, Asia has been established as the world’s largest electronic manufacturers supplier industry, producing a wide range of electronic components/parts and finished products. In 2015, Asia’s ICT product exports accounted for 74% of the world’s total, which was higher than the 50% share in 2000. In other words, three-quarters of the world’s electronics are now produced in Asia.

 china electronic manufacturers supplier Market share

As china electronic manufacturers supplier climbs up the value ladder, it could hurt the market share of existing upstream producers in advanced Asian economies such as Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. But this is not to say that China is ready to absorb upstream production capacity.


The relatively strong innovation capabilities of these economies may help them maintain their upper-level competitiveness in high-value-added electronic product blocks. At the same time, given their current position in high value-added blocks, these three economies should take the lead in benefiting from the new wave of technology, which will stimulate demand for high-end electronic components. Concerns related to cybersecurity and intellectual property may also inhibit China’s ability to absorb the entire value chain.

Electronics industry value chain

As china electronic manufacturers supplier moves further up the electronics industry value chain, this will also create opportunities for low-income countries in Southeast Asia / South Asia. Given the rapid increase in salary pressure, Chinese electronics companies and foreign electronics companies based in China may consider moving low-end manufacturing and assembly plants to lower-cost Asian countries. The current technological changes will indeed increase the proportion of automated operations, reduce dependence on labor, and ultimately reduce the importance of labor-management costs in corporate investment decisions. But it will take a long time for the prices of Chinese robots and other intelligent machines to fall below the salary levels of low-income Asian countries.


Some Southeast Asian countries are moving forward in the electronics industry value chain, while others are still falling behind. Over the past 10 years, the share of high value-added products in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam in total ICT product exports has increased significantly.