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With the development of high-density packaging technology, it also brings new challenges to testing technology. In order to meet new challenges, many new technologies are emerging. PCBA x-ray inspection detection technology is a very important way.

As the packaging mode of semiconductor product components is becoming smaller and smaller, better X-ray testing equipment is needed to ensure the requirement of miniaturization testing of product components. X-ray inspection technology can penetrate the packaging and directly detect the quality of solder joints.

The X-ray detector uses low-energy to detect the detected objects quickly without damaging them. The x-ray can be used to detect hidden PCBA defects, and BGA can be perspective to see whether there is virtual welding, false welding, check the quality of solder joints. Applied to BGA testing, packaging components, electrical and mechanical components, electronic connector module testing.

X-ray testing equipment not only detects the welding and assembly quality of PCB and BGA, but also conducts internal penetration nondestructive testing for SMT, Flip-Chip, CSP, connector, IC semiconductor, cable, photovoltaic module, battery, ceramics, and other electronic products. Therefore, X-ray testing equipment can be used for nondestructive testing of large and high density printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to ensure the quality of the PCBA board.

X-Ray equipment

X-RAY test items:

layer peeling, cracking, void and wiring process; welding line offset, bridge, open circuit; detection and measurement of solder joint void; open circuit, short circuit, abnormal or bad connection defects; widely used in industrial control, communications, military, aviation, and other fields, making solder joint hidden under packaging.

It is used to detect internal cracks and foreign bodies in metal materials and components, plastic materials and components, electronic components, electronic components, LED components, and to analyze internal displacements of BGA and PCB, to identify BGA welding defects such as empty welding and virtual welding, microelectronic systems and sealant components, cables, fittings and plastic parts. Situation analysis.

The scope of application of PCB X-Ray inspection:

  • Semiconductors
  • Automotive Electronics
  • LED
  • BGA/QFN Detection
  • Die Casting of Aluminum Products
  • Molded plastic parts
  • Electrical and mechanical components
  • Bioagricultural Seeds
  • Aviation components11. Tire Hubs12. Wire harness/USB/plug
  • X-Ray Inspection for BGA


X-RAY detection technology has brought new changes to SMT production and detection methods. It can be said that it is the best choice for manufacturers who are eager to further improve SMT production technology and product quality, and timely detection of circuit assembly faults as a solution to breakthroughs.

With the development trend of SMT workshop, other fault detection methods for assembly are difficult because of their limitations. X-RAY automatic detection equipment will become the new focus of SMT production equipment and play an increasingly important role in SMT production field, as follows:

1. The coverage rate of process defects is as high as 97%. Examinable defects include virtual welding, bridge connection, stele erection, insufficient solder, gas holes, device leakage and so on. In particular, X-RAY can also check BGA, CSP and other solder joint concealment devices.

2. Higher test coverage. X-RAY, a testing device in SMT, can inspect places that cannot be inspected by naked eyes and online testing. For example, PCBA is judged to be faulty, suspected to be PCB inner line rupture, X-RAY can be quickly checked.

3. Test preparation time is greatly shortened.

4. Defects that can not be reliably detected by other testing methods can be observed, such as virtual welding, air hole, and poor farming.

5. Inspection equipment X-RAY only needs one inspection for double panel and multi-layer panel (with layered function).

6. Provide relevant measurement information to evaluate the production process in SMT. For example, the thickness of solder paste, solder quantity under solder joint, etc.

7. The three-dimensional structure of the SoC processor and the peripheral circuit board can be clearly seen from X-ray inspection perspective, especially the peripheral perforation. Provide sufficient basis for welding ok, false welding and so on.

PCBA X-Ray Inspection Influence:

X-ray three-dimensional perspective imaging technology has brought about new changes in electronic manufacturing quality detection means. It is the best choice for manufacturers to further improve the production technology level and improve the quality of production, and timely detection of electronic assembly faults as a breakthrough.

With the development trend of electronic packaging devices, other assembly fault detection X-Ray three-dimensional perspective imaging testing equipment will become the new focus of electronic packaging device production equipment and play an irreplaceable important role in its production field.


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