PCB Board Manufacturer vs Flex PCB Manufacturer

Posted on 2019-12-17

An ultimate guide about Printed Circuit Board Development


Table of contents


  1. Understanding pcb board manufacturing
  2. How pcb board manufacturer use cad system in the board development?
  3. What machine pcb board manufacturer uses in drilling pcbs?
  4. What does pcb assembly manufacturer use in the cleaning board?
  5. The role of modern equipment in pcb assembly manufacturer
  6. What plating unit a pcb board manufacturer use?
  7. Use of foam etching by flex pcb manufacturer
  8. The process of soldering and masking
  9. How do pcb board manufacturer make multilayer pcb?
  10. Flex pcb manufacturing
  11. The importance of Research Centre in pcb board manufacturing
  12. Top 4 benefits flex pcb manufacturer offers
  13. The future of pcb board manufacturing


Pcb board manufacturer and flex pcb manufacturer have a number of devices and skills to produce 8 layers, double layer, and single-layer printed circuit boards. These boards are very popular in minor and major electronics industries. Since these boards have become the necessity of every electronic gadget, entrepreneurs prefer to order custom circuit boards for better integration and performance of the product.

Subsequently, a flexible circuit manufacturer sets a foundation in printing required pcb boards. Generally, pcb board manufacturing companies produce multiple boards on a mass level. But, if you have a small startup, you can hire a pcb assembly manufacturer too.


Understanding pcb board manufacturing


In this guide, you will learn the most basic questions and steps involved in pcb board manufacturing. We shallbe discussing numerous points. From the beginning to the end, you will read very initial points in a quite simple language. We shall also talk about the type of material a flex pcb manufacturer uses in pcb boards.

Pcb boards are made for electric devices. This board is placed on a nonconductive board to maintain a connection between all components. Now, there is a difference in material and layers also. Different types of pcbs have different resistance and performance capacity. Mostly, pcb board manufacturer us these two methods:


2- additive


So, both methods are used in creating patterns on printing circuit boards. Subsequently, there are three popular types of printed circuit boards offered by any pcb board manufacturer:

  • Multilayer printed circuit boards

These kinds of pcbs have 3 or more than 3 layers. All layers are connected by pads

  • Double side printed circuit boards

Both sides have the dielectric base and both sides have PTHs connection

  • Single sidedpcbs

These pcbs have only one side of the dielectric base.

There are two important elements which need to be focused while preparing any kind of pcb board: circuitry complexity and density


How pcb board manufacturer use cad system in the board development?


Whether it is a single layer pcb or double layer, most of rigid-flex pcb manufacturer cannot deny the importance of cad system. it runs on a very popular software Altium. This software assistspcb boards in the following function:

  • Pcb routing
  • Designing and dragging layers
  • Internal routing


What machine pcb board manufacturer uses in drilling pcbs?


Cnc drilling machine is used in making holes inboard. The latest drilling achiness is very efficient in making holes that keep the sequence aligned and fit to the connectors. Moreover, the role of photoplotter is also crucial. It develops both negative and positive films.

Similarly, it develops images from the cad database. You will be noticing that all equipment is interlinked for smooth and reliable function.


What does pcb assembly manufacturer use in the cleaning board?


During manufacturing a circuit board, it is vital to ensure the cleanliness of pcb. For this purpose, pcb assembly manufacturer uses brushing machines. These machines clean even the minor particles of dust from the board. If you do not clean the pcb board, particles will affect its performance.

You might have experienced the case when a circuit board expires within no time. There is no fault in the material. But, it is due to the rust and dust present on printed circuit boards. Some pcb board manufacturers neglect this fact. So, the consequences are there too.

A lot of expensive machines fail during high-end rendering. The dust particles create hindrance in communication. Asa result, pcb board fails to deliver optimum performance.


The role of modern equipment in pcb assembly manufacturer


If you visit pcb flexible circuit manufacturer plant, you will observe all modern machines there. we are not talking about an era before few decades where hand pcb modeling was very difficult. Moreover, the results were very passive too. The rapid progress and innovation in technology have made plant manufacturing quite swift and durable.

Continuing the same sequence, pcb assembly manufacturer uses laminating achiness to laminate board with photoresist material. Moreover, there are two materials negative and positive. Although, both materials can be used it depends on the manufacturer what kind of material suits best to assemble a printed circuit board.


What plating unit a pcb board manufacturer use?


The function of the plating unit is to make holes in different layers of pcb board. Copper is used while complete the holing process. This unit is also able to remove oil, grease, dirt and any other particular particles present ton the board. We can say rigid-flex pcb board manufacturer use it for multi-purposes.

There is also an exposure system that uses ultravioletrays systems on both sides of the layers. Pcb board manufacturer uses this technology to make board etch‐resistant.

The next unit of making a printed circuit board is a spray unit. It is a very important unit of the whole manufacturing process. In this part, the board gets treatment of aqueous alkaline solution. It softens the unexposed parts of pcb board.


Use of foam etching by flex pcb manufacturer


Foam etching is a popular technique that removes copper from the board. Copper is removed from a particular part of the board. Only the parts that do not get treatment of ultraviolet rays. So, you can see the compressive process and attention pcb assembly manufacturer give in developing pcb boards.

Since the board comes with a number of unnecessary particlesCuvette stripping removes this dirt from the board. This process leaves a little moister on the board. To remove the moister, printed circuit boards have an oven in the developing units. These ovens dry up the moister completely.


The process of soldering and masking


Soldering is a technique where the whole board gets a green color plating. Sometimes soldering is done y photo imaging to protect copper lines. The green sheet of soldering covers up a complete pcb board except for holes and pads.


How do pcb board manufacturer make multilayer pcb?


To make multilayer pcb, pcb board manufacturer usesthe same technique. There is only a little difference. Such as, if you want to prepare a 4 layered printed circuit board, you will make double layer pcb first. Simultaneously, for a 6-layerpcb boar; 3 layers will be fabricated first.

For further procedure, a flex pcb manufacturer uses a multilayer cut machine. It is very useful equipment that executes the whole process in it. It accurately creates all layers underthe protocol. Moreover, it cools and cleans the board itself.

If you have any plan to visit the nearest pcb board manufacturer in the near future, do not forget to visit the chemical laboratory. This laboratory contains every chemical that is used on pcb board manufacturing. Every standard board making company doesn’t undermine the importance of these chemicals.

We have already discussed various solutions and spray that assist producers to make a perfect and reliable printed circuit board. For instance, for plating purposes, pcb board technicians use deionized water.

Here is a list of all steps a flex pcb manufacturer infuse in printed circuit board making:


  1. Layer film generation

Layer film generation ensures smooth data traveling. So, layer generation depends on the type of pcb board. In addition, pcb board manufacturer also checks if there is any hole or space left in data communication on the board. This process is taken by layer film generation.

If there is an interruption in data transformation, none of the execution will be defined and accurate. That is why in spite of using modern equipment, there are chances of path-breaking and any lose the point that will impact flex pcb board manufacturer command over pcb board manufacturing and development. Moreover, modern and powerful software plays an important role in layer film generation.


  1. Legend printing

Legend printing is an optional step. To make the soldering swift, legend printing delivers optimum results.


  1. Base material cutting

The required based material is divided into the designed sizes.


  1. Drilling

To produce numerous designed panels and holes, a drilling machine profoundly performs the task.


  1. Solder masking

The application of the green coating on the board is called solder masking. There a various ways pcb board manufacturer adopts for solder masking. On some boards, we also see the red coating.


  1. Spraying

The spray is a chemical that softens the hard and unexposed areas of the pcb board.


  1. Exposing via UV

For proper alignment of the board, pcb board technicians use UV rays.


  1. Laminating

A photoresist lamination takes place on both sides of the board layers.


Flex pcb manufacturing


Flex pcb manufacturers are endorsing a vast level of industries throughout the world. whether it is aeronautical industry, or telecommunication, you can see huge anticipation of the flex pcb manufacturing department. If you have the latest technology and equipment, you can be a storyteller of this leading industry.

Moreover, learning new laminating, photo etching, and forming techniques can make a new entrepreneur into a high industry achiever. We have a number of examples where not only individuals but also towns and cities turned their dreams into a growing future.

Countries like China and the USA have a distinctive name in this field. By establishing modern research centers, the government can encourage flex pcb manufacturers to set an impressive printed circuit board unit. Moreover, setting a continuous flow of funds for research purposes can bring huge profits.


The importance of Research Centre in pcb board manufacturing


We have an example of a Chinese leading mobile brand; Huawei. Huawei spends $15 Billion on its research activities. That is why it has taken lead in setting the first 5g network in many countries.

No doubt it is the constant effort of pcb board manufacturers that have made board manufacturing quite easy. Now every task has been shifted to automatic machines. The speed of production is also brilliant. In the past, electronic devices manufacturing companies were on a large scale.

To meet their requirements, pcb assembly manufacturer had limited resources and hand made wiring was too slow to meet the orders. Here was a huge gap between demand and supply. Subsequently, handmadepcb circuits were not good too.

Since the invention and integration of new machines for circuit boards, pcb boards’ industry is moving towards a new horizon. It has spread all over the world. from small to medium, average to large every electronics company requires a good pcb board.


Top 4 benefits flex pcb manufacturer offers


Every pcb board has its own advantage. The basic thing to understands the need for electronic device. Similarly, the price factor is also there. Flex printed circuit boards come with many advantages like:

  • High vibration


In tough working, flex pcb boards adjust the vibration and do not let the unit joints to impact itself or other parts of the board.

  • High life duty cycle


Its componentsprovide long life service. Pcb boards with low-quality hardware installation get fail in high-end execution.

  • Best performance in a tough environment


This board has standard material. The overall manufacturing technique and board configuration make this board tough to fail. In heavy and tough end tasking, it delivers astonishing results.

  • Repeating installation


Flex pcb manufacturer develops flex pcb board in such a way that you can use it with any assembly as per your requirement. There is no single time fixing. It is a kind of mobile circuit that can assist you in the mobile placing of the board.


The future of pcb board manufacturing




The advancing technology is opening new dimensions. We have a lot of successful stories where pcb assembly manufacture, flexible circuit manufacturer and rigid-flex pcb manufacturers are striving hard to improve pcb board making techniques.

We can see continuous development in this field. Earlier, the pcb boards were not only bigger in size but also had a lot of malfunctions in it. To reduce all complexities, contemporary pcb board manufacturing techniques are coming with better and impressive results. Still, there is a vast gap to be fulfilled.

All pcb board manufacturing companies should focus on minimizing the size of the printed circuit board and improving the performance of modern high-tech kits.