1100mm FR4 Single Layer PCB
1100mm FR4 Single Layer PCB
1100mm FR4 Single Layer PCB
1100mm FR4 Single Layer PCB
Layers: 1 layer
Material: FR4
Thickness: 0.8mm
Finished Copper: 35um
Surface Finish: OSP
Silkscreen Color: White
Min Spacing: 6/6mil ↑
Min Hole Size: 0.4mm ↑
1100mm FR4 Single Layer PCB
Layers 1 layer
Material FR4
Thickness 0.8mm
Unit size/mm 1172.40mm*19.70mm
Panel size/mm 1172.40mm*98.5mm
Finished Copper 35um
Surface Finish OSP
Solder Mask White
Silkscreen Color White
Min Spacing 6/6mil ↑
Min Hole Size 0.4mm ↑

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  • PCB Manufacture(FR4, MCPCB, Long PCB, Rigid-flex, Flexible, HDI)
  • PCB Assembly
  • Components sourcing

Successful customer case

Customer: xxx Electronical Technology Co., Ltd.

Application: Power board

Layers: Single side board

Delivery time:

Sample:4-5 working days

Mass production:7-10 working days

Service: Free Quote in 24H, Quick turn delivery, Strict quality control, Professional equipment testing, Package and delivery and Providing customers with high quality after sales service.

Single side board for customers

Here is our customer feedback,Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers by providing well-qualified product and service.

Our quality control procedures

Decades of experience in making circuit boards has enabled us to accumulate rich experience and have a strict and perfect management and control system in terms of process flow transformation and quality control.

  • Analysis and processing of process files: From the time of receiving the production order, our engineers will analyze whether the circuit board design files are correct, and if any problems are found, they will be reported back to the customer for confirmation or modification in a timely manner to establish the process method. And the direction on the solder mask.
  • Storage, opening and drilling of copper-clad laminates: Select the best A-grade copper-clad laminates in the market for classified storage, edging and chamfering to prevent damage to the film, and bring impurities to the plating tank to pollute the plating solution, and accurately measure the drill tip Repeat the inspection before drilling to avoid using the wrong drill bit. After drilling, check whether the hole is misaligned, the hole diameter is correct, and whether it is empty.
  • Immersion copper and electroplating: The concentration of the potion in the electroplating line is regularly checked to ensure that the electroplating is always at a stable level. Cross-section sections of each batch of circuit boards should be made. Check whether the copper in the hole is under an electron microscope Whether the thickness and quality of the layer meet the requirements. The circuit board slice report of each batch is archived in the circuit board factory for future reference.
  • Darkroom screen printing workshop control: the viscosity of the ink is an important process parameter of the circuit board, the time and speed of stirring and the temperature and humidity of the environment are strictly controlled.
  • Testing and problem improvement: Flying probe test for prototypes and small batch test boards, to ensure that the circuit board’s electrical performance meets the requirements, and also to check the process control level of the production process, and test the test stand of batch circuit boards to ensure the electrical performance of the factory circuit board % Pass, classify and make problem patterns for the problems in the circuit board process to facilitate improvement.


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