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One-stop Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly Manufacturer

PCBA, or Printed Circuit Board Assembly, involves placing and soldering electronic components onto a printed circuit board to create a working electronic circuit.

PCBA solution design process

PCBA product design

The customer communicates with our team of designers to describe the requirements for product design, functional requirements, and appearance. Our team of designers responds quickly to customer needs and gives design and documentation in 48 hours.

Select material

After deciding on the product design plan, we will select the materials for the products. Kingford adheres to the concept of making customers’ lives better. From the customer’s product form and function, we choose various electronic components, ICs, capacitors, and batteries. , CPU, Sensor, etc., which determine the endurance of the product.

Structural design

PCB file and structure design, generate PCB proofing files to ensure the reliability, functionality, stability, and feasibility of product proofing and production. Allows structural verification of designs based on product requirements, greatly reducing delivery risk.

DFM analysis

Engineers analyze PCB proofing files in a targeted manner, further optimize the layout of circuits and components, perform DFM analysis, identify defects in PCBA design schemes, improve and improve PCBA manufacturing yield, and reduce after-sales service costs.

Product proofing

PCBA board proofing is the realization of the product design concept. Kingford’s engineers’ team quickly set the PCBA design plan, quickly proofing service, shorten the technical preparation, component procurement, PCBA process control, PCBA test, and other links, and strict Control quality.

Manufacturing services

From design to mass production, we strive to shorten the product development cycle, optimize the design, and achieve mass production. Kingford has 7 fully automatic SMT production lines and 2 DIP lines to achieve mass production standardization, automation and improve production efficiency. Realize the requirements for the fast delivery of customer products to the market.

PCBA electronics Manufacturing Prototyping Service

PCBA prototype directly determines whether PCBA is mass-produced. Kingford has been developing for 10 years. It has a dedicated PCBA sample production line and is built according to international production standards. At the same time, new product introduction (NPI, New Product Introduction) The engineering team, process quality control team, and professional production team fully serve PCBA prototyping production and strive to meet the core needs of customers for fast delivery and quality assurance.

Sample prototype advantages

1. Fastest 7 days proofing
2. All PCBA board samples are 100% tested before shipped out
3. Support single and double layers board, 4 layers board, multi-layer board, HDI, impedance, blind buried hole, etc.
4. Rogers A+ military grade plate production, electronic components are original from the first-class original agent with strict IQC incoming inspection control
5. Equipped with a new top-level Samsung SMT patch production line, supporting the perfect placement of complex components such as 0201 and BGA
6. User first price discount, engineering fee reduction 20%-50%
7. Provide free documentation of DFM analysis and trial production analysis reports providing a manufacturing reference for customer’s document design

PCBA components sourcing and assembly packaging is the first choice of electronic product system integrators and product manufacturers, which can effectively reduce operating costs and procurement costs. Kingford provides full process services from circuit board production, raw material procurement, PCBA board processing, testing, assembly, etc., saving customers time, cycle, inventory, and other costs. 10 years of PCBA electronic processing and manufacturing experience has enabled our customers to spread across the globe, spanning multiple fields, such as communications, medical devices, industrial products, and home products, and has achieved consistent customer satisfaction.

Advantages of component sourcing and assembly service

1. 4,000m2 dust-free production workshop
2. Construction of 4 SMT production lines, 2 DIP production lines, 1 functional test line and 2 finished assembly lines in accordance with IPC610 standard
3. Fuji, Samsung automatic placement machine, ten temperature zone reflow oven, and various professional production testing equipment
4. Can be mounted with inch 01005-45mm components and 0.3P BGA, maximum mounting PCBA board size 510mm*460mm
5. Passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification
6. PCBA procurement risk transfer, suppliers provide one-stop supply, cost control
7. Provider programming, functional testing, ICT testing, FCT testing, aging testing, fatigue testing, testing in harsh environments

PCBA soldering

PCBA soldering processing is a list of Gerber files and BOMs provided by electronics manufacturers. Electronic processors perform electronic component soldering processing on bare PCB boards according to electronic data provided by electronics manufacturers. The soldering capabilities of electronics manufacturers directly affect the quality and life cycle of PCBA boards. Kingford specializes in the welding of various high-precision single-panel, double-panel, multi-layer circuit boards, soft and hardboard, and establishes and perfects the quality management system according to the international standard of IATF16949-2016 to ensure PCBA assembly and welding quality.

Welding process

1. Electronics manufacturers provide PCB Gerber files, electronic manufacturers check and purchase electronic components according to BOM list, and conduct material quality inspection
2. On-line production, steel mesh production, and SMT machine program are required before materials go online.
3. The first sample of PCBA board processing confirmed after mass production. Processes such as solder paste printing, reflow soldering, patching, AOI inspection, quality inspection, plug-in, and wave soldering
4. The finished product is handed over to the quality department for quality inspection. After the quality inspection is passed, the package is shipped.


PCBA Test refers to the electrical continuity of printed circuit boards with electronic components and the detection of input and output values. In the design of the PCB circuit board, there is a numerical relationship between voltage and current between different test points. It is necessary to test the test points by means of professional test equipment or manual operation of the multimeter to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design requirements.

For the processing of large quantities of PCBA boards, it is necessary to test them. Generally, the corresponding test stands ( Fixture) are used to assist in efficient implementation. The principle of the test stand is to connect the test pin of the test pin to the PCB board. When power is on, the key data such as voltage and current in the circuit can be obtained and displayed on the display screen of the test stand to achieve the purpose of rapid detection. When designing a PCB board, the engineer will consider the test plan, reserve PCB test points, and issue professional test documents or test plans to the manufacturer.

Example: PCBA test plan for a foreign customer

Test Procedure

GND & PGND test connection: At least one GND and one PGND points must be connected to GND reference of input power supply. It is recommended to use all GND and PGND points if possible. GND and PGND can be connected to the same reference point on the ICT bench.

The types of tests are divided into the following types:

1. ICT (In-Circuit Test) test: It mainly tests the test point voltage/current data after the PCB board is powered on, and does not involve the function button or the input and output test.

2. FCT (Functional Test) test: The programmed microcontroller (MCU) program needs to be first burned into the program IC through a programmer (such as ST-Link, JTAG) to achieve the corresponding functional test. For example, after the button is pressed, the LED light is on; when the two buttons are pressed at the same time, the factory settings are restored. Of course, whether all functional tests can be performed must be based on the soldering OK and line conduction of the PCB, otherwise, it cannot be realized.

3. Burn-In Test: A long-term, periodic analog user input and output of a PCBA board that has been programmed and FCT passed to test its durability and soldering reliability. In special cases, it is also necessary to expose the PCBA board to a specific temperature and humidity environment.

PCBA testing is an essential part of the entire PCBA manufacturing supply chain. Quality control is used to control quality. In standardized design and manufacturing management, PCBA testing must be considered and implemented.

Electronic product processing

PCBA electronic product processing is mainly based on the customer’s product design plan to manufacture the core motherboard. The general customer provides product function specification, circuit board schematic, PCB Gerber, BOM (bill of materials), test plan, assembly plan and other information. The professional PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer completes the entire product manufacturing process. Kingford adheres to the concept of high-end manufacturing and continuously optimizes its internal management and technical level. In the past 10 years, it has provided one-stop PCBA electronic product processing services for domestic and foreign customers. The straight-through rate of PCBA board is as high as 99.9%, and the straight-through rate of finished products can be More than 99%, won a good reputation.

PCBA electronic assembly capability

Advantages of Kingford electronic product processing

PCBA electronic product processing involves a long supply chain, PCBA board processing requires professional process guidance, and the process capability is extremely high. Kingford’s experienced team can help you accomplish this task very well. “Responsive, absolutely professional” is the guide of our team’s actions. If any abnormal problems occur during the manufacturing process, we will promptly respond and solve the problem within 1-2 hours. Good service awareness is a feature we appreciate in the hearts of many customers. From now on, choose Kingford to make your PCBA electronic product processing and manufacturing needs perfect.

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