What Does The Industrial Communication PCB Board Have To Offer?

Posted on 2020-10-02

The Importance of Communication PCB Board in the Telecom Industry

The industrial communication devices, or commonly known as the ICD are an important part of today’s world. The central nervous system of these devices is the communication PCB Board. Thus, the Printed Circuit Boards have evolved over the years into more complex, complicated, and effective boards.

Today, they are able to offer great functionality while occupying being concise and compact. What more is that these boards have become sturdy and they tend to last for decades now. In this article, we are going to talk about some basic communication technology along with all the telecom-PCB services that we offer.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin!
Communication PCB Board

Communication PCB: What Technology has to Offer?

For modern industrial control environments, you have the option of both wirelesses as well as wired communication equipment. The type of equipment that you use greatly depends upon your requirements.

Cable Communication

Under the cable communication category, you have the industrial field’s serial communication, as well as professional linear communication. It is the communication that takes place between the conversation equipment and the industrial ethernet between several communication protocols.

Wireless Communication

On the other hand, you have a wireless communication technique. For this, you have a number of equipment at your disposal. Some of the equipment includes the wireless network card, wireless bridge, wireless AP, antenna, and wireless lighting arrester.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some of the major advantages as well as the disadvantages of both types of communication equipment. But, let us start with the cable communication equipment.

Cable Communication

Below are the major advantages of cable communication equipment:

Unlimited broadband

Fast transmission rate

Certain confidentiality

High stability


The environment has a direct impact.


Weak expansibility

Extremely difficult to construct

Very expensive

Poor mobility

Common Examples

You might majorly find cable communication equipment in PCM, telephone, TV, optical terminal, Computer and several others.

Wireless Communication

Here are some advantages of wireless communication equipment.

The environment is its biggest advantages

There are no line limitations

Offers certain mobility

Ensure effective mobile communicate using wireless connections

They are easy to construct

Relatively inexpensive in comparison to the cable communication equipment

Stable and convenient


The communication system comes with weak anti-interference

Limited bandwidth

Low transmission rate

The transmission distance is limited as well.

Common Examples

Some of the common wireless communication equipment includes wireless LAN, Wireless on Subway or Buses, Radio Stations, Satellite, GPRS of mobile phones, the mobile phone itself, and many more.

Composition of Communication Equipment

In addition, there are several components that come into play for the composition of communication equipment, the communication PCB board being on the top. In addition to this, there are GSM module, GPS module, peripheral equipment, and control module.

The GPS module comes into action when it receives the satellite position’s navigation information. Then it is parsed using the control-module operation. After this, the information will be sent to the GSM module.

The GPRS function of the GSM module would work on the analytical data. Then, it would again parse it to the GPS service platform. AT this point the people are able to comprehend information and meaning to the analytical data.

Note: All the communication links used for the data are bidirectional.

The Table Below Shows the Main functions.

Function Order
Self Navigation
Alarm in Case of Robbery
Status of Sent Data
Text To Speech
Remove Quenching


Telecom Industry Applications that use Printed Circuit Boards

We also offer Printed Circuit Boards that have intricately design that ensures maximum functionality. These devices have the ability to support the working of telecommunication devices even in extremely harsh conditions as well as other environmental conditions.

They can perform well during fluctuation temperatures, or in snow. Below are the most common applications of the telecommunication industry that use the PCB.

  1. The tower System of Mobile Phones
  2. Wireless Communication Systems
  3. The electronics devices to store data
  4. Space communication technology
  5. Tower Electronics
  6. Cell Transmission electronics
  7. Video collaboration systems
  8. The technology used for video conferencing
  9. Online systems to boost signals
  10. High-speed routers
  11. High-speed servers
  12. Satellite communication devices
  13. Satellite system devices
  14. Voice of the Internet Protocol
  15. Information Communication devices and systems
  16. Security Technology
  17. PBX systems
  18. Commercial Phone Technologies
  19. The land wired or the cabled communication systems
  20. Wireless industrial communication technology
  21. Military communication systems
  22. Analog broadcasting Systems
  23. Mobile communicating Systems
  24. Digital Broadcasting Systems

The Industrial Communication PCB Board Services that we Offer

  1. For the SMT Lines, we offer the auto-calibration
  2. For SMT placement, we also offer a vision statement
  3. We also offer vision laser alignment for SMT placement
  4. Offer to repair services for QFP and BGA.
  5. We provide reworking services for both QFP and BGA.
  6. Our experienced staff ensures complete mechanical assembly
  7. We also provide cable and harness assembly
  8. We also offer potting compliant and conformal coating with IPC-CC-830B.
  9. Closed-loop aqueous cleaning-system
  10. In addition, we don’t have a clean flux procedure.
  11. Double-sided Assembly
  12. Single-Sided Assembly
  13. SMT, Mixed, PTH technology assembly
  14. Non-RoHS PCAs and Complex RoHS.

Certifications We have for PCB Board Manufacturing

We ensure quality as we have certifications for all the required industry standards. After all, we are aiming to deliver only the highest quality of communication PCB board to our clients. Therefore, even our engineers have massive experience along with the required certifications.  Below is the list of our certifications.

  1. IPC-CC-830B Compliant
  2. ITAR Certified
  3. Certified ISO 9001:2015+ AS9100D
  4. J-STD-001 in house Certified Trainer
  5. IPC-WHMA-A-620 Certified
  6. ISO 13485 Certified
  7. J-STD-001 standards/ IPC-A-610-D and ANSI – All Assemblies Built — Class 2 & Class 3.Communication PCB Board suppliers

Take Away

As the leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturers in the telecommunication industry, we offer top-notch quality Printed Boards. Our engineers and designers have years of experience to ensure the quality of the Printed Boards.

In addition to that, we use state of the art technology along with the latest and modern technique to produce premium quality, sturdy and robust PCBs. For years, our engineers have been the innovators when it comes to designing and developing PCBs for the telecommunication industry.

Thus, we offer a variety of PCB services. Moreover, to learn more about our services, you should reach out to us today. Moreover, our highly responsive customer service would instantly answer all your questions.