Plate Edge Plating

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It is a process of electroplating also performed on the edge of the PCB board, that is, a copper plating layer extending from the top surface of the PCB to the bottom surface, and extending at least along one peripheral edge. Plate Edge Plating ensures a strong connection of the board, long-term bonding of each layer, limiting any potential hazards of vias and vias on the edges, limiting the possibility of equipment failure, especially in controlling small boards and sub- The protection aspect of the motherboard.

Board edge plating PCBs are commonly found in many industries and have the following characteristics:

  • Improved current carrying capacity.
  • Edge connection and protection.
  • Edge soldering to improve manufacturing.
  • Better support connections, such as sliding in The circuit board of the metal case.

Plate Edge Plating pcb side plating

Metalized plate edge plating process:

The metallization process is: drilling—–Milling metal slot—–get rid of dirt—–copper electroless

1. The antenna position of the gold pad is too large, affecting customer soldering or signal transmission.
2. The inner edge pad is connected to the wires on the board, resulting in a short circuit.
3. The stamp hole is designed at the edging groove and must be handled in the second drilling process.


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