Why Communicate PCB Assembly is Important To Telecom Industry?

Posted on 2020-06-17

Communicate PCB Assembly: Importance of PCB in the Telecom Industry

Like any other field, the communication industry has evolved over time. There was a time when the industry focused on acquiring princess phones and switchboard operators. But now it seems it has been ages. The modern telecommunication industry is way too advance. They now focus on the communicate PCB Assembly.

The contemporary telecom industry is way more than just telephones. It is now a web of networks. It lets you communicate in a number of ways across globes. Today, the telecommunication industry has centralized the entire world.

It is possible to reach anyone in the world, even if that person is located at the other end of the globe. The industry incorporates networks, devices, and security. For all these things, the PCB board comes into action.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about how Printed Circuit Boards have revolutionized the Telecommunication industry. What are its applications?

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Communicate PCB Assembly

 Communicate PCB Assembly – Modern Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry today incorporates all forms of communication, security being at its best. You can now enjoy biometric technology, retinal scan system, and facial recognition. To ensure the success of these innovative platforms, the technology requires some advanced circuity.

This advance circuity comes in the face of Printed Circuit Boards.  Although, Printed Boards have made it possible for the industry to reach this level, but it the same time, the design of PCB requires great care.  You cannot deny the importance of a Printed Circuit Boards, therefore, we emphasize on the correct design.

Before we dig a little deeper into the communication industry and PCBs, let’s focus on the basics of a Printed Circuit Board.

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

Printed Circuit Boards, or more commonly known as the PCBs are used to mechanically support the electronical components of the appliance. In addition, Printed boards have become an imperative part of modern consumer electronics.

They ensure efficiency and effectiveness in terms of size, performance, and robustness. A Printed Circuit Board comes in different types and shapes. The most basic PCBs use conductive pathways, signal traces, or tracks that are etched from the copper sheet.

These sheets are laminated onto a substrate. The substrate is the non-conductive material. In easier words, the substrate does not transfer electricity. PCBs are also effective for dissipating the heat of a machine.

The surface etching and the presence of electronics components of the board make it possible for the current to flow between components. The current first goes through copper and then it reaches the components.

It is not possible to image modern electronics with the incorporation of Printed Circuit Boards. However, this was not always the case. PCB has revolutionized a number of industries for the betterment. Thanks to Printed Circuit Boards, industries now have the capacity to do mass-production of electronics.

The name PCB is commonly used in the industry; however, people also refer to it as the Printed Wiring Card or the Printed Wiring Board.

PCB role in the Telecommunication Industry

The Telecom industry requires Printed Circuit Boards for a number of applications and devices. They would lay down the design idea of a Printed Circuit Board for their XYZ device. However, to manufacturer it, most of them would require the services of an extremely reliable and experienced company such as the 6-PCBA.

Everyone does not have the skills and competence offered by 6PCBA. They have a full understanding of the industry as well as the communicate PCB assembly. Thus, they respond promptly with high-quality services as well as products.

In addition, the company has built its reputation by delivering superior quality Printed Circuit Boards within the desired timeframe and budget.

Growth of Telecom Industry

The growth of the telecommunication industry results in the increased and continual demand for well-equipped networks, better systems, and updated telecom infrastructure among others. After all, these aspects of the industry are responsible for their development and growth.

In order for you to be in the competition, you need to be innovative. It is no longer possible to stick to one particular device or application for long. On the contrary, you are always in need of more enhanced and sophisticated products.

For the creation of these products, you would require the services of a reliable PCB manufacturer. At 6pcba, they offer the facility of the concept of new product introduction builds. Thus, they provide services to ensure that you are able to test the validity of your idea via prototyping.

Some of our prototyping services include:

PCBs processes and materials that would ensure support for the environment, you plan to integrate your product in.

Components that are robustness and have a great life expectancy.

Availability of the components that have the capacity to meet all the requirements of the products that is in the creation phase.

Access to highly-skilled professional as well as quailed engineering resources. They also offer DFM – Design for Manufacturing recommendations in order to benefit your product in every possible way.

Moreover, they ensure that their testing processes are geared enough to know the outcome of your boards once incorporated in a real-time environment. Our testing processes are extremely upgraded and up to date.

Communicate PCB Assembly: Applications and Types

Thanks to the Printed Circuit Boards, we are able to connect to each other in a more effective and efficient way. However, to enjoy the clear communication, it is critical to incorporate the right kind of Printed Circuit Boards.

Aluminum PCBs

If you ask a communicate PCB assembly manufacturer to recommend a Printed Circuit Board type for telecommunication business, most manufacturers would recommend Aluminum Printed Boards. Yes, there are several other types of PCBs available, but for telecom, Aluminum PCB generates the most operative results.

The reason being, aluminum PCBs are excellent for transferring heat. In addition, they are durable and lightweight. Something, that is vital for today’s sophisticated, compact devices. You simply cannot afford to incorporate Bulk Printed Circuit Boards into your compressed appliances.

Furthermore, aluminum PCBs have the capability to prevent board disfigurement as well as oxidation. Their ability to transfer heat quickly makes the device they are incorporated in, robust and long-lasting.

Most telecommunication devices are established outside; therefore, they need a PCB that comes with outstanding heat dissipation capacity.

Use of Printed Circuit Boards for Telecom Industry Applications

Modern Printed Circuit boards come with the ability to seamlessly function even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. At 6pcba, every PCB is designed and tested thoroughly so that it delivers without error.

Below, we have listed the most common telecommunication applications that incorporate sophisticated Printed Circuit Boards.

  • Mobile Communication System
  • Digital Broadcasting Systems
  • Analog Broadcasting Systems
  • Communication systems used in the army
  • Industrial Wireless Communication Technology
  • Communication Technology that is land-wired
  • Technology that we use for commercial phones
  • Security Technology
  • Information Telecom Systems
  • PBX Systems
  • Telephonic Switching Systems
  • Voice of Internet Protocol Systems
  • Satellite Communication Devices
  • Satellite Systems
  • High-Speed routers
  • Higher Speer Servers
  • Video Collaboration Systems
  • Online- Signal Boost Systems
  • Space- Communication Technology
  • Tower Electronics as well as Cell Transmissions
  • Electronic Data Storage Devices
  • Mobile Network Towers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Wireless Communication Systems

The use of Printed Circuit Boards goes beyond these systems. It is highly-less likely that you see a sophisticated electronic that do not use a Printed Circuit Board. Regardless of the electronics category, they greatly depend on a PCB for efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Therefore, it is imperative to choose only the best printed Circuit board manufacturer.

Communicate PCB Assembly in china

6pcba offers the Best Communicate PCB Assembly Services

We provide the leading Communicate PCB assembly services. Therefore, many in the telecom industry choose us as their PCB assembler and manufacturer. We are ISO 9001 RoHS and UL certified. This ensures the quality of our Printed Circuit Boards.

Our PCBs have the ability to perform well even in harsh conditions. They offer robustness and reliability. We also offer versatility in terms of PCB substrate and material. Although, we suggest Aluminum for Telecommunication, yet you get copper, FR4, or any other material for PCB.

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