How to search for contract manufacturing service china?

Posted on 2021-11-29

What does contract manufacturing give?

Contract manufacturing frees up the time of your engineering and technical personnel to solve strategically important tasks for the development of the company.  Moreover, contract manufacturing service china allows you to reduce investment costs for the purchase of Contract equipment.

contract manufacturing service china

Contract manufacturing reduces your financial and time costs for the production of serial products, which is in constant demand on the market. Contract manufacturing of electronics is one of the types of outsourcing in the production of electronics.

In which one production and engineering group is responsible for all stages of manufacturing an electronic module (production of printed circuit boards, project completion, installation and final control).

Contract manufacturing of electronic modules allows not only to save time and financial resources of the customer, but also to significantly reduce the lead time.

What do we provide?

We provide contract manufacturing service china and produce the following boards.

  • FR-4
  • High frequency boards
  • Flexible and flexible rigid boards
  • Metal based boards

We carry out the installation of components

  • Lead and lead-free soldering of elements
  • SMD and DIP assembly
  • Installing BGA packages
  • Mounting on flexible printed circuit boards
  • Mounting on aluminum plates
  • Manufacturing of cables, cable assemblies and loops
  • Assembling products into the case

Why you must choose us?

If you choose us for your precious task then we will save your;

  • Time

Contract manufacturing service china frees up the time of your highly qualified engineering and technical personnel to solve strategically important tasks for the development of the company: developing and launching new products on the market, promoting existing product lines, mastering new promising sales channels and communicating with potential customers.

  • Investments

The transfer of electronic modules for mass-produced products allows you to reduce investment costs for the purchase of equipment for installation, quality control of the soldered connection and final inspection of the assembled product.

  • Money

We will save your money in the following ways;

  • Firstly, transferring the process of ordering and manufacturing boards
  • Secondly, purchasing and incoming control of components
  • Thirdly, contract manufacturing service chinasaves by installation and testing
  • Fourthly, outgoing control of a finished electronic module
  • Fifthly, we guarantee quality control
  • Sixthly, by checking products with random and complete control
  • Finally, by climatic and mechanical tests

How we are providing contract manufacturing service china?

  • Preparatory stage

It includes the analysis of the customer’s design documentation, the selection of possible analogues and replacements of hard-to-reach and / or expensive components. Furthermore, we search for options to reduce the cost and optimize the manufacture of the product.

  • Production and verification of pilot samples

After agreeing on the cost and technical parameters of the order, we proceed to the production of pilot images in order to check the compliance of all parameters of the product with the customer’s technical specifications using the example of their work.

  • Manufacturing of boards and purchasing of complete set

contract manufacturing service china 2021

After confirming the quality and completeness of the images, the production of boards and the purchase of complete sets for the production of the series begin.

In the production of boards, preparatory engineering processing of documentation is carried out by experts of contract manufacturing service china.

  • Installation of the product

Upon the availability of a complete list of product nomenclature in our warehouses, the installation of the project is started.

  • Soldering quality testing

It is carried out using an automated optical inspection system. The following defects are excluded during the verification process: missing, shifted, misaligned component, polarity reversal of the component, non-soldering, chip lifting, solder lifting, component not inserted.

  • Functional testing

It carries out by contract manufacturing service china at the request of the customer. This type of testing requires a functional control program that fully or partially duplicates the functionality of the module.

When carrying out functional control, the customer receives 100% working products with a guaranteed absence of defects. If necessary, the testing program can be written by our engineering staff.

General questions of choosing contract manufacturing service china

From time to time I get questions regarding the choice of PCB contract manufacturing:

  • Firstly, where to order the manufacture of a printed circuit board
  • Secondly, how to choose a suitable manufacturer for your projects
  • Thirdly, what to look for
  • Fourthly, what is the difference between one or another contract production of printed circuit boards
  • Fifthly, which of the contract manufacturers of printed circuit boards will make the board cheaper / faster / better

Importance of contract manufacturing service china

Maybe this is a high-tech complex device, or, conversely, an amateur development. In the meantime, the methodology for selecting the right contract manufacturing service china remains unchanged.

To begin with, it’s worth understanding one important thing. The determination of the requirements for the purchased printed circuit boards used for the manufacture of electronic devices is made by the customers.

And we end up choosing one or another PCB manufacturer. Is the selected manufacturer the most suitable? This question will remain open until we learn how to choose manufacturers of printed circuit boards.

The procedure for evaluating and selecting contract manufacturing service china

Contract manufacturing service china assessment is carried out to determine the extent to which it meets its requirements. A supplier is considered eligible if it is capable of supplying printed circuit boards or electronic assemblies:

  • Firstly, the required quality
  • Secondly, by the required time
  • Thirdly, at a reasonable price

They greeted by clothes. And acquaintance with manufacturers of printed circuit boards (suppliers) should start with a visit to their website.

Summary contract manufacturing service china

At this stage, it is helpful to gather as much information as possible about a possible future partner. You can start by examining the supplier’s website. It is hardly worth trusting a supplier who does not have one. If the manufacturer of printed circuit boards in question has a website, it looks good and inspires confidence – let’s move on.