HDI PCB – Learn about the benefits and applications

Posted on 2022-05-20

With so many different types of printed circuit boards on the market, determining which one is right for your next project can be a challenge. In this article, we explore a more common option – the high-density interconnect PCB.

What is HDI PCB?
HDI PCBs feature thinner lines, closer spaces, and denser routing, allowing for faster connections while reducing project size and volume. These boards also feature blind and buried vias, laser drilled microvias, sequential lamination, and vias in pads.

HDI vs Standard PCB – What’s the Difference?
HDI PCBs offer better signal integrity and have higher layers than standard PCBs. They also result in higher density (and therefore smaller) PCBs.

HDI PCBs have laser micro-vias, while standard PCBs only have mechanical drilling.

Additionally, Ball Arrays (BGAs) are defined by the number of pins (or connections) connected to the board. As the pin count increases, you need a microvia almost 100% of the time.

HDI PCB Applications
HDI PCBs are used in a variety of applications, including:

Electronics for the automotive industry (navigation, GPS, etc.)
Smartphones and Cell Phones
Game host
Wearable technology (Apple Watch, fitness trackers, etc.)
Military and Aerospace
Benefits of HDI Printed Circuit Boards
Whether you should have an HDI PCB is usually up to the designer. The benefits of this board include:

cost effective
Better signal integrity/high speed (you get more out of this board package without having to use multiple PCBs)
better signal
compact design
high frequency
HDI through In-Pad filling process
This refers to a specialized copper plating process. It is different from the via fill process within the pads of non-HDI standard PCBs.

HDI Lamination and Material Process
Laminates must have high temperature capability as they need to withstand at least three lamination cycles. Isola, Panasonic and Megtron all produce such materials.

Questions about HDI PCBs?
We have the experience and knowledge to do all complex PCB work – including HDI fabrication and fabrication. As one of the leading HDI PCB manufacturers, we continue to invest in state-of-the-art production and testing technology. We also have deep engineering experience and can handle all types of jobs with incredible accuracy – on time and on budget.

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