4 Must Know OEM pcba manufacturers tips for Best Pcb Assembly

Posted on 2020-08-08

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OEM pcba manufacturers Introduction

The reason why today’s electronic products have so many functions? It is basically a combination of one by one electronic circuit and electronic components. Additionally, these circuits must have an OEM pcba manufacturers carrier.

Therefore, the PCB is basically a board that has printed with electronic circuits. It must also carry the electronic components to sit on it without loss of function. It is more responsible for the communication channels between the electronic components.

What is PCBA? OEM pcba manufacturers

PCBA is the Printing Circuit Board Assembly. It is the entire process of PCB patching and plug-in welding. OEM pcba manufacturers are the part of same industry.

What does OEM stand for?

OEM is abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturing. It is a company that manufactures the original branded product.

It is a service for contract manufacturing of electronic devices. Regardless of the size of the company, there is a growing business model in which the company does not own production facilities.

And concentrates its management resources on its own specialty fields such as:

  • product design/development,
  • advertising

A company that undertakes EMS is a company that undertakes the process independently.

It is a business format that OEM pcba manufacturers have developed in 1990s.

Moreover, we can call it manufacturing outsourcing.

What do you mean by module? OEM pcba manufacturers

A module is a design concept in engineering and is a component of a system. It is a part that has a number of parts-like functions and has a cohesive function. Major parts such as the motherboard of a personal computer are modularized.


So, it is necessary to replace it with the latest part and replace it as a whole. OEM pcba manufacturers can also improve performance for every kind of major electronic equipment.

We are going to find out what PCB is and what type it is.

What is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)?

As an abbreviation for printed circuit board, it is an important board indispensable for electronic products. A conductor pattern is formed to transmit electrical signals on the surface of an electrical insulator.

It is a board that connects electronic components. It is also called PWB. And many kinds of parts are insulated plates like phenol resin and epoxy resin.

The printed circuit board has completed by applying Photo Solder Resist ink. Designers put this ink on the top and bottom surfaces.

 What does surface mount mean? OEM pcba manufacturers

Parts for surface mounting are called SMD. It takes up less space than the method of fixing the leads of electronic parts. Hence designers currently use it in most products with electronic circuits.

For mounting electronic components, OEM pcba manufacturers make use of a dedicated device. And they call this device a chip mounter.

What kind of company is an OEM?

OEMs has been exchanging between trading companies and manufacturers. It has been used for a long time in the home appliances industry like,

  • Refrigerators
  • washing machines

Most companies also procure personal computers on an OEM basis. But many Chinese companies are the OEM pcba manufacturers. OEM has also carried out in the light vehicle industry and manufacturers.

Moreover, these manufacturers specialize in light vehicles. And supply OEM to each vehicle manufacturer.

What benefits do OEM pcba manufacturers have?

A trading company or a large manufacturer has the ability to develop and sell new products. It is impossible to manufacture all of them in its own factory.

Nowadays more and more manufacturers have focused on the type of products they produce. But some rely on the products which OEM pcba manufacturers produce.

If you procure parts by OEM, you can procure many products without increasing your own factory.

Moreover, the outsourced OEM pcba manufacturers do not incur any development costs.

You do not have to bother spending money to find a sales partner. Hence, it can achieve a high profit margin.

How PCB paneling can improve your manufacturing process?

The paneling of printed circuits is the art of arranging multiple tabs on a single panel. And manufacturers perform this on panel in order to produce it more efficiently. For testing pcb, from soldering to component assembly, it includes multiple boards on a single standardized tile.


This single standardized tile is a surefire way to make production faster and more cost-effective.

If you want to get full benefits of PCB paneling. You have to pay attention these few things before sending your Gerber to your PCB supplier.

Here are some tips and tricks OEM pcba manufacturers can use in your projects

One detail that new PCB designers often overlook is tiny copper pads. These tiny copper pads are those that you will sometimes see at the edge of a PCB. But they are essential for any production process that relies on computer vision for automation.

Process automation machines such as Pick-and-Place do not “see” the way we see. OEM pcba manufacturers need the help of small fiducial markers to use as landmarks. Because they want to help them accurately detect the position of an object in three-dimensional space.

Here are some rules of thumb for fiducial markers: 

  • The copper padshould be circular and 1 to 2mm in diameter
  • Making the fiducial in the copper layer to ensure the accuracy of its position.
  • Furthermore, this layer has created in a single operation, so it is a good reference for the whole PCB.
  • Provide ample headroom between the pad and vias, tracks, etc.

Manufacturers should expose the copper pad to help with the contrast.

Pay attention to the risk of symmetry when placing fiducial markers. OEM pcba manufacturers recommend 3 markers.

They can also use 2 markers in the condition of misaligned. Don’t make the mistake of placing four markers.

How do OEM pcba manufacturers reduce mechanical stress?

Paneling reduces the risk of damage caused by mechanical stresses. However, this does not mean that mechanical stress has been completely eliminated. Some methods of circuit separation are riskier than others. Here’s a quick rundown of the options available:

Witnesses are often the cheapest and quickest method from a card design standpoint. However, they also carry with them the greatest risk of damage. It is due to mechanical stresses during the removal of the printed circuit board from the panel.

V-engraving involves tracing a groove on the top and bottom sides of a panel along the edges of the board.

OEM pcba manufacturers can separate the individual boards along the grooves by applying pressure in two ways, like:

  • Manually
  • using a machine

 V-engraving is a quick method but only possible on rectangular cards.

Milling involves separating the boards through a machine called a depaneling router. It is similar to a wood cutter. It uses a rotary bit to hollow out the edges of the circuit boards to remove them from the panel.

Laser cutting is the best separation method for designs with tight tolerances and unusual shapes. It produces the least mechanical stress among the separation techniques. OEM pcba manufacturers believe that it is also the most expensive option.

OEM pcba manufacturers & suppliers
Design for paneling from the start

To consider tiling in your designs right from the start is best to avoid production headaches and complications.

OEM pcba manufacturers is a dream collaboration

Some professional OEM pcba manufacturers are low-profile. But have excellent double-digit ordinary profit margins. It’s a good idea to look at HP and financial information. In order to see what kind of OEM you are doing without making a judgment.

Furthermore, this judgment has based on the appearance of a company. It has justified that the manufacture of printed circuit boards is really a printing technology that imitates book paper. The light has projected on the negative through the film.

And then the copper foil circuit has printed on a piece of hard board by a chemical etching method.

Yes, it’s just that with the advancement of science and technology, the OEM pcba manufacturers has become more sophisticated and more complex. But the printing process technology and operations still exist.