How to outsource electronic printed circuit assembling in China?

Posted on 2021-10-10

electronic printed circuit assembling in China
If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already aware that your business needs electronic printed circuit assembling. You know that investing in outsourcing helps to reduce costs and increase profitability. You’re analyzing several variables to choose the best on the market. But do you know how to recognize a good manufacturer of electronic boards.

Responsibilities on electronic printed circuit assembling

Electronic printed circuit assembling; goes beyond speech and really can deliver a final product according to your expectations and those of the market? The electronics industry needs a lot of strategy and planning to continue growing. Although the performance of the segment in 2020 has improved, major challenges come for 2021.

To remain competitive, it is necessary not only to reduce expenses (which are easy to achieve with outsourcing), but also delivering excellent products. So, if you want to leverage your company’s profits, read on, and discover how a good electronic board factory works!

How to hire electronic printed circuit assembling company?

Knowledge is power. And this in every imaginable way. Including your business. Knowing what a good electronics board factory is helps you make a choice that will weigh heavily on how successful your project will be — and how profitable the result of its implementation will be.

Electronic printed circuit assembling is true for different cases, from the validation of a product to the production of a consolidated business. In other words: from a prototype to a whole batch. Therefore, taking care that every detail is done with maximum planning makes a total difference in the result.

How full outsourcing can be a very safe option; circuit assembling

One of the topics we covered earlier is how full outsourcing can be a very safe option and offer benefits from a good electronic board factory. In this case, the CM is responsible for everything that involves the assembly of the board. The main advantage is that there are no miscommunications and errors arising from minor incompatibilities.

Therefore, if you are familiar with complete outsourcing (electronic printed circuit assembling) and are looking for the best electronic board factory to deliver your project in this modality, you may be asking yourself:

What makes a CM have a great differential?  

  1. First, commitment to the customer
  2. Second, attention to the details
  3. Technical capacity
  4. Moreover, capable professionals
  5. State-of-the-art equipment
  6. Additionally, market knowledge
  7. Reputation
  8. Consolidated experience



This is one of the most important production steps in a good electronic board factory. Of course, all the others are decisive for success, but pre-production is the stage where planning comes into play. It is at this stage that the organization of processes and inputs for the manufacture of plates takes place, which makes all the difference in the result.

Project documentation; electronic printed circuit assembling

Even before starting the production process, project documentation and information manufacturers receive. From there, a registration of the product structure and a document with assembly instructions and process sheets appear. This is important for guiding employees and for programming machines correctly.

With the documentation ready, we can receive the materials. Moreover, it enters the system and quality inspection is carried out. Then, the components and other materials go to the stock, where the adequate storage appears for each type of product (electronic printed assembling)

2. Production; electronic printed circuit assembling

All documentation come in the previous step will guide the processes that we will describe below. At this point, there is a process difference between the SMD and PTH line. In SMD, the components are inserted onto the surface of the printed circuit board,

Electronic printed circuit assembling and in PTH holes

1-SMD line: Initially, the code of each board is engraved through the laser equipment. Then, the application and automatic inspection of the solder paste, automatic insertion of components, welding of components in the reflow furnace and automatic inspection of components is carried out.

2-PTH Line: Secondly, in this modality of assembly, the first task is the preform of the components. Then, the assembly and soldering of the components in the wave soldering equipment. printed circuit assembling is of great significance in PTH holes.
Complex PCB assembly 2021

3. POST-PRODUCTION; electronic printed circuit assembling

In both modalities of assembly, SMD and PTH, the final inspection carries out. At this stage, the plates are sent to the factory’s quality sector. In it, some criteria are established, which will be common in the careful inspection of each one of the parts.

A common practice that is easy to request by the customer is the performance of functional tests. It is very important that the functional tests are important to hold regularly.

Working steps of electronic printed circuit assembling

Before the final product of electronic printed circuit assembles, steps are important to do. Because when the tests are complete with the finished product and problems get verification, it is necessary to open the equipment. They often generate more work and even running the risk of damaging some parts — which means damage to your business.

Another activity that may request by the customer is the application of conformal coating. It serves to provide electrical insulation for the board and its components, and is also useful for protecting against moisture, dust, and other oxidizing substances. One of the segments that most requires this extra layer of protection is the agricultural sector.

Electronic printed circuit assembling and chemical products

As in equipment, electronic printed circuit assembling intended for use in the field, the boards expose to weather conditions and the action of chemical products such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Also, according to customer demand, mechanical assembly of the product is easy to carry out. This means that it is easy to return to the factory with the hardware fully or partially integrated into the board.

4. Delivery; electronic printed circuit assembling

Before the board or integrated product leaves the electronic board factory, a quality audit is performed. Once again, the quality department will carry out an inspection, and only after we are absolutely sure that everything complies with the highest quality parameters, will the order be shipped.

It is important to emphasize that the success of all these steps depends mainly on the partnership between the contracting company. You can contact the electronic board factory of electronic printed circuit assembling.


Communicating clearly, respecting deadlines, and understanding the importance of the demands made by customers is essential. The proper functioning of the equipment and the organization of employees depend on this process compliance.