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Posted on 2019-09-24

HDI board
HDI (High Density Intrerconnection) circuit board is defined as a microvia with a hole diameter of 6 mil or less and a hole diameter of 0.25 mm or less. The contact density is 130 points/square , or more. Printed wiring boards with a density of 117 吋/square 吋 or more and a line width/pitch of 3 mil/3 mil or less. HDI circuit boards are mainly used in mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, notebook computers, Internet cards, IC carriers, military, medical and other fields.
Generally speaking, HDI boards have the following advantages:

Reduce costs
2. Increase wiring density
3. Conducive to the use of advanced packaging technology
4. Have better electrical performance and signal correctness
5. Better reliability
6. Can improve thermal properties
7. Can improve radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge
8. Increase design efficiency

Production capacity points:
• Any layer of interconnection
• Multi-order HDI board
• 30-layer HDI board
• Minimum hole 0.08MM
• Solder mask thickness 25μm
• Prepreg 106 pm 106PP thick
• 40 um core material
• Lead-free & halogen-free materials