High-end PCB Manufacturer: 12 Steps to become Professional in Pcb Printing Designing

Posted on 2020-11-13

High-end PCB Manufacturer: 12 Steps to become Professional in Pcb Printing Designing

high-end PCB Manufacturer

Currently, the market for electronic devices has revived noticeably. Moreover, the number of products increased, they became more complex. Whereas previously it was mainly single and double-sided PCBs were important. Now the focus has shifted towards multilayer PCBs with a solder mask. Hence, it should be suitable for automatic assembly methods. Therefore, the role of high-end PCB Manufacturer is very important these days.

Why the demand of high-end PCB Manufacturer is increasing?

Generally, many companies are working in the development and manufacture of electronic products. Some of them do not have equipment for a full production cycle at their disposal. As a result, the demand for printed circuit boards has grown significantly. In addition, a manufacturer of products has to solve a difficult problem. Where to order the required number of printed circuit boards of proper quality in an acceptable timeframe and at reasonable prices.


One of the activities of high-end PCB Manufacturer has been contract manufacturing of electronics, including:

  • Design
  • manufacture and installation of printed circuit boards.

Manufacturing of printed circuit boards is carried out in accordance with the international standard IPC-A-600G. Similarly, modern technologies for the development, design and production of printed circuit boards are very important. Hence, this allows pcb manufacturers to create technologically advanced, reliable and competitive products. At each stage of production, technological processes are monitored.

Currently, the high-end PCB Manufacturer produces:

  • single and double-sided printed circuit boards
  • multilayer printed circuit boards with plated through holes, as well as with blind and internal micro holes
  • boards using microwave materials
  • flexible cables made of polyimide
  • bronze stencils for surface mounting of printed circuit boards.

The production uses high-quality materials – FR4, Rogers, STF, FAF-4D, resistant to high soldering temperatures. Similarly, the boards have high reliability due to the high-quality execution of copper interlayer connections in vias.

High-end PCB Manufacturer Mounting Method

The latest imported equipment allows high-end PCB Manufacturer mounting a wide range of components.  From chip components of standard size 0402 to BGA with 0.5 mm pitch and QFP with 0.4 mm pitch. In addition, the intelligent feeder system enables quick job changes and increases order fulfillment speed.

Also software “Irtysh” provides services for DIP- and SMT-assembly of printed circuit boards. Depending on their quantity in the order, SMT installation comes out with:

  • in a group way for the manufacture of prototypes and small batches of electronic products;
  • in an automated way for medium and large batches of products.

All boards assembled at the production site undergo 100% assembly quality control. For this, modern equipment for optical and fluoroscopic control is very crucial.

Manufacturing of High-end Pcb

Single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards

Single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards today make up a significant share of the production of printed circuit boards. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of this type of circuit board is determined by a relatively low cost. And at the same time they have high technological capabilities.

What to expect from a professional High end Pcb Manufacturer?

According to your wiring diagram, such manufacturer will design a printed circuit board. And carry out the installation of components, for one-off and for serial production. Furthermore, the whole process comes in accordance with international standards. Moreover, if the customer has developed a product design, he can go for a full product development.

high-end PCB Manufacturers

Main technological production capabilities:

  1. Mounting of components on the surface of a printed circuit board – SMD mounting.
  2. High quality DIP mounting.
  3. Installation of custom components, including soldering cables and electrical connections.
  4. Installation of components
  5. Mounting of element housings from 0402 to BGA and TQFP 54X54 mm in increments of 0.3 mm.
  6. Ultrasonic cleaning of boards.
  7. Full automatic and visual inspection of each product.
  8. Module marking according to the customer’s request.
  9. Installation of products using Pb and Pb Free technology.
  10. Testing and programming devices. Hence, it allows you to achieve 100% product quality.
  11. Printing a barcode or QR code on printed circuit boards at the request of the customer.
  12. Use of high quality consumables from leading manufacturers.

Urgent production of high end printed circuit boards

Only a reliable high-end PCB Manufacturer can guarantee an urgent pcb. Subsequently, he can make a pilot batch of boards for you in a few days. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to quickly test a “raw” product before launching it into series.

 Small and medium series PCBs

An excellent combination of high quality materials and more advanced processing technology is quite important. Moreover, it allows you to make boards with the highest climatic requirements for various applications.

  • Very high quality.

Large series of printed circuit boards

Generally, this is a unique opportunity to save money without losing quality. Furthermore, this is an increase in the volume of the order. Similarly, it comes with wide possibilities of using various alternative materials.


  • low price with the highest quality
  • A huge selection of coating options.

Manufacture of non-standard printed circuit boards

Professional high-end PCB Manufacturer is able to produce non-standard boards. It includes flexible and flexible-rigid boards. Similarly, the boards with a metal base, multilayer boards of increased complexity, microwave boards.

One of the main competitive advantages of pcb manufacturers is that in addition to production, they actively cooperate with both European and Asian manufacturers. For their clients, this means that they are able to fulfill orders of any complexity. At the same time, they have practically no restrictions both on the complexity of the product and on the maximum order volume.

  • single sided printed circuit boards

The cost of single-sided PCBs is significantly lower than the cost of double-sided boards. Moreover, it makes them quite competitive, especially in the consumer electronics industry.

  • double sided printed circuit boards

Double-sided boards currently account for a significant share of the volume of printed circuit boards. Such significant attention of developers to this type of motherboards is explained by a kind of compromise. Furthermore, it is between their relatively low cost and rather high capabilities.

Multilayer printed circuit boards: high-end PCB Manufacturer

In terms of their structure, multilayer printed circuit boards are much more complex. Nevertheless, even considering the difficulties in metallizing narrow through-holes is something surprising. Simultaneously, it is preferable to achieve a high packing density. Hence, it is due to a larger number of relatively cheap layers. Rather than a smaller number of high-density, but, it comes with more expensive layers.

Embossed printed circuit boards

The design and manufacturing technology of embossed printed circuit boards differ significantly from traditional ones. RPP is a fundamentally thin board, has high tracing capabilities. Moreover, it is not inferior in resistance to external factors of traditional boards. Hence, the density of the elements is higher, and good thermal conductivity.

  • Automatic PCB assembly, batch production

In high-end PCB Manufacturer production, there are several automatic assembly lines. On which the assembly of medium and large batches of products of any complexity is very easy to perform.

BGA mounting from professional high-end PCB Manufacturer

We provide services for the installation, dismantling and restoration of BGA-components on small or experimental batches of products. We use the latest technology and equipment for installation and quality control.