What Are the Advantages of Small Batch PCB Assembly

Posted on 2020-07-21

Advantages of Small Batch PCB Assembly

As printed circuit boards become an indispensable part of more and more equipment. PCB prototype design is at the highest level in history. As the company continues to innovate, sometimes small batch PCB assembly is required. It can provide high turnaround times without leaving manufacturers in unusable high inventory.

Here are some obvious advantages of small batch PCB assembly that are of great value to manufacturers:

Cost advantage

Although traditional economies of scale are known to produce large quantities. But in the ever-changing technical solutions, low-volume PCB production has a significant cost advantage. First, you won’t get more production boards than you need. In addition, as technology changes, circuit boards will not become redundant.

In the prototype stage, you often improvise products in terms of design and functionality. Low-volume production means you will not encounter defective products. In addition, since you can outsource PCB assembly in small batches, this means lower management costs for your own business. You can also save valuable time that can be used in other production areas. For lower batches, you can also save on storage costs, just in case you encounter a large inventory load. If the prototype fails, it can also lead to excess inventory. Therefore, small batch PCB assembly can provide a low-cost test method.


Turnaround time

Low output also has fast turnaround time. Therefore, you can quickly evaluate whether there are any design changes. This in turn shortens the time to market and can become a source of significant competitive advantage in today’s world.

React quickly

If there is an attribute between business success and failure, then the enterprise’s agility to respond to change. Small batch PCB assembly itself provides this advantage for enterprises. Because enterprises will not encounter mass production and have the advantage of fast turnaround time. By better understanding whether there are any defects in the product, regardless of whether the design requires any changes. Enterprises can combine products with customer needs very quickly. There is no doubt that the chances of success continue to increase.

Quality final product

PCB’s turnaround time is fast prototyping and the ability to detect defects early. Your advantage is to improve the product and enter the market with high-quality products. This goes a long way in improving credibility, as the product has been successful in the market and has brought a reputation to the manufacturer.


It is also feasible for startups and hobbyists. Business today is no longer just the domain of large commercial companies. Through small batch PCB assembly and the low cost associated with testing ideas, the business has become a level playing field. For small businesses and hobbyists, it is easy to test their ideas without having to invest a lot of money. For startups that want investors, in addition to the business plan on paper, it is easy to obtain a proof of concept.

All in all, small batch PCB assembly has many advantages. Save management costs from outsourcing work. Small order sizes can automatically shorten the turnaround time. In addition, it is a simple and low-cost method to test product design concepts without incurring large costs.

Kingford: A professional PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen

Small batch PCB assembly has many advantages, but you must choose a suitable manufacturer to realize all these advantages!

Kingford has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing PCBs. One-stop service from single-sided PCB to multilayer PCB, flexible PCB to rigid flexible PCB, prototype PCB manufacturing, etc.


Kingford has the following advantages:

  • Quality

If one thing on the list is the most important, it is to check the quality standards. This is critical in both the prototype and design stages, because small mistakes can cause the entire project to fail. Kingford has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, which can fully meet your requirements!

  • Pricing

Competitive prices can make you competitive in the market. Kingford’s pricing is reasonable, and quality is directly proportional to price. Numerous customers have come back to cooperate with us. This trust is enough to make you believe that choosing us will be the most correct decision you make!

  • Speed

Most PCB projects have strict deadlines, and speed and timely delivery are crucial. Therefore, it is important to check the turnaround time and delivery schedule. Usually, prices can be competitive at the expense of delivery schedules, so this is an area that requires attention. Overall, the supplier’s responsiveness is the key criterion for making the right choice.

  • Custom made

When it comes to PCB requirements, obviously no product can meet all requirements. Depending on the specifications, the PCB can be very different. Therefore, it is very important to choose a supplier who can customize the PCB according to your unique requirements. Regarding customization, kingford is your good partner!

  • Minimum order

For PCB projects, especially prototype projects, the number of orders is very important. It is important that the manufacturer can meet your minimum order requirements. Because different companies may operate on different minimum order benchmarks. Kingford supports small batch PCB assembly, welcome to consult!

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