Sample Process of Prototype Circuit Board Assembly 2021

Posted on 2021-11-29

As an example of the execution of prototype circuit board assembly, consider the sample below.

Prototype Circuit Board Assembly

This drawing make in accordance with the recommendations of GOST on a scale of 1: 1. Moreover, this example shows the main and side views, which occupy most of the work area.

Generally, the top right corner of the drawing contains a 3D projection of the printed circuit board. Although 3D view is optional, this projection improves perception.

Role of positional designations

On all assembly drawings, it is necessary to indicate the reference designations of the elements. Position numbers should be consistent with the developed specification. However, do not mark every item. In order not to load the working field with unnecessary graphic information, only the main elements are marked on it, to which the reference designations are attributed:

  • Firstly, details
  • Secondly, standard products
  • Thirdly, materials

What are the Installation options in prototype circuit board assembly?

The main task of the prototype circuit board assembly drawing is to form ideas about electrical radio products and other parts, how they are placed and options for installation on a printed circuit board.

In all drawings of printed circuit boards at the points of attachment of installation products (bushings, holders, brackets and other elements), it recommend to perform local or separately taken out cuts.


Having entrusted the manufacture of printed circuit boards, it is imperative to keep your finger on the pulse. Especially when it comes to electronic units (printed circuit boards with wiring).

How to do prototype circuit board assembly?

List important criteria and periodically report on a score to your PCB supplier / manufacturer. For example, given the following criteria:

  • Firstly, product quality
  • Secondly, fare
  • Thirdly, price level
  • Fourthly, prompt delivery
  • Fifthly, convenience of interaction

Description of the criteria for evaluating suppliers for prototype circuit board assembly

  • Product quality

According to this criterion, the assessment carry out on the basis of information on the quality of prototype circuit board assembly received during the analyzed period of time. An unambiguous answer to this question is possible only if there was already some experience of cooperation.

  • Fare

This criterion makes it possible to assess the availability of courier delivery services for printed circuit boards based on the options / options of transport logistics companies.

For example, the supplier organizes delivery by a courier company at his own expense, or with payment by the recipient.

  • Price level

The criterion allows you to assess the level of financial availability of prototype circuit board assembly services for the production of printed circuit boards expertly. This is based on an analysis of the average price level for a group of printed circuit boards from a given supplier.

Prototype Circuit Board Assembly 2021

One of the factors influencing the price level is the status of the PCB supplier. A supplier of printed circuit boards can be a manufacturer with their own production, or they can act as an intermediary.

  • Efficiency of deliveries

The assessment carries out by comparing the actual delivery times of printed circuit boards with the declared ones:

  • Firstly, the supplier delivers products in accordance with the stated terms;
  • Secondly, the discrepancies between the actual and stated dates are insignificant;
  • Thirdly, deviations from the stated terms exceed the permissible value,

Also, your attention should pay to the systematic nature of violations of delivery dates.  Similarly, this will make it possible to form a more objective assessment of the PCB manufacturer according to this criterion.

How does convenience of interaction with prototype circuit board assembly affect?

Ease of interaction with prototype circuit board assembly plays an important role in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Positive factors in this case will be:

  • First, lack of language barrier
  • Second, availability of personal managers;
  • Third, competence of employees
  • Fourth, loyalty of the PCB supplier

How to choose a PCB supplier?

First, compare the resulting overall supplier or manufacturer ratings (how well you meet your requirements).

Second, process the additional information that you have gathered about the vendor. This will allow you to select the prototype circuit board assembly manufacturer that best suits your needs.

Moreover, a trial batch can ordere to assess the technical competence of a PCB manufacturer. An objective assessment of the results of this work will make it possible to finally determine. In particular, make a conclusion about the supplier’s compliance with your requirements.

Additional factors and criteria for evaluating suppliers of printed circuit boards

Here are some factors.

  • does the company have the necessary technological equipment, infrastructure, for the manufacture of printed circuit boards (electronic units)
  • Is there a plan for the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) in the electronics contract manufacturing
  • availability of valid certificates
  • Quality Policy and Objectives
  • loading of production facilities
  • the largest customers

Overview of PCB manufacturers

In conclusion, I would like to recommend specific prototype circuit board assembly manufacturers of printed circuit boards. These are proven organizations that I have dealt with. And the experience of cooperation with which I can share.

There is no doubt about the competence and reliability of the contract production of printed circuit boards.

How would you say about 6PCBA?

In my opinion, this is the first PCB manufacturer worth mentioning. 6pcba has its own production of simple printed circuit boards. The products of this supplier are characterized by:

  • relatively low prices (in relation to domestic competitors);
  • high speed of manufacture and delivery of double-layer printed circuit boards.


  • lack of personal managers (to resolve some issues, you have to wait a long time for a connection with the right specialist)
  • staff turnover

If you need to solve the issue of quickly manufacturing prototype circuit board assembly at quite affordable prices, it is unlikely that among domestic manufacturers you can find someone more suitable for this request than 6pcba.

A-Contract and PCB Technology

Work on complex high-tech projects can entrust to the “sharks” of the contract manufacturing business. First of all, we are talking about contract manufacturing:

  • Firstly, A-Contract
  • Secondly, PSB Technology

These suppliers do not have printed circuit boards of their own production; however, they work according to the selection system directly with the manufacturers.


  • own production facilities for assembling components on printed circuit boards
  • extensive database on the production and manufacture of printed circuit boards and electronic components
  • staff of personal managers and highly qualified technical specialists