How to find expert pcb assembly manufacturers for your next pcb assembly?

Posted on 2020-08-05

Printed circuit board assembly Guide 2020


pcb assembly manufacturers

Pcb assembly manufacturers Introduction

Pcb assembly manufacturers play a vital role in electronic industry. No doubt, Pcb is basically very important electronic part.

This electronic part leads to load connection carrier of electronic components conduction and electronic components. Furthermore, manufacturers call it pcb because it fabricates with the help of printing technology.

The timeline of pcb assembly

Manufacturers make use of pcbs since World War 2. Because they had to develop the applications for military use. But at first, manufacturers had issued this technology for commercial use only.

Furthermore, when they found that it was more cost-effective, they rapidly adopted it. Because it was extra cost-effective solution in comparison of traditional electronics construction.

With the passage of time, pcb assembly manufacturers made progress in the field of pcbs. Because they needed more and more progress in the field of complex applications. Furthermore, they had designed them to fulfil the demands of faster, newer and extra complex circuitry of electronics.

What is pcb assembly?

Pcb assembly manufacturers carve conductive pathways in the sheets of laminated copper of PCBs. Moreover, they use these sheets of laminated copper of PCBs inside a non-conductive substrate.

Printed circuit board assembly is actually a board. It is obtained when pcb assembly manufacturers attach all kinds of printing solder on the pcb. In addition, they install many other components too, such as:

  • integrated components
  • resisters
  • capacitors

But these components totally depend on the requirements of the board.                      pcb assembly manufacturers and suppliers in china

 Printed circuit board assembly is basically a mechanical connection between components and pcb.

Furthermore, it goes through furnace heating in order to develop a mechanical connection.

How many layers pcb assembly manufacturers use?

There are many layers in pcbs. And manufacturers use them according to their needs.

These are:

  1. single layer pcb
  2. double layer pcb
  3. multilayer pcbs.

Multilayer pcbs contain several layers and it totally depends to pcb assembly manufacturers. They typically use 4-layers and 6-layers pcbs. Furthermore, these complex pcbs also contain dozens of layers.

Hence, manufacturers partition them in the following:

  • rigid board
  • flexible board
  • flex-rigid board.

Moreover, they all have respective tendency to development. So, manufacturers use them in fabricating pcb assemblies according to their functional requirements.

How pcb assembly manufacturers use pcb in different ways?

Manufacturers use printed circuit boards for different purposes in different applications. For example, you can find simple pcbs in controllers and toys. Moreover, they also use multilayer pcbs in very complex devices.

Manufacturers use flexible materials in some pcb assembly boards. And they use these boards in some unique cases. Manufacturers make some boards with specific materials for high frequency applications. Because they have to operate at high frequencies. On the other hand, they use heavy layers of copper in pcb to create pcb assembly boards for higher industrial applications.

How to consult an expert pcb assembly manufacturers?

pcb assembly manufacturers know the importance of pcb assembly. Hence, for this purpose it is essential for you to consult an honest service provider and manufacturer of pcb assemblies.


Furthermore, reliable manufacturers of PCB assemblies provide their best services to the following industries.

For instance, Pcb assembly manufacturers use them in,

  • transportation systems
  • telecommunication and electronics
  • healthcare and medical, etc.

Moreover, there are countless industries which are getting advantages from these PCBs assemblies.

pcb assembly manufacturers major applications

The use of PCB assemblies has become indispensable in every industry where manufacturers use electronic components. And manufacturers use them in almost every device. So, because of this reason, they have become common in almost everywhere.

Similarly, here are some more industries where PCB assembly uses these PCB assemblies.

These are:

  • transportation systems
  • telecommunication & electronics
  • healthcare & medical
  • weather detection systems
  • cameras
  • security systems
  • automation in the manufacturing sector, and many more.

What are the different methods pcb assembly manufacturers use to produce pcb assemblies?

To perform a successful operation of various electronic appliances, manufacturers advise to do pcb assembly with great care. And these pcb assembly manufacturers also advise to treat them with total precision.

Furthermore, there are basically three different methods to assemble electronic devices with pcbs.

So, these are:

  1. Plated through-hole technology (PTH)
  2. Electro-mechanical assembly
  3. Surface Mount Assembly (SMT)

Detail description about above methods which pcb assembly manufacturers use

Plated through-hole technology (PTH)

In this process all components involve with leads that are attached with them. Manufacturers use pcb with drill holes for this type of assembly.

Hence, it is very easy and simple to assemble the pcbs with numerous components. Because manufacturers insert these leads within the drilled holes very effectively.

Electro-mechanical assembly

This method is also famous as the name of box-build assembly. Moreover, this process makes use of following elements for purpose to assemble pcb like:

  • looms
  • wire harnesses
  • cabel assembly
  • molded plastics
  • custom metalwork.

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT)

This technique had appeared in 60’s. And had more developed in the 80’s. In addition, PCB assembly manufacturers are widely using this process. This process consists of metal tabs, and these tabs can simply solder to pcbs.

Important points for pcb assembly manufacturers during pcb assembly

Here are some most important things to consider while understanding about services of assemblies.

These are:

  • All around cost efficiency
  • Priceless expertise
  • Savings on facilities
  • A lower investment
  • Higher capacity
  • Option for aftermarket services and obsolescence management
  • Shorter lead times
  • Higher capacity
  • Being able to focus on more important aspects of PCB design
  • Let’s get into it.

Hence, PCB assembly manufacturers must have to consider the above services of assemblies.

Here is a complete description about above assemblies’ services

Lower Investment

As we know that quality inspection machines are a large-scale investment. So, they are high cost. Mostly they use for medical projects and aerospace.


Furthermore, keep in mind that for new hires you have to pay the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Permanent, year-round salaries
  • Retirement packages
  • Permanent, year-round salaries.

But you need not to worry for small projects. Hence, try to keep your working operations small. So that you have not face any trouble.

Cost efficiency:

Your PCB assembly manufacturers must be trained and well-rehearsed. The service provider must be an expert and understandable. He has to understand the following cost efficiency facts, like:

  • Design changes
  • Price fluctuations
  • Short part life cycles.

Specially, when you start from short amounts then try to get benefits of an expert assembly service. Don’t try to indulge yourself in such complications that you can’t handle.

Rare Expertise:

The specialists always know to perform it better. Expert pcb assembly service provider always knows the ups and downs of this industry. Hence, they are always one step ahead of all the problems. so that you have not to face any issue that you dont know like:

  • Design flaws
  • Lead times
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Conflict materials.

Just select a perfect and expert PCB manufacturer. He has ability to save you from all upcoming issues. Because you have no deep knowledge about your project. But an expert pcb manufacturer provides you all of these and you can rely on his services.

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How PCB assembly manufacturer, help you in shorter lead times?

Try to select pcb assembly provider that has long relationship with several components’ maker.

He must know how to deal with every problem. That’s why, he will be able to save you a lot of trouble in your business.

You may not be able to place large orders on time due to lack of facilities. on the other hand, an expert pcb assembly service provider has capability to save you from all flaws.


All of above were the problems that you can have to face while start working with PCB assembly manufacturer. On the other hand, by choosing an expert PCB assembly service provider you can easily avoid all flaws. Hence, get sure that you have selected an expert and perfect assembly provider service.