PCB Assembly for Communication: PCB Assembling Services for Telecom

Posted on 2020-09-08

Our Top-Notch Telecommunication Printed Circuit Board Services

We understand that the modern telecommunication industry is much more than the small consumer devices –smartphones- and their related networks. At the core of every product lies a PCB. Therefore, using high-quality PCB assembly for communication services is imperative. After all, it would have a direct impact on the quality of the product.

The telecom industry incorporates a range of telecom products including several forms of networks, commination devices, and security. For example, due to the increased security issues, industries are incorporating the latest technologies such as facial recognition or biometrics.

Since the telecom sector is always in need of progressive and advanced electronics, therefore, they are searching for reliable, professional PCB Manufacturers. We, 6PCBA, incorporate the latest technology and equipment in order to design and develop the latest electronics.

PCB Assembly for Communication

How Can We Be Useful For PCB Assembly for Communication?

We specialize in telecommunication Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing as well as prototyping services. Generally, we provide telecommunication Printed board assembly for both ROHS and leaded specifications.

Some of our services include:

Surface-Mount Technology Assembly

When it comes to producing lightweight and cost-effective products, there is no better option then the surface-mount technology. This makes an excellent choice for the numerous telecom applications including handheld radios, networking equipment, etc.

Through-Hole Technology Assembly

The conventional technique may be expensive and time-consuming, but it ensures sturdiness and robustness. Therefore, despite modern techniques, it is still preferred especially when durability is among the top priorities.

With Through-Hole technology, manufacturers are able to create a stronger bond between the circuit boards and the components.

Box Build & Final PCB for Communication Assembly

With our box build services, you now have the option of turning your Printed Circuit Boards into functional products as well as prototypes. We can assist you with source wiring harnesses. In addition, we will work with the enclosures as well.

What more is that we offer burn-in and required assembly services within our facilities.

Inspection and Testing for PCB Assembly for Communication

To ensure the quality of all our units we perform in-depth testing and have a rigorous quality control system in place. In addition, we offer other services such as in-circuit testing, automated optical inspectional, and functional testing.

Contract Manufacturing

Our PCB assembly for communication services includes Box building, PCB assembling, testing, and the final assembling. We also provide drop shipment facility to our clients. After all, we do aim on bringing innovative products to the market while within a minimal amount of hassle and expense.


Since we firmly believe in customer satisfaction, therefore we would not make any changes to your design without first consulting with you. This allows us to ensure repeat quantities even after a long time. The new batch would not perform any different from the original first order.

Highly Flexible

Like all other devices, where the consumer electronics are becoming small and compact, the telecommunication is no different. The telecom industry is working on reducing its devices while ensuring maximum mobility.

To meet these challenges requirements, the PCB should be flexible. Our Printed Boards can offer complexity along with additional features that would suit the telecommunication industry to perfection.

You can visit our Services Pages for the technical details.

We Thrive Towards a Better Telcom Industry

6PCBA has been designing and manufacturing high-quality, complicated Printed Circuit Boards for years now. Our dedicated PCB manufacturing services cater to a wide range of industries, Telecommunication being the major one.

Due to strategic investments, and highly qualified and experienced staff, we offer a wide range of telecom PCB manufacturing and its respective services. To ensure the quality of our services, we implemented an ISO 9001-registered quality management system.

This helps us minimize errors without compromising the speed of production. What more is that we fully focus on what the client wants, and we then tailor our services accordingly. So, regardless of what you want, may it be rushing the prototype into a full-fledge production phase or sourcing the best component of the part, we would ensure seamless functionality.

PCB Assembly for Communication: Equipment and Devices

Printed Circuit Boards have become vital for the modern, sophisticated, and complex technology. Therefore, you now see PCBs across industries. So, it is natural for the telecommunication industry to use this amazing piece of technology.

After all, it is extremely hard to find a device that does not have a Printed Circuit Board in it. As increased demand for PCBs in the telecom sectors has led to an increased need for telecommunication PCB services.

Below is some common telecommunication equipment that uses Printed Circuit Boards.

Telecom Towers

Telecommunication towers incorporate high-quality, complex Printed Circuit Boards. These towers include dishes, antennae, and receivers. The main purpose of these towers is to receive information from one cell phone and transfer it to another one in order for the phones to connect to each other.

Telecom Processors

Since they are controlling different support systems in the telecommunication networks, therefore they need to have high-quality Printed Circuit Boards integrated into them.

Mobile Phones

Modern smartphones are more than mobiles. They have become portable computers all because of the strong and powerful Printed Circuit Boards.

Base Transceiver Stations

This is another imperative piece of the telecommunication industry. It is present between the device and its respective network. The base transceiver stations consist of duplexes, amplifiers, transceivers, and antennae.


In order for your computer to connect to the internet, it needs a modem. These are the core devices via which your computer transmits signals to and from the network.


In general, people refer to multiplexers as data selectors. Some of you might be familiar with the term data selectors. With multiplexers, the telecom processors are able to sort different inputs into a single-line output. Due to this, the industry is able to send a massive amount of data over a network.


For the smooth and secure communication of the network devices, routers play an important role. Therefore, routers need to have high quality Printed Circuit Boards.

PCB Assembly for Communication in china

Take Away

Our years of experience make us the best manufacturing company for all types of Printed Circuit Boards. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art technology allow us to design and develop compact, functional, and complex PCBs.

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