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PCBA ICT – One-stop service

In-Circuit-Tester, an automatic online tester, is necessary test equipment for PCBA  ICT (Printed-Circuit Board Assembly) production in modern electronic enterprises. ICT has a wide range of applications, high measurement accuracy, a clear indication of the problems detected. The use of ICT can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The ICT test is mainly to test the test points of the probe contact PCB layout to detect the open circuit of the PCBA, the short circuit, and the welding condition of all the parts. The ICT tester can quantitatively measure the resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal oscillator, etc. , three-tube, optocoupler, transformer, relay, operational amplifier, power module, FET test, IC pin test and other functional tests, functional testing of small and medium-sized integrated circuits.

It discovers manufacturing process defects and component defects by directly testing the electrical performance of the online device. The component class can detect the tolerance, failure or damage of the component value. For the process class, it can be found that the solder is short-circuited, the component is inserted incorrectly, the plug is reversed, the missing device is installed, the pin is lifted, the solder is short, the PCB is short-circuited, and the wire is broken. Other common and special components are missing, misplaced, parameter value deviation, solder joint welding, circuit board open short circuit and other faults, and the fault is which component or open short circuit at which point to accurately tell the user. (Higher recognition ability for soldering test of components).


PCBA ICT test function:

ICT is a standard test method for inspecting manufacturing defects and poor components by testing the electrical performance and electrical connections of on-line components. It mainly checks on-line single components and open and short circuit of each circuit network. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and accurate fault location. A component-level test method is used to test each component on an assembled circuit board.

ICT test mainly detects the open and short circuit of the circuit and the welding of PCB components by testing probe contacting PCB test points. On-line testing is a kind of testing technology that continuously opens the circuit without dismantling the components. On-line reflects that it’s testing focus is to detect the assembly of circuit boards by testing the components on the circuit or the open-short circuit state. In order to effectively reduce the cost of testing, ICT test fixtures can be specially made, which are suitable for some low-end PCBA boards. It has the characteristics of simple operation and high accuracy. The test time of veneer is usually from several seconds to tens of seconds.


ICT test advantages:

1. Shorten the test time: Generally, the ICT of about 300 parts of the assembled circuit board is about 3-4 seconds. For complex, but also includes functional testing after power-on, such as TTL, OPAMP, Frequency, TREE, BSCAN, MEMORY and so on.

2. Consistency of test results: The quality setting function of ICT can be controlled strictly by computer.

3. Easy to overhaul bad products: ICT has a variety of testing technology, high reliability, detection of bad varieties, and accurate.

4. Testers and technicians need lower levels: as long as ordinary operators, they can operate and maintain.

5. Reduce inventory, reserve frequency, maintain inventory pressure, greatly improve productivity.

6. Improve the quality greatly. Reduce the bad rate of products and improve the image of enterprises.