What Issues Should Be Paid Attention to in the PCB Assembly Process?

Posted on 2020-07-22

Precautions for PCB Assembly Process

PCB assembly is a PCB assembly service, from PCB manufacturing, component procurement, PCB soldering to PCBA board testing. The whole process we call PCB assembly one-stop solution.

PCB is an integral part of any electronic equipment of small toys or complex computers. Its complex interconnection components include resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc., enabling devices to work in series. In a sense, it is like the “brain” of the system. Therefore, the PCB assembly process should be perfect.

The following are some aspects that need attention in the PCB assembly process

1. Supply Chain Management

In order to be able to create high-quality PCBs, one thing that needs to be organized is the supply chain. It is very important to check their availability, quality and price. The consistent ability to purchase components is critical to managing the product’s manufacturing cycle. You also need to double down on the quality of the product. Counterfeit components can have disastrous consequences for product performance and reputation. It is also important to check the delivery time of the components, especially as the required volume increases. Although you can get initial samples directly from the manufacturer, keep in mind the budget lead time as the output increases.

2. PCB layout

A common problem faced in the manufacturing stage is subtle PCB layout. Although several designs look good on paper, making them may be a different kind of ball game. For example, if the design has a large number of parts placed closely together, soldering them may be a problem. If it is a double-sided PCB, you need to ensure that the largest component is placed on one side. Basically, you need to ensure that the PCB layout is indeed feasible in the manufacturing stage. For example, pressing and holding a complex part requires manual pasting, which will increase assembly time and also leave a margin of error.


3. Test

Frequently asked questions related to this PCB assembly refer to often testing after manufacturing. However, what needs to be done is to design test points when envisioned. In fact, a lot of testing has been done to ensure that the PCB operates properly. Some tests include:

  • Microsection analysis: called cross-section. This test helps identify component defects and thermomechanical failures.
  • Solderability test: this test helps to test the reliability of PCB pads. To ensure that the surface is firm, so that the solder joints are reliable. It also helps determine whether storage will have any effect on solder components.
  • PCB contamination test: this can test for many problems such as corrosion and degradation. Frequent handling of flux residues, etc. can cause contamination, which can lead to component failure. Contamination analysis is known for its accuracy and precision.
  • Optical microscope: this can test PCB related issues with soldering and overall assembly. The process is known for its speed because it involves the use of a high-power microscope to check for incorrect structures.
  • X-ray inspection: easy to see any surface and internal defects.

Other challenges faced during assembly

Many PCB challenges also stem from the fact that more and more component sizes are shrinking, and circuits become more and more complex. Therefore, the possibility of defects in the assembly is greater. Therefore, the challenges faced by failed analysts are many, some of which include:

  • The increasing popularity of high-speed printed circuit boards (HSCB): these circuit boards require circuit boards composed of two or three materials, which increases the probability of failure. In addition, the pins and chips need to be placed in the correct way.
  • Lead-free assembly process: this requires high temperature and traditional tin solder.
  • Hole barrel cracking: due to the different expansion of the copper plating and the printed circuit board, causing a lot of failures.
  • Conductive anode filament: this is an electrochemical process that may cause leakage and breakdown between conductors.

Therefore, PCB assembly needs to analyze the effective root cause. Take corrective actions so that the problem does not recur. In addition, detailed failure analysis can ensure ways to improve the product. At the same time, correct failures that may not be discovered during the design phase.


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