China PCB Manufacturing: Low-cost PCB Assembly Service

Posted on 2020-07-08

The printed circuit board (PCB) plays an important role as the connecting chain between the front and back in the electronic information industry. Without PCB, IC (Integrated Circuit) can never achieve its function. Military products, consumer electronics and high-tech electronic products can never run successfully without a PCB. In addition, the PCB board represents the achievements of modern science and modern management. As the foundation of the electronic information industry, PCB manufacturing has become a pillar industry of electronic information. The China PCB manufacturing industry has also taken a historic step.

Why choose the PCB assembly factory in China?

First, China is rich in resources and supports smooth electronics manufacturing. Due to strong domestic demand, relatively low labor costs, and comprehensive supporting industries, China has become one of the largest countries providing electronic manufacturing services. Specifically, China ranks first among the countries that provide electronics manufacturing globally. The PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing industry has surpassed Japan since 2006. So far, rooted in China PCB industry covers about 50% of international business, so China has become the largest supply base for PCBs and PCBAs (printed circuit board components). In addition, the proportion of traditional single/double-sided PCB boards and multilayer PCB boards is declining, while the proportion of high-tech and high value-added PCBs is rising, such as HDI PCB, thick copper PCB, etc. The result is that although talent is natural, it is a natural choice.

Secondly, China has such a stable political, economic and natural environment, without worrying about product safety, unpredictable delivery time extensions or endless vacant expectations. This is of great significance to electronics manufacturers. As one of the main countries with vitality and energy economic power, China has always paid attention to the continuous development of the country and people in all aspects.


Third, China strives to achieve scientific progress. The resolution changed from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. The fact that China has developed as a manufacturer or copier can never be eliminated. But if you still insist on this impression today, you will be laughed at. China ranks among the best in the electronics manufacturing industry. For example, some companies have achieved high achievements in top-level technologies such as Flex PCB and Flex-rigid PCB. With the continuous upgrading of China PCB manufacturing technology, China is experiencing a stable and optimized product structure.
In addition, a series of newly established strategic industries have been established, including artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, all of which belong to the advanced manufacturing field based on product technology and manufacturing requirements.

Fourth, in addition to the increase in technology, environmental awareness of Chinese electronics manufacturers is also increasing. In recent years, manufacturing companies have to abide by increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, and some unqualified factories have even been forced to close because their manufactured products exceed environmental protection requirements. In electronics manufacturing, RoHS certification and lead-free requirements represent the basic requirements for the environment.

China PCB from low-end to high-end

The past few days have witnessed the rapid development of China PCB in low-medium PCB due to low cost and high return on investment (ROI). According to the market statistics summarized by the industrial sector, a table showing the PCB market share of the Chinese PCB category can be displayed.

With the continuous improvement and gradual optimization of China PCB manufacturing technology, the market share of traditional single/double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs has gradually declined, while the market share of high-tech content and high value-added PCBs has gradually decreased. Such as HDIPCB, packaging substrate and flexible PCB.


China PCB actively embraces newly developed applications

The National Development and Reform Commission of China has published a list of new strategic and newly developed industrial core products and service directions. It contains a large number of new projects, including AI (artificial intelligence), digital creation, etc. as many as 900.

So far, automotive motors are developing in the direction of intelligence, which is expected to become a new type of smart terminal that replaces smart phones. With the gradual increase in the market share of electric vehicles, intelligent and new energy will lead the electronic components of electric vehicles to rockets. Therefore, automotive electronics will become China’s main PCB market.

China PCB goes global PCB industry

According to the PMI (Purchasing Management Index) released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the purchasing managers’ index in June 2017 was 51.7%, an increase of 0.5% compared with the previous month, and the expansion rate was accelerated. According to the group index, among the five group indexes participating in the PMI, the manufacturing index and new order index are higher than the critical point, indicating that the continuous growth of China’s manufacturing industry has remained stable and market demand has increased.

In terms of human resources serving the Chinese PCB industry. China has accumulated and cultivated a large number of professional PCB manufacturing human resources, and it is growing every year. In addition, the talent team is undergoing training and expansion, with a large number of reasonable structures and excellent talents, in order to provide sufficient human resources for China’s advanced PCB manufacturing and assembly.