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A PCB, or Printed Circuit Board, is a fundamental component used to connect and support various electronic elements in electronic devices.

PCB Classification

PCB Design Board

PCB Sample

PCB Mass Production

Rigid Board

Flex Board

Rigid Flex Board

Long PCB

Thin PCB


Thick PCB

Thick Copper Circuit Board

Small PCB


Aluminum PCB

Copper Based PCB


Ceramic PCB

High Frequency Board

lmpedance Board


Gold Finger Board

High TG Board

Via in Pad

Plate Edge Plating

Half Hole

Bluetooth Board


Automotive PCB

Medical PCB

Communication PCB Board

5G PCB Board

Spray Tin Board


Immersion Gold PCB

Immersion Tin Board

Au Plating Board

Immersion Silver Board

About Us

PCB Manufacturer

The aim is to create a quality PCB manufacturer, Kingford helps small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the PCB procurement process supplier selection problems, the real one-stop turnkey PCB and PCBA manufacturer.

With 30 years experience in PCB manufacturing management, optimize process capability, Improve internal and external sales service level, stand out in the competition of PCB manufacturers, Support for Through-Hole PCB, FPC, HDI, blind buried Hole, carbon film board, etc, PCB Board manufacturing quality and delivery have won the trust of customers in the United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Belgium, Japan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and other countries.

With the fast response speed, high-quality board production, full-process board production process and customer-oriented values, it has become the preferred board manufacturer for small and medium-sized enterprises.

PCB manufacturer Process Capability Chart
(full process, effective cost control)

Pcb manufacturers need to constantly improve the manufacturing equipment, experienced engineers, improve the internal management process and sincere customer service attitude. This is why we can accumulate a high level of process capability in PCB manufacturing. The market performance is backed up by manufacturing capacity to establish a virtuous circular mechanism.

As a PCB manufacturer with outstanding performance-price ratio and quality, we have a good understanding of the small and medium-sized batch demand mode in PCB manufacturing, and will provide customers with the best solution to save costs, improve turnover efficiency and quality control.
Excellent support for fast sample prototype, PCB design improvement and the production of high complexity boards such as high precision, multi-layer, combination of Rigid and Flex, blind buried holes, impedance, etc. are also provided.

Delivery time

Customer R&D and market timetable fulfillment are critical to the success of the project.

We regard this service concept as an important competitive advantage for PCB factories.

Therefore, we value the realization of customer value. In the process of PCB manufacturing, it can provide an extremely flexible and changeable delivery cycle services. Fast sample prototypes service can be delivered as fast as 20 hours.

Because our production engineers track every production step, hand-deliver product workstations, and prioritize internal file processing procedures, we can achieve rapid delivery on the premise of quality assurance. That is why we are able to become the most influential PCB manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta region.

PCB Quality control procedures

The whole process of IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) detection idea is one of our highlights. In the process of PCB manufacturing, IPQC with key points can avoid the opportunity cost of follow-up process caused by errors, facilitate early detection of problems and improvement, effectively reduce the scrap rate, pass the benefits of low production costs to customers and create sustainable value for customers. In addition, standard flying needle testing, test stand testing, AOI (automatic optical inspection) and other appearance testing form a closed-loop quality testing program combination, which is routinely implemented in our PCB factory.

Payment term

For urgent sample orders, we support free samples, for mass production, we provide the following terms of payment.

30%T/T deposit+70% T/T Balance before shipping
Pay in cash before shipping
Free samples
Payment channel: PayPal, Western Union, Alipay, WeChat Payment, PayPal, Payunion, etc., public accounts, private accounts, Alipay, Alipay, etc
Flexible and changeable choice of payment method can relieve the pressing cash flow of customers.

Package and shipping

Standard vacuum packaging can support customers’special packaging requirements.

Support full post-service! The Pearl River Delta can be delivered by special bus.

Besides, we have rich experience in international express parcels with DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, Aramex, etc.

Our PCB factory is also close with DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and Aramex, enjoy the rare discount offer to achieve safe and fast delivery of goods, 100 door-to-door delivery service to the airport, save customers customs formalities and charges.

After-sales service guarantee

Quality has always been the lifeblood of our circuit board manufacturers, valuing long-term reputation over the profits of an order.

If we find that the bulk return is due to process control problems, we will be responsible for the total shipping costs and complete the Process review within 72 hours and re-produce and deliver to customers.

We can sign the Quality Service Guarantee Letter with customers, completely eliminate the worries of customers, so that we can really be trusted by the PCB manufacturers in your mind.

Quality Control Procedure

We have accumulated rich experience in PCB manufacturing and have been at the forefront of PCB manufacturers in process improvement and quality control for decades.

1. Analysis and processing of process documents

Starting from receipt of production orders, process engineers will analyze whether the PCB design documents are correct, find problems and feedback them to customers for confirmation or modification in time, so as to establish the process mode, add corresponding markings on the edge of the decomposition documents, and mark the direction on the solder mask film.

2. Copper clad laminate storage, cutting, and drilling:

Select the best class A copper-clad laminate in the market, classify and store, grind edges and chamfers to prevent damage to the film and bring impurities to the plating cylinder to pollute the electroplating potion, accurately measure the tolerance of the drill bit, repeatedly check before drilling to avoid using the wrong bit, check whether the hole is offset and aperture after drilling. Correct or not.

Copper deposit and plating: The potting time in plating wire is checked to ensure the plating is in a stable level at all times, The PCB of each batch should be cross-sectioned to see whether the thickness and quality of copper layer in the hole meet the requirements under the electron microscope. Each batch of PCB chip reports is archived in the PCB factory for future reference.

3. PTH and Plating

In order to ensure that the plating is always at a stable level, each batch of circuit boards should be cross-sectioned, and the thickness and quality of copper layer in the hole should be checked under the electron microscope. Each batch of PCB slice report is archived in the PCB factory for reference.

4. Control of screen printing workshop in the darkroom

The thickness of printing ink is a very important process parameter of the circuit board. the time and the environment of mixing are strictly controlled.

5. Testing and improving

Test the flying needle of sample and small batch test board to ensure the electrical properties of circuit board meet the requirements and test the process control level of production process at the same time, The test bench of batch PCB can ensure 100 qualified electrical performance of factory PCB, and the drawing for the problem in the process of PCB processing can be easily improved.

How to Cooperate (PCB Process-Document List)

When you choose us as a supplier, you need to pass rigorous process control. Such as pre-audit of customer information to process evaluation.

Customer Production Material- Process Assessment-PCB Manufacturing and Component sourcing – Sample Manufacturing- Sample Confirmation- Feedback Communication Conference-Mass Production- Online In-Circuit Testing-Packaging and Delivery

PCB production is in the upstream of PCBA manufacturing, which is very important for quality control. We uphold the service concept of PCB manufacturers, fully create value for customers and win long-term cooperation. Starting from the selection of top-grade copper-clad laminates, strictly control the PCB manufacturing process, strengthen the IPQC quality inspection of the whole process, SMT assembly, ICT& FCT testing, aging, packaging logistics, and form a complete overall solution for PCBA manufacturing. Looking forward to using our manufacturing experience to create value for you!